Capitalism versus Freedom

Capitalism is not freedom. Capital is a condition of freedom under capitalism.

What does that mean?

In order to have “freedom” of choice, you must have capital (wealth/property).

For example, those with capital can choose not to work.

Those without capital must find employment in order to buy food, clothes, shelter, etc. or to maintain acceptable living standards, although workers often live in poverty anyway. This means they have to sell their ability to work. The capitalist exploits the worker.

Employment does not provide workers with a wage that would allow them to accumulate enough capital to leave employment. This is a form of coercion, which holds the capitalist economy together.

In other words, the purpose of the wage is to ‘keep the labourer in bare existence as a labourer’.

This is known as ‘wage slavery’.

To Aid in Job Hunting

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I was asked for one of these earlier today and I knew I had written one (in one of those notebooks or google files lol) so here we go! This can be made into either a spell jar or a charm bag, whichever you feel more comfortable with!

  • bay leaf prosperity
  • cedar chipssuccess 
  • caraway seed luck 
  • sunflower seedspower & manifestation
  • ginger confidence 

Just like any other jar or bag, intent is the key ingredient. If you’re making a jar you can light the candle to seal it now (bonus – feel free to carve sigils or words on intent into the wax if this is the only thing you will use this candle for – tea lights are perfect for this!) 

Go ahead and add those ingredients one at at time. Think about what you want to get from this, imagine yourself working, nailing an interview, etc. If you aren’t great at meditating or focusing, I find that saying them out loud, or writing out the things you want to manifest help tremendously, fold it up and put it in the bag! 

Seal up the jar or tie up the bag. Bring it with you when you look for jobs, apply for jobs, have interviews, etc. 

Remember– magic will NEVER take the place of hard work, you can’t get a job if you don’t put in the effort to get a job, this is just to help you along the way!

Best of luck, my loves!!

Also if you have trouble sealing jars, I have a tutorial here. And all of my other spell jars, tutorials, grimoire stuff, etc can be found here.

When putting together any kind of job spell, I always include items/herbs for four intents:

  1. Wealth - actual physical currency I can use to pay bills and buy food.
  2. Prosperity - long term ‘doing well for myself’ beyond just ‘having money for food and bills’, but really having at least the potential to Go Places
  3. Luck - because heck knows I need luck in job interviews and to get people to look at my resume and application
  4. Happiness - oh god, I didn’t include this in the first job spells I did, and LEMME TELL YOU, I wound up with a job that paid decently and had lots of potential for promotion, and I ABSOLUTELY COULD NOT STAND my boss or my coworkers, the work itself was awful, and I cannot describe the absolute dread that filled me before going in to every shift.

[Protip: Aventurine has all four of these properties]

All types of jobs are necessary in society.
All types of jobs are valuable in society.

Things kids should be taught to value and respect in people are things like integrity, dedication, honesty, and how hard a person is willing to work to provide for their families.

We also need to make sure that the money we pay these people reflects those qualities vs. the status of that job.

Someone needs to empty your trash, clean your work bathroom, and salt your fries. If they’re willing to work hard and put in a full work week they should be able to provide a basic and decent living for their families.

The more we pay people in these jobs the more competitive the jobs become and the better the service we all receive.

Trying to find a job as an autistic can be really hard. The interview process is basically a test of how well we can pass as neurotypical which isn’t always possible. The job search can be demoralizing, discouraging, and depressing. It can be easy to feel that there’s something wrong with you for not being able to get a job or for never making it past an interview. 

So, to all the autistics who are job searching right now, you are wonderful. You shouldn’t have to pretend to be something you’re not to get a job. It’s a loss to each company who passes you over because you could be a great employee. While it may take time, a long time, one day you will find a job. One day you will make it past an interview. 

Finally, your ability to work does not define you. It is a fallacy of capitalism that leads us to associate our value with our jobs. Whether or not you have a job, you are valid and worthy of love and respect. 

Why the Zodiac Signs Would Be Good in a Business/As a Boss

Aries: They are good at assessing others’ strengths and weaknesses and would be able to use this ability to their advantage.

Taurus: They would be good at tracking small changes that could be utilized to improve the business.

Gemini: They would be able to look at different business offers and consider them all carefully, without getting too excited over one and choosing it before looking at others.

Cancer: They would know when it is be wise to explore different options, but they also when to hold back and stay careful.

Leo: A Leo boss would be charming enough to have employees both willing and happy to do as they say.

Virgo: A Virgo would be dedicated to making the business as successful as possible, and thus would be willing to fire unhelpful employees, without regard to personal preferences.

Libra: They are unbiased and would be able to promote capable employees into positions of power, after making sure that they are able to do the job.

Scorpio: They wouldn’t back down or succumb to intimidation tactics when making a deal with another business.

Sagittarius: They would be able to quickly assess what should be done in the case of an emergency and are willing to make changes to solve a problem.

Capricorn: Their apparent confidence, their ambition, and their perseverance would be inspiring to employees.

Aquarius: They are organized and would be able to prevent business matters from stressing them out and getting to their head.

Pisces: Their creativity would be an asset, as they would come up with new ideas to replace older methods that are no longer helpful/of use.


Hey guys! Recently I was applying to many different internships where in hope I can brush up my film making skills. All universities in Germany (only 4 throughout Germany!!!)  are still requireing to work in the film company at least one year before you even apply. But there is still one thing that is in my way. A lot of payed internships expect you to study already - which is kinda controversial. Added to this, if I’m not going to have a job or a college place until 4th December the federal agency for work will not send money to me and my family anymore. However there is still another solution how I can finally get more attention from all these employers, so I can show them that there are already people thrilled about my work. This is now what I’m asking for:

Please just check out my newest film project so they can see that I’m fairly able to produce movies by my own and also to understand the film company in general. Many of these employers told me that having a purview will always help a freelancer to get more recognition. So all that I’m asking for is recognition from you! Hopefully you can also give me a feedback because I’m always striving to improve my film making skills. Much love and thank you for all the support!