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Equifucked - Mister Metokur

So Equifax, one of the three companies which is used to track and report data concerning the credit scores of people living in America, was recently revealed to have had their data security breached back in May-July. This breach resulted in 143 MILLION people’s information being stolen. Let me repeat that: In a country of ~320 million people, the information of 140 million, nearly HALF OF ALL US CITIZENS, was stolen.

This information includes social security numbers, address both past and present, past and present employers, credit card numbers, and much more. All the information necessary to commit identity fraud.

And the reason we’re only finding out about this now, in fucking September, 2-3 months after the fact, is because the fucking executives all had to sell off their stocks first.

So congratulations, if you’re an American, there’s basically a 50/50 chance that somebody you don’t know has pretty much all of your private information.

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Ivanka Trump Misgendered Me

So I work at a movie theater in NJ that the Trump family, having a house and several businesses in the area, have patronized in the past. Several of my co-workers have met the current POTUS himself before he became the president. The Trump family has been coming for years to our theater.

Today, Ivanka Trump came in to see Wonder Woman with her husband and a body guard. I was working at the box office when she came in and bought her tickets. At first I didn’t recognize her until I saw Jared Kushner’s name on the credit card and then it clicked. Trying to act natural so as to preserve my present employment, despite shot of adrenaline the realization gave me, I hand her the tickets and said what I always say: “Enjoy the show.” To which she replied:

“Thank you sir.”

It wouldn’t have bothered me as deeply if I wasn’t wearing RAINBOW FUCKING EYESHADOW FOR PRIDE MONTH!


As It Seems: Chapter 1

Table of Contents 

Según Parece: Lista De Contenidos

Summary: Dean Winchester, playboy businessman with a heart of gold. As his assistant, you thought that you had him all figured out. You could see the side of himself that he showed to the public, and the side of himself that he showed behind closed doors. But it turns out that there is a pretty significant side of himself that you didn’t even suspect. One that you’re confronted with when he comes bursting into your apartment after just being shot.

Word Count: 2425

Warnings: Blood, unnamed character death

A/N: I’m super excited about this series, but I’m also a little nervous because my original plan was changed drastically after a dream I had while camping and now the plot is more complex than I originally planned on, and I’m not quite sure I can do it justice. Nevertheless, I’m still excited, so I guess we’ll see what happens!!

~Reader’s POV~

Everyone always told me not to take a personal assistant job where I would have to sign a non-disclosure form that was more than two pages long. Of course, they were mostly thinking about situations like sexual harassment or other things like that. I doubt they imagined a situation where my boss would come bursting through my front door at three in the morning, covered in blood, toss his cell phone to me that had someone yelling on the other end, and remind me about the non-disclosure that I signed before passing out on my couch from blood loss.

But let’s back up a bit.

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anonymous asked:

So I'm non binary and I'm quitting my job and applying for new jobs. I was talking to my mom about it and she told me that I need to keep my appearance more toned down and she said "I know you want to do this whole no gender thing but you have to appeal to all demographics, not just one, to get hired places." And I was wondering if me presenting more masc/androgynous makes it harder to get a job? Do I have to present more feminine? Because I really don't want to do that but I really need a job

Devon says:

It is illegal to discriminate on the basis of gender identity/presentation in some places, but not all! Here’s an interactive map of the United States regarding LGBT+ discrimination laws (if you live in the US, haha). I do definitely suggest looking into the discrimination laws where you live.

But, I live in a US state where that kinda discrimination is illegal, and I decided to go to a recent job interview presenting femininely (I’m AFAB) just to be safe. I would hate to miss out on a job opportunity because the person interviewing me is transphobic. I have supportive parents, friends, and a wonderful partner (shout out to mod Lee), so I feel like I am able to work in a transphobic work environment or a work environment that erases my gender identity without having overwhelming dysphoria.

If having your gender erased by your employer is worse for your mental health than not having a job is for your well-being, then I think you should definitely present the way you want to in a job interview.

You could also take into consideration the attitudes of the places you’re applying– whether they’re conservative, if they have openly LGBT+ people working for them, if they have outwardly supported trans rights, etc.

Best of luck in the job hunt, and I hope your mother comes around. (Here’s our for parents/guardians page if you need any resources to show her)

Ever wanted to get that book edited? Now’s the time.

Hey all. I just landed a great job in Japan that starts in March, but because I let my present employer know ahead of time, they gave me the boot. This means come January, I’m out of job. If I can’t find work, I can’t get to my new job. That’s why I’m coming to you.

I am an experienced long-form editor with a degree in editing and publishing. I have over 2500+ consulting hours with a mix of fiction and nonfiction.

  • Need something proofread? I got you.
  • Is your plot being a ninny bitch? I can help you charge ‘er up.
  • Don’t know why your murder scene has no tension? Boy, I sure do.
  • Revising an area paper? A thesis? A dissertation? Get an editor.
  • Totally new writer? Never worked with an editor? No problem.
  • An old pro? Give this pair of young eyes a try.
  • Is your resume in need to new life? I LOVE MAKING RESUMES
  • Need help with a query? Trying to find an agent? Are you unsure about the entire publishing industry? It’s my job to tell you all about it.
  • Trying to get into med school? Grad school? Just school?? Not to brag, but I have a med school essay success rate of 100%. No shit.

And as a sample of my work:

Now, if this intimidates you, please don’t worry. These clients were all ready and prepared for some hard-hitting feedback. If that’s not you, no problem– I can be gentle.

Because my life is literally about to tank without some form of income, I’m reducing my normal rate by half.

I normally charge $45/hr for developmental editing, $30/hr for copyediting and $25/hr for proofreading. My prices are already cheap.

Right now I will do any type of editing you want, on any kind of document, for only $12/hr.

That said, I will happily negotiate.

I can edit about 10 pages an hour, depending on how polished the work already is.

My goal is not only to correct your document, but help you understand your mistakes so you don’t make them again. I literally want to make you a better writer.

Basically, writing without an editor is like going outside with only underpants on. Not only will I get you some clothes, you’ll be damn stylish.

anonymous asked:

When job apps ask if it's okay to contact your present employer, I always get antsy. I want to check yes to assure them there are no problems where I currently work, yet I want to check NO at the same time. Problem is, I don't think "Because my boss is a complete cow towards me, and doesn't like me, and I think she may give false information" is an acceptable reason for why they can't contact her. I wish I knew what to do...

Ten Ways to Win at Job Fairs

Your school, town, or local organization might be hosting a job fair in the near future and it is the perfect opportunity for you to absolutely crush it with a hundred or more employers in one fell swoop. But you’re no amateur, so go in there ready to job hunt like a pro.

  1. Browse the list of employers present and make a plan for which employers you most want to see. Research those companies online before the event and be prepared to ask questions. Do your homework!
  2. Arrive as early as possible and make sure you have enough time to talk to all the companies you researched. This is not a “just drop in between classes” kind of thing. Invest your time.
  3. Dress like you would for an interview and make a good first impression. Remember, you are being judged! Plus, when you look great, you feel great.
  4. Come prepared. Put together a folder of supplies: at least 20 copies of your resume, business cards (if you have them), lists of questions to ask companies, pens, and paper to make notes. [Added tip: keep this folder and bring it to all your interviews, too.]
  5. Be prepared to answer questions about yourself and give a 30-second elevator speech about your qualifications. Market yourself!
  6. Network! Talk to business reps as well as others in line and connect with as many people as you can. Connect with local organizations to learn about their job hunting resources. If they’re present, they have something to offer, even if they don’t have any jobs available.
  7. Engage with the company reps. Don’t just drop off your resume and be done with it. Talk with them, ask questions, and tell them why you feel you are a good candidate. You need to actually make some human contact.
  8. Attend workshops. These workshops are an excellent way to learn new job hunting tricks, hone your skills, and network some more. Plus, hey, they’re free.
  9. Be polite and enthusiastic. It’s just manners. No one wants to hire a jerk.
  10. Send a brief thank you email to reps who took time to speak with you. This will make it clear to employers that you are truly interested in their company. Refer back to #9.

anonymous asked:

i work as a cleaning aid and there's a big difference between working for men and women (yes, this is going to be generalization). the women i've worked for spoke to me kindly, looked me in the eyes and even had me have a cup of tea with them and their mom and so they respected me in general. the men didn't even acknowledge my presence, and during my work hours my employer was also present in the house and he followed me around the house, staring. i try to avoid working for men now.

Well women are more likely to show acknowledgement of their colleagues input and achievement, so it makes sense. 

Mod Bethany

hc. .001 ― on the subject of Employment

Presently, Zekrom resides alongside his fellow Unovan legend Reshiram in a quaint little home just on the outskirts of Dragonspiral Tower. For awhile, it seemed a relatively good idea; out of the way so they didn’t get too many visitors, close enough to the tower that both’s attendants wouldn’t be away from their natural homes. However as time went on, it became increasingly obvious they would need some matter of money by which they could pay for the things that came along with pretending a human’s lifestyle ( groceries, furnishings, taxes )

With neither Dragon being willing to give up much of their hoard for such things, the topic of employment came up. Reshiram was much more inclined to simply do odd jobs here and there to get the base amount of cash they’d need. Zekrom however, has taken an interest in the modern schooling systems, doing some research on it to learn further.

After doing some baseline searching, he’s come to the conclusion he dearly wishes to be a teacher at any one of Unova’s schools. Zekrom generally does well with children, and he’s already got a fairly advanced grasp on the topic of his choice ( history of course, having lived it first hand ). He also takes an interest in Philosophy, though in many cases among the board, it is not a required class, or even an offered one in some cases.

Nonetheless, he would dearly love the opportunity to teach, and not solely for the reason of supplementing Reshiram’s piss poor income.

On another note, the fact that Zekrom is afforded the luxury of being a professor at a prestigious academy in Dragnor in his Ransei verse pleases him beyond measure. He enjoys the long, drawn out discussions  that he can have with the students of the academy since they are definitely of sharper, more militaristic minds, and he specialized in military history.

tl.dr: Zek would die to be a teacher : ^ )


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bringing  in  human  stock  was  a  far  cry  from  hunting  and  dominating  rogue  BOWs.  she  was  efficient  –  she  did  her  job   either  way,  ice  cold  in  the  varia  suit  –  but  the  wet  breathing  and  cloying  scent  of  terror  wrought  sweat  had  agitated  her  enough  to  render  the  host  unconscious  on  her  trip  to  her  present  employer.  it  was  rare  they  had  the  gall  to  deal  with  her  first  hand.  rarer,  even,  that  the  anonymous  figures  cared  enough  to  greet  her  in  person,  rather  than  an  audio  log  or  mobile  screen.

she  heaves  a  limp  figure  over  her  shoulder  and  drops  it  without  concern  for  the  body  inside,  though  the  fall  deals  no  damage  to  the  captive.  her  barrier  helm  does  not  peel  away,  but  she  looks  him  in  the  eye,  against  the  shade  of  his  sunglasses.

  as  requested.  ‘ 

anonymous asked:

What are your thoughts on the recent Reddit kerfuffle?

Oy vey. I hate to have to get into this, but since everyone else is twisting the story, I will grudgingly give my perspective. Source: read Reddit daily, though practically never post except for occasional forays into /r/nootropics which is well-insulated from site politics.

So first of all - Pao originally got in trouble for banning the subreddit /fatpeoplehate, which was about hating fat people. There was sort of a free speech issue there, and I’m glad people questioned it, but her team said that it wasn’t about the idea banning them for saying mean things, it was about banning them for “brigading”, which means inciting people to actually do mean stuff (in this case, find fat people on Reddit and yell at them and downvote their posts). Brigading is against the rules, is a nasty thing to do in any case, and in the end most Redditors (including me) agreed that the ban was justified despite the site’s broad anti-censorship policies. Yes, there was some ill will because nobody would touch /ShitRedditSays, which was a social justice subreddit dedicated to brigading the opponents of social justice, but at this point I don’t expect anybody to apply the same rules to the SJ people as the rest of us, so whatever. The point is, the rules she used for everyone else seemed fair enough.

The problem started when the administration started shadowbanning anybody who complained about the new policy or about Pao personally. Shadowbanning is when you give someone a special ban that makes it look like they’re not banned, so they just keep posting but nobody else can see their posts. It’s usually only used for spambots and the absolute worst kind of troll who can’t be dispatched any other way. Banning people who disagree with admin decisions is excessive; shadowbanning them is way beyond any conceivable pale unless you are *aggressively* signaling that you don’t care what users think. This was when they lost me.

Then they fired a very popular Reddit employee with zero notice or explanation, which disrupted a lot of communities that were depending on her work. They still haven’t explained why, and it brought to the fore some long-standing resentment by the community leaders that the admins were running roughshod over them and totally failing to support them. I don’t know that much about this because I’ve never been involved in any community management, but a lot of people temporarily shut down their communities in protest. which brought a lot of the site to a halt. Some people started a petition to fire Pao, it got lots of signatures, and eventually she decided to quit.

People were very angry about the issues, and rightly so in my opinion, but I won’t claim that this was entirely about the issues and didn’t relate at all to Pao’s personal characteristics. But contrary to what you’ll read, the characteristics problem wasn’t that she was a woman and that all Redditors are sexists who hate women. It was that she was kind of the new poster girl for people who accuse everyone else of sexism in order to cover up their own personal failings. She had just come off of a gender discrimination case where she sued her former employer for millions of dollars for firing her. The employer presented this spectacular paper trail of misconduct and poor performance on her part, of them giving her warnings again and again, et cetera, and the court ruled that anyone would have been justified in firing her and there was no gender discrimination involved. Then she turned around and threatened to appeal unless the company give her $2.7 million, which coincidentally was exactly the same amount that her husband had recently been fined for some kind of fraud charge that they needed to pay off quickly. Worse, the media ignored all of this and framed it as “LOOK A WOMAN IS IN TROUBLE THAT MEANS ALL SILICON VALLEY NERDS EVERYWHERE ARE SEXIST AND SHE IS A HERO”. She was kind of the epitome of everything that’s wrong with Silicon Valley, entitlement, shoddy Internet journalist hit jobs, et cetera. Redditors are pretty into Silicon Valley politics and they were following this very closely and mostly using her as a symbol of what not to do. Kind of the Donald Trump of the tech world.

And then someone announces that she’s the new CEO. She’d never had anything to do with Reddit before, didn’t really seem to know how to use the website, and apparently got the job because she was a personal friend of previous CEO Yishan Wong.

You’ve seen some of the (fully justified) Donald Trump mockery on Tumblr. Imagine if tomorrow, Yahoo announces Trump is the new Tumblr CEO. That gives you a pretty good idea of about where Redditors’ feelings were. And then the next day CEO Trump decides to ban slash fanfiction because it’s immoral. And then he deletes the Tumblrs of anyone who complains about him. And then he fires the most popular Tumblr employee (are any Tumblr employees popular? Imagine there was a non-terrible Tumblr employee, and new CEO Donald Trump fired him). Do you think there might be a little bit of hostility?

But she was a woman and Redditors are mostly men. According to scandalous rumors, some might even be white men. And so of course the entire media lights up about how the only possible explanation is that Redditors are a bunch of racist, sexist neckbeards. You might think I’m exaggerating, but I refer you to Vox: “Former Reddit CEO explains “what the racist-sexist neckbeards don’t understand” - where, for example, the former CEO says that Redditors are racist sexist neckbeards, and that this whole affair was actually part of a Xanatos Gambit to protect free speech, which is now cancelled because we have proven ourselves unworthy of it. At this point, are you starting to get a sense of why Redditors and the Reddit administration might not be on entirely peachy terms?

In other words, it was exactly like every other day in the tech culture wars.

anonymous asked:

Do you have any tips/advice for going to a job fair?

  • Look professional. Think of it like a job interview.
  • Act professional. Be on your best behavior.
  • Plan ahead! Get a list of all the employers who will be present and do your fucking research on them. Which companies do you most want to work for? Those are the ones you need to find first.
  • Arrive on time, if not early.
  • Bring lots and lots of copies of your resume. Like 20 or more.
  • TALK TO PEOPLE. Don’t just walk around and wait for someone to offer you a job because that sure as shit won’t happen. You need to engage.
  • ASK QUESTIONS. ASK ALLLL THE QUESTIONS. Where is this job? What will it entail? What’s the pay? What are the benefits? (Make a list ahead of time. Bring it with you.)
  • Be confident. If you short sell yourself, that’s on you, boo. If you don’t believe in yourself, no one else is going to, either. You need to show people that you’re worth hiring.
  • Carry a pen and paper.
  • Take notes on the conversations so you’ll remember them later and be able to tell different employers apart.
  • Ask for business cards so you can follow up.
  • Network your ass off.
  • If there’s a service there that will look over your resume, FUCKING USE IT.
scales-and-judgement entered the woods

Well that was certainly strange… since when did this graveyard and hotel show up in the middle of her forest? This place couldn’t have just been built overnight, even with magic. She decided to check it out, making sure to bring plenty of arrows should she encounter something hostile.

She opened the door, the loud creak echoing through the seemingly empty hotel. It didn’t seem that any of the employers were present, but the door was open, so she decided to snoop around a bit.