emporium show

Sprankles’ Sparkling Emporium

Fliers start to show up all around Stormwind and Ironforge, and usually in the most peculiar places.

I, Sprankles Whizspicket, am stupendously happy to announce the grand opening of my new shop!

Where all that glitters is not always gold, but its just as pretty!

Date: Tuesday, July 11
Time: 3-5pm (server)
Location: Lower corner of the Mystic Ward near entrance to The Commons. ((OOCly Longberry’s Regeants))

There will be all sorts of sparkling special goodies available for sale and for really affordable prices! We have everything from cosmetics, edibles, and even party favors! I hope to see you there, and I greatly appreciate your patronage!

Some examples of what will be available are shown below!

@the-royal-courier , @ludlowvineyards , @mannydrazleblast