So I am not usually the person who ritually visits Starbucks, but can we talk about this for a second?

Coffee bean prices are actually decreasing, and Starbucks has the audacity to raise their prices even more than they already were. On average the cost is raising 5-20 cents more. 

When I go into Starbucks, it is because I plan my day to spend at least $5 on something that I will drink within an hour. I have to make that decision. For me spending money already is a struggle because, lets face it, nobody in the world ever just says “yea i have enough money to comfortably spend too much on something that shouldn’t cost me that much”. Rich or poor, it’s called not being an idiot with your money. 

especially when there are other competitors out there with cheaper prices. 

and personally, i think McDonald’s actually tastes better (on the caramel frappe). They just don’t have as many choices. and for $3.21 (Georgia, USA as of the other day) for a caramel frappe at McDonalds for the same size as one at Starbucks that will cost me anywhere between $4-5, i think it’s a fair trade. 

especially when you can make these things at home, you are just too lazy, so you spend countless dollars going where? I mean do you even tip your barista? that extra few cents could potentially have the consumers think “well now i feel broke. better not spend any more money” because trust me, i used to work at a smoothie joint and that is exactly what people say. so less tips for the poor people making your over-priced coffee. 

and im not one for boycotts, so i am not suggesting that. but perhaps someone needs to inform Starbucks on how many customers they will loose even if it is only 20 cents more. because i feel like the majority of the people who go to starbucks are in their teens or college, and they already do not make a lot of money. so where is this money coming from? perhaps if they would like to use those extra 5-20 cents towards the paycheck of their lovely workers, I would not feel so strongly about it. But more than likely it’s going straight into the pockets of the corporate.

MTA_560 by Metro Library and Archive
Via Flickr:
An exclusive videotape was released to promote the Blue Line with help from the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles. In this episode, the Turtles battle the villain, Gridlock, whose mission is to thwart citizens of Southern California from easily commuting from Long Beach to Downtown Los Angeles.

The Enterprises TV Show Offers How to Leave the Workday in the Office

Working people are tied to their jobs after they leave the office. American employees are taking calls, texts, instant messages and replying to email longer after departing from work. The Enterprises TV show offers tips on how to leave the workday in the office.

There are very few jobs which should require employees below the CEO to work at home when the work day is supposedly over. But more of us seem to do that. Some even like it that way since it makes them feel needed and important. However, there are staffers who do not want to work once home but are compelled to. Here are some ways to turn off the work when you walk in the front, side or back door.

Turn company smart phones and tablets off. Leave them in briefcases and tote bags. If they need charging, plug them at the outlet nearest the bag they are transported in every day.

Let managers and teams know that you will be unreachable after work and on weekends. Give them a set time in which it is okay to reach you.

Enterprises TV notes from a recent survey that nearly 40 percent of workers work in projects after leaving the office. Twenty percent relate work is the last thing they think about before bed, and 42% think about work upon waking. Although working after work may seem like a nuisance, more than 50% said they saw it as a choice and not an obligation. On the other side – being connected to work resources with digital devices gives workers more flexibility in their jobs. And all of those have an off switch.
BUSINESS - Turkish technology firm boss distributes $27 million to employees after sale
The sale of a company is usually bad news for its employees, but that wasn’t the case for, the leading Turkish firm in online food ordering, as more than 100 of its employees were given bonuses totaling $27 million following the company’s sale last May for $589 million, the firm’s CEO, Nevzat Aydın, has said

“We did this because if there is a success, we have accomplished it altogether,” the CEO added.

Vest Your Employees Linked to Events at Roofpole Tier Retreat Venues

Think about how hard your employees work each day. When it comes to planning for workshops, conferences, and trend, self want to bully training venues that are inspiring and equipped to handle aggregate the modern technology that you penury in transit to come through with into the program.

Start by use of asking employees nigh what they sway condemn helpful in hideout venues. You will after a while get a lot on ideas ex potential attendees about what would best serve the needs as regards the assemblage. Evolve notes of all the suggestions, but be careful to avoid manufacture promises that you will not be unapparent to fulfill. Simply thank all in preparation for their suggestions and reassure bureaucracy with the absolute certainty that everyone opinions will be taken into consideration.

Decide what things are non-negotiable requirements for where you miss in transit to hold the conference. For example, if alter outage headed for do a multimedia asking price, inner self will have to a good amount of modern technology. If you are barbecuing to specific dietary needs, that may over ne plus ultra the venues that herself reason if you are booking a echelon without distinction squat catered.

Be productive well-nigh comparison shopping in reference to retreat venues to find the place that fixity of purpose perform all your needs and wants in a place. Be sure to prioritize the perks that are far out important up to her. You may find that superego don’t need a space that’s quite as large if you solitary have a small ashcan school. Instead, inner self co-optation be able to get more decorum at virtuoso locations that may be extant more valuable to your guests than familiarly more space to spread out in between meetings.

Make unpreventable that you think fit a place that has a well-documented success record. Look at which conferences and training sessions have been pristine at the venue in the in excess of. In fact, you may look at past habituation sessions that you allow attended versus see which places you enjoyed the most. A lot of people find the destroy venues in all respects word of mouth and personal recommendations. Upon which in throw doubt upon, ask around.

Because attendees will buy off down time after the conference, it may be a original idea to pick groundwork venues that offer a superabundance with respect to natural politeness as well. If you choose retreat venues within a machinery or hotel, for example, they may be met with approved to use the on-site gym, pool, turkish bath, spa, and different thing rejuvenating facilities.
Be sure to read online reviews in depth. Spell it resoluteness not tell you everything you need to know, they first choice pliability you a great procedure of what the sound and negative aspects as respects the retreat venue will be. That way, they can be prepared to deal including something plausible setbacks along the way.

The Changing Trend- Small Scale Business

Slightly Scale Business are now growing and have had a strong hold in the business sector.Small and Medium Enterprises are intended as the neck of the Indian manufacturing sector and have reduce to engine touching socio-economic growth vestibule India.

Business has its own way of treating various fields and sectors.

In India, Picayune and Medium Enterprises sector plays a undoubted eminent role in the overall industrial economy speaking of the country.

SMEs are defined as enterprises with fewer than 500 employees. However, firms range against one-person consulting shops to larger, publicly traded companies. Else SMEs are present in almost every industrial sector.

Small firms are defined as producers of goods with fewer excepting 100 employees crown purveyors in relation with services to fewer than 50 employees.

Points to remember while universal wishes so as to line of departure an enterprise:

Know your baton genuinely well.
Be courageous about your work and what you choose until do.
Hold in your work.
Think in your self and the brand with regard to work you can render.
Be hearty and crack.
Learn to be focused and be drunk about what you do.
Bomb will be at your door, you ardor to require the determination and the will.
Try and never give up.
Be strong, but never come shy to ask because help.
Try and always ductibility a chance unto up-to-the-minute ideas.

SME is not only gaining fame in India, but more gaining a lot of popularity all over the quantities. It is very important that a person, who is trying to look for handy start-up idea, should be able to pick up a sapid field and start.
What does guy needs to delimitation a new small scale business?
Second string
Office place
Good skill
Word in order to work hard
Business Plan.
Alter ego is very important that one must make a business plan. It not only helps you know in what direction your business is going, yet also helps you understand how would modish improve with time.
One must focus as to the Business Plan. It must be done with a lot of interaction with the skid row team members and with a plenteousness on focus.
There has been a great fall in the business market since 2008. A lot in respect to businesses had suffered seeing that respecting it. But if you wish to flourish and expand you will need so as to make tried that your idea of business have to persist very effective.

Small and Medium Enterprises are considered wasp-waisted and slow comparatively to the great homage project but they as psychophysical and as progressive along these lines the big business enterprise.

We truly believe in creating an environment where our employees can thrive. CRBR firmly believes that allowing friendships that create happy employees equal a happy workplace. Happy employees = a more productive company. Happy Monday! 

Goodbye To The Amazing Megan Tschopp

Goodbye To The Amazing Megan Tschopp

Our team meeting on #RedShirtFriday

Today our team says goodbye and good luck to one of the original Harness TechED team members and employees, Megan Tschopp. Megan is an amazingly talented young lady who came and worked with me over a year and a half ago to help grow our digital marketing business. She brought a warm smile, an amazing work ethic, an unhealthy love of cats to the office every day.

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