Walmart Will Now Offer Health Insurance for Its Transgender Employees
The country's largest private employer will now join more than 600 companies offering LGBTQ-inclusive healthcare options.

Walmart—the largest private employer in the U.S—just added health insurance coverage for its transgender workers, Bloomberg reports. The company joins more than 600 US companies that offer transgender-inclusive healthcare options, according to an assessment by the Human Rights Campaign.

“At Walmart, respect for the individual is one of the core beliefs that are the foundation of our company,” spokesman Kevin Gardner said in a statement. “We are committed to fostering an inclusive work environment for our more than two million associates around the globe.”

The Dos and Don'ts of Job Searching While You’re Still Employed

Ready for a new job? Most career experts would tell you to start looking while you’re still employed. And when you do—you must tread carefully.

Walmart Losing To Quirky Florida Based Publix – Employee Owned Company Touted By Forbes As ‘Wal-Mart Slayer’

Walmart may have met its match, and its name is Publix. How a quirky little store started in Florida is now making the Beast from Bentonville sweat.

We did this, with Pride in Diversity: the employers’ guide to intersex inclusion.

It contains information on intersex bodies, identities, medical issues in the workplace, some short case studies and a whole lot more. It’s also useful for intersex inclusion in service delivery and general reference.

Download for free: http://oii.org.au/employer

Please fire me. My boss turned all the lights in the office off because she had a headache. When I told her I needed them on so I could read she replied, “that sounds like a personal problem.”

The Dos and Don'ts of Job Searching While You're Still Employed

Ready for a new job? Most career experts would advise that you start looking while you’re still employed. And when you do—you must tread carefully:

1) Don’t tell anyone at work.

2) Make sure your LinkedIn profile is 100% complete.

3) Never bad-mouth your current employer.

4) Don’t use any of your current co-workers or supervisors as references.

5) Schedule interviews during non-work hours.

6) Don’t mention your job search in social media.

7) Always be honest if confronted by your supervisor or manager.

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Please fire me. A coworker of mine was expressing interest in vacationing in Italy over the summer. Another coworker chimed in, “Do you even know how to speak French?”

Capitalism versus Freedom

Capitalism is not freedom. Capital is a condition of freedom under capitalism.

What does that mean?

In order to have “freedom” of choice, you must have capital (wealth/property).

For example, those with capital can choose not to work.

Those without capital must find employment (consent to be exploited) in order to maintain acceptable living standards, although workers often live in poverty anyway.

Employment does not provide workers with a wage that would allow them to accumulate enough capital to leave employment. This is a form of coercion, which holds the capitalist economy together.

In other words, the purpose of the wage is to ‘keep the labourer in bare existence as a labourer’.

This is known as ‘wage slavery’.