Capitalism versus Freedom

Capitalism is not freedom. Capital is a condition of freedom under capitalism.

What does that mean?

In order to have “freedom” of choice, you must have capital (wealth/property).

For example, those with capital can choose not to work.

Those without capital must find employment in order to buy food, clothes, shelter, etc. or to maintain acceptable living standards, although workers often live in poverty anyway. This means they have to sell their ability to work. The capitalist exploits the worker.

Employment does not provide workers with a wage that would allow them to accumulate enough capital to leave employment. This is a form of coercion, which holds the capitalist economy together.

In other words, the purpose of the wage is to ‘keep the labourer in bare existence as a labourer’.

This is known as ‘wage slavery’.

All types of jobs are necessary in society.
All types of jobs are valuable in society.

Things kids should be taught to value and respect in people are things like integrity, dedication, honesty, and how hard a person is willing to work to provide for their families.

We also need to make sure that the money we pay these people reflects those qualities vs. the status of that job.

Someone needs to empty your trash, clean your work bathroom, and salt your fries. If they’re willing to work hard and put in a full work week they should be able to provide a basic and decent living for their families.

The more we pay people in these jobs the more competitive the jobs become and the better the service we all receive.

When putting together any kind of job spell, I always include items/herbs for four intents:

  1. Wealth - actual physical currency I can use to pay bills and buy food.
  2. Prosperity - long term ‘doing well for myself’ beyond just ‘having money for food and bills’, but really having at least the potential to Go Places
  3. Luck - because heck knows I need luck in job interviews and to get people to look at my resume and application
  4. Happiness - oh god, I didn’t include this in the first job spells I did, and LEMME TELL YOU, I wound up with a job that paid decently and had lots of potential for promotion, and I ABSOLUTELY COULD NOT STAND my boss or my coworkers, the work itself was awful, and I cannot describe the absolute dread that filled me before going in to every shift.

[Protip: Aventurine has all four of these properties]

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House Republicans vote to allow employers to give workers paid time off instead of overtime pay

  • House Republicans voted on Tuesday to change how workers are paid overtime in a measure critics say is a “wolf in sheep’s clothing.”
  • The Working Families Flexibility Act — which has the support of President Donald Trump’s administration — would allow employers to give workers paid time off rather than overtime pay for logging extra hours, according to CNN.
  • While Republicans lauded the legislation as a way to give more flexibility to employees, Democrats and labor groups slammed it, arguing that because the measure gives employers the final say on when the time off is used, they can essentially delay workers’ overtime compensation. Read more (5/3/17)

You already knew the narrative of the lazy, basement-dwelling millennial was unfair, but it might also be wrong — at least in some American cities: A new report from Trulia finds that certain millennials seem to be similarly or even less likely to live with parents than members of the generation above them were.

To arrive at its findings, Trulia took two groups — young workers aged 28 to 32 and older adults aged 33 to 55 — and compared how the groups differed over the last 55 years in areas like employment, homeownership and income. Read more

Retenir simultanément deux opinions qui s'annulent alors qu'on les sait contradictoires et croire à toutes deux. Employer la logique contre la logique.
—  George Orwell (1984)

Direct link to scene at 2:59 : https://youtu.be/Hxvufcb_ZvA?t=2m59s



If You Need Money But Can’t Get a “Regular” Job

So recently, another crowdfunding post came across my dash, asking for help for rent/bills etc because the person was unemployed (or underemployed) as was their partner. I see these posts not infrequently, and I try to donate small amounts when I can (I’m not exactly rolling in money myself). 

But I wanted to share a big tip, particularly for people who chronically have trouble making ends meet due to an inability to find solid gainful employment (often related to things like disability, LGBTQ status, etc). I don’t know how many people know this but nowadays, there is a lot of remote/work-from-home type stuff you can find on Craigslist that often require you to simply have:

  • A Paypal account
  • Basic literacy skills
  • Basic computer skills (like can you copy/paste data in an Excel doc)
  • An internet connection

You typically don’t need to “interview” for them and again, you can do them from home. They do typically have some kind of “test” to make sure you can do the work, some more rigorous than others. But again, typically if you have basic computer skills, basic literacy/math skills, can follow instructions, and have decent common sense you can do these types of jobs. 

Here is an example posting of the type of thing I mean:

You do have to look out for scams, because that can happen, but USUALLY they are legit. (I have done some before) And you will probably make less than minimum wage for your time. I won’t lie, this type of work is exploitative in the most banal sense of that it doesn’t pay you consonant to the time you will spend on it. (Indeed, this is why business do it, because it is cheaper than hiring someone to do it onsite where they’d have to pay them minimum wage and potentially give them benefits) 

BUT, I know “holding out” for what your labor is actually worth is not a luxury many people can afford. If you need money, but have a hard time getting a traditional job, this can be a way to keep your head above water, and it often circumvents some of the big problems people can have with traditional employment because they are queer, or disabled, or formerly imprisoned. 

Look for them on Craigslist job postings from big cities. Search for things like “remote” or “work from home.” (I do recommend searching within your nation, however, because often business don’t want to send money internationally because that’s a WHOLE other thing; this advice does have limitations because of that, and there probably are nations where this is not viable, so that major caveat does apply) 

Believe me, I’m not trying to shame people who are asking for money through Tumblr in order to survive. I just know that asking for donations is deeply unreliable and often not a solution that is viable long-term, even if it allows you to pay your rent this month. A lot of people simply aren’t aware that this type of work is potentially available to them, and I want to let everyone know. (Please signal boost) 

The Dos and Don'ts of Job Searching While You’re Still Employed

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