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How To Conquer Your E-Mail Inbox

Many workers describe e-mail as the bane of their existence. The constant barrage of digital communication interferes with productivity. Here’s a method that will help manage your e-mail inbox:

1) Delete everything you won’t need again.

2) File or archive e-mails you might need later.

3) Make sure you’ve only left e-mails that require a response.

4) Move action items onto a to-do list.

5) Remember your goal is to maintain an empty inbox.

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Baltimore State’s Attorney Marilyn Mosby announces Aim To B'More, a program to help first-time non-violent felony drug offenders would have their records expunged after meeting education and job skill goals. Mosby said during a press conference that the program was part of her campaign promise to “holistically reform the criminal justice system.”

Aim to B'More Is modeled after a successful national program model that has proven to reduce recidivism rates and save taxpayer dollars.

“I promised the voters that I would run a transparent, engaged and innovative office. I’ve seen this program work, and I’ve talked with Attorney General Harris and her team about how to make it a success. I’m excited that we’ve been able to get this program off the ground so quickly. Aim to B'more will change lives,” Mosby said.

The components of probation include:

Community service tailored to the participant’s employment goals
Completing a GED, associate’s, vocational or similar educational program
Completing STRIVE’s job skills program located at the Centers for Urban Families; and obtaining internships and full time employment
The probation lasts three years; when full time employment is achieved, probation becomes unsupervised
An expungement is granted upon completion of the program

Probation in the Aim to B'More program lasts three years and, upon obtaining full-time employment, is unsupervised.

Sources: BaltimoreSun

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