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  • Saeran: I've been sitting in this burger king for 4 hours
  • MC: They don't come to take ur order, u have to go to the counter
  • Saeran: Unbelievable

Hey it’s Marceline Batbitequeen here to be a huge hell jerk and ask for help because I need like $120 a month for expenses and… unemploooyed
I still don’t have a computer or anything either, that sucks, huh. But that’s okay, I don’t want any money for food or anything, I just wanna make sure I can keep driving legally and keep using my phone!
Christmas is a big disappointment cause… Family issues and junk. And I’m sad cause I couldn’t start hrt this year, but that’s okay. I look fire as hell anyway

Anyway! My PayPal is bloodhimseverely@gmail.com and I need help for this one thing. Hopefully I’m getting a job like, asap. SOMEBODY’S GOTTA NEED AN EMPLOYEE SOMEWHERE RIGHT??? fuk capitalism ✌

(I need the money before the end of the month)

Thanks if u can help! It’d be like, Christmas presents. But to stay alive, and that’s cool

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As soon as i left, the hell place i worked at has gone to shit. Owner is losing money, people are quitting left and right. An employee fell because their floors are super slippery even with non slip shoes (owner refuses to have floor mats) and is suing them. Justice is hella sweet.


Detroit teachers stage “sickout” over horrible conditions, force schools to close

Eighty-eight of Detroit’s 97 public schools were closed Wednesday when teachers participated in a districtwide “sickout” to push for demands related to school conditions and their rights as employees. The protests align with a very high profile visitor in Detroit.

“God, he really just creeps me out.”

Hannibal paused, stopping to listen to two of his employees talking.

“I know, right? The way he won’t look anyone in the eye and he smells like cheap cologne and dog fur.”

He frowned, trying to guess at who they spoke of. He didn’t know all of his employees but Lecter Inc was a large company. Still, talking ill behind someone’s back was quite rude.

“I heard that he actually passed out in the break room last week, claiming some fake sick thing,” the one employee, Della he remembered, said.

The other woman he didn’t know, though her red hair was hard to forget.

“He passed out? You think he’s anorexic?”

They both laughed and Hannibal had finally had enough. “Ladies I will not tolerate this rudeness in my company, please pack your things as your last day is today.”

Both women turned red when he came around the corner, the redhead glaring, “But sir…”

Hannibal said loudly, “I know you heard me, and I hope the person you were ridiculing was not within earshot.”

Della mumbled, “Fucking Will Graham,” as she started to pick up her desk.

Hannibal went back to his office and typed in the name, shocked when a gorgeous vision of curls appeared on his screen.

Apparently Will Graham worked in the accounting department.

He typed up an email to Will Graham stating.

Dear Mr. Graham,

It has come to my attention that I need to donate to a charity for the holiday. I have been informed that you are the person to ask if I want to donate to the ASPCA this season, and to a number of local animal shelters. If you could meet me this evening in my office I would be most appreciated.

Hannibal Lecter

He stared at the email, smiling to himself. A man who others thought smelled so much of dog would be overjoyed at his idea to donate to an animal organization.

It would not be hard to seduce Will Graham.

The response he got was immediate.

Mr. Lecter,

Here are last year’s charity amounts and here are some links to the best way to maximize your exposure for the company. I hope this is information enough for you.

Will Graham

Hannibal frowned.

This was unacceptable.

He thought of how rude Will Graham was being throughout the remainder of the day, growing angrier with each passing hour. By the time he saw it was five o'clock he had been thinking long enough.

Hannibal stood up, ignoring the people who attempted to nod congenially to him as they left for the evening. When he got to Will Graham’s cubicle he was ready to announce himself when he froze staring at the man in front of him.

Will was sound asleep laying his head on a laptop wearing a Santa Claus hat, his soft features making Hannibal’s anger instantly melt away. He had a pair of glasses on the desk in front of him and he saw the email that he’d sent was printed and hung on Will’s bulletin board.

There were also articles about himself alongside it, information of his charitable contributions and his company.

Hannibal smiled slyly.

Will Graham was not being rude.

He was hiding from him.

He saw a photos of a what could only be described as a pack of dogs alongside the articles of himself and mentally filed that away for later use. He saw a half eaten chicken sandwich from a horrible fast food restaurant beside Will and knew that just would not do.

Silently he took a piece of printer paper and wrote with Will’s pen:

I am sorry to be working you so hard that you fall asleep at your workspace. I will inform human resources they are putting too many things on you and should delegate things more fairly to others in tote department. I look forward to meeting you when you are awake.

Also, that hat is very becoming on you.

Hannibal Lecter

He put the note by Will’s face and could not resist the urge to run his fingers through those lovely locks.

Hannibal smiled, picturing Will’s reaction upon waking.

This should be fun.

Hey guys do u remember that old meme where there are some people in an office discussing new ideas but all of them are shitty and then one employee actually has a good one and they throw him out the window? Because that’s the only thing it’s been on my mind since D*sney cancelled Girl Meets World

Relient K? I can’t stand them.

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Techienician prompt: Matt getting mistaken for Kylo Ren by the Resistance while on shore leave with Techie. He gets kidnapped and interrogated by a small band of rebel fighters- Rebel 1 - "Tell us about Kylo Ren." Matt - "I hear he has an 8-pack. I hear he's shredded." Techie has to think fast in order to help him escape.

“When Kylo Ren is through with you, you’ll be so sorry you ever messed with the First Order–you’ll regret it for the rest of your lives–”

They’d nabbed Matt, and it was all Techie’s fault. Matt had insisted on giving him time to escape, and Techie was determined to use it to rescue Matt in return. But how? Luckily they were interrogating Matt right where they’d caught him, right in the restaurant–unbeknownst to them, it was a Rebel watering hole and the unwary First Order employees had walked right in like idiots. Techie was holed up under a table, praying they wouldn’t bother to look. Also praying they wouldn’t break anything substantial of Matt’s. Also praying they’d both make it out alive. 

“How funny you should bring him up,” said one of the Resistance members, moving around, thankfully giving Techie a better view of Matt, who was bound to a chair with the rope Techie guessed they just kept in their back pockets or whatever. Matt had once told Techie the best ways to escape from rope bindings, something he’d read somewhere. Please, I hope you remembered your own advice… “Why don’t you start with some information about him?”

These were amateurs, Techie realized. This could be good or not so good. Good because they’d be easy to stump, they were green and dumb and probably not organized. Not good because they might not be interested in waiting and simply kill whatever members of the First Order they could get their hands on. Techie removed his data pad from his pocket, sweating. There had to be–

“All right, since you want to know so badly. Kylo Ren knows exactly where you are and what you’re doing. He feels it with the Force. He’s going to be merciless.”

Techie frowned. What the fuck was Matt doing?

“Don’t believe me? He’s going to warn you that he’s here now, just using his powers. He’s going to.”

Suddenly it clicked. This was a signal, and Techie knew just what to do with it.

The live basic commands to the restaurant’s functions were barely guarded. It was easy as pie to break in and find the command for ‘lights’, and Techie tapped it a few times, hoping his timing was properly spooky. The effect was immediate.

“What the–?”

“There’s no way he can be–”

“Did you think I was kidding around? Kylo Ren’s sending troopers here right now. Do you think you have enough forces here and now to fight them off? Fat chance. He might even show up himself. I’m sure that would teach you everything you need to know, but you won’t get to enjoy it when you’re on the receiving end of that lightsaber.”

Techie gave the lights a couple more flicks for good measure, then shut the lights off for good. The commotion he heard sent a wave of relief up his body.

“We have to go! Right now!”

All was silent, but Techie still decided to wait until he brought the lights back up before emerging. “They’re gone,” Matt called. “Holy shit, that was incredible. I knew you’d know what to do.”

“We should get out of here, too,” Techie said, helping remove the last of the bindings. Matt had gotten about halfway out on his own, but this sped up the process considerably. “As fast as we can. I can’t deal with more of this.”

Matt wants nothing more than to make Techie feel safe and secure, so off they went. They made themselves scarce, and spent the ride back to the ship discussing safer places to take shore leave next month. “You know, I wonder,” Matt said. “Do you think Kylo Ren could tell we, uh, invoked him like that? Do you think he noticed?”

“He probably approves of being discussed that way,” Techie suggested. 

“You think?”

“I do.” 


🔧🔨💡super pragmatic IKEA haul💡🔨🔧

So, I figured out how to lift basically a full bag of any small items you want… it’s hilariously easy.

1) Bring a big ass handbag with an inflated gallon size ziploc or two inside.

2) Start shopping like a normal person, but make sure to pick something up soon after entering. Grab a yellow shopping tote, and put the item inside.

3) Hold the tote so that it covers your handbag. You want to make sure they don’t notice how full/empty it is.

4) Keep shopping. Grab what you want and also a few bulky decoy items. Ideally, play a little tetris to keep things compact now, so you can jumble stuff up and make it take up more space later.

5) Go find a bathroom and do your thang. They’re not monitored, but try not to waltz in with your bag if an employee is right there.

6) Very important tips: keep your feet pointed forward and stay sitting if at all possible. Make sure to check your bag for lumpiness. And don’t make noise when it’s quiet! The hand dryers are super fucking loud, just do as much as you can while they’re running and wait in between.


8) You can ditch your decoys and walk, but tbh, I’ve never seen anyone not buy shit at IKEA, and I feel like it would be suspicious. Buy at least a couple things (with cash!) You have 90 days to return them if you need to.

So anyway, I finally got a ton of stuff to improve the lighting in my shitty apartment (and a replacement for my broken can opener lmao). Here’s the damage… 😈

💡 kitchen cabinet lights and cords and shit - $177 (yes, really. those under-cabinet lights are $40 each, what the actual fuck)

💡 light strip for closet - $15

💡 spotlights for bedside shelf - $15

💡 accidental extra power cord - $5

💡 furniture glaze - $15 (they were out of stock of the one color I wanted… so I angerlifted every other color. lol what am I going to do with these?)

💡 adorable tiny USB lamp - $5

💡 can opener - $4

💡 8 packs of drawer knobs (not pictured) - $24

🔧🔨💡TOTAL: $260💡🔨🔧

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How old are you?

I’m 22 (though people constantly assume I’m like, 12.)

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What’s your current job? 

Well, with my physical disability, it’s difficult to get hired by the places that want employees my age. So right now, I’m enjoying a break from college, as I moved and need to get things set back up. But with my time off, I am working on my writing.

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What are you talented at?

I’ve been told I’m a pretty decent writer. I certainly hope that’s true, considering my ultimate goal is to become a published author. And I’m really good at waiting until my queue is empty to refill it, even though I always say that I won’t do that, haha!

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What is your aesthetic? 

Hmm… This one took some thinking. I suppose my current aesthetic would be anything related to the lovely Jeffrey Dean Morgan or The Walking Dead, my books, Tumblr, my writing app, photography, poetry and quotes, coffee, Hulu, YouTube, Netflix, The Sims franchise, music streaming, and Stardew Valley. Yeah, that’s pretty much me, in a nutshell, these days! :D

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Do you collect anything?

As all my bookshelves are currently full to bursting, I’d have to say books, haha! But I also collect bookmarks, and merch concerning the things I love.

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What’s a topic you always talk about?

I’m definitely prone to fangirling! If I love something, whether it be an actor or actress, movie, TV show, book, fandom, music, etc… I’m gonna want to share my thoughts and feelings - often, haha!

Also, I always gush about my friends and loved ones like a proud mama! :D I’m the kind of person who, if I love and care for you, you know it without a doubt! <3

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What’s a pet peeve of mine?

If you’re talking a more serious pet peeve: I hate the fact that people always assume that just because I have a physical disability, that I must also be mentally disabled. This is not at all true. My disability has no effect on anything other than my physical body. My emotions, cognitive function, ability, and complexity are in no way impacted. Mentally, my life is the same as everyone else’s. And the only difference between us physically, is that I experience life in a sitting position mostly. I really wish I could get people to understand that.

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If you’re talking a more lighthearted pet peeve: I can’t stand when people are consistently late/always cancel last minute! Don’t get me wrong, I completely understand that things happen sometimes. But it irks me to no end when someone is an hour late to everything or never fails to cancel on me fifteen minutes before we’re due to meet up. If you couldn’t tell, I’m the type of person who is early to everything, haha!

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Good advice to give?

Two things:
1. Try your best to remain self-aware and fight the urge to grow complacent in life. For you never know how long you’ll be able to have the people and things you love with you. And always tell the ones you love that you do indeed love them, even if you think they already know.

2. Be gentle with yourself, you deserve that much.

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“Nothing here but a few used condoms! Nothing to worry about!”

Here’s a submission from a front desk employee we are keeping anonymous!

(A guest calls down.)

GUEST: Yes. Front Desk. I’m calling you from my cell. I’m outside my room, but I’m afraid to go in.
FRONT DESK EMPLOYEE: I’m sorry miss. Is everything OK?
GUEST: I noticed the storage room next to my room is cracked open and I thought I heard a noise. I’m afraid someone is inside my room. Can you send someone to go into the room with me?
FRONT DESK EMPLOYEE: I will be right up. 

(The employee goes up to the room to let her in. No one is there.)

GUEST: Well, wait. Aren’t you going to look under the bed?

(Employee gets on hands and knees. No one is under the bed.)

FRONT DESK EMPLOYEE: Nope. No one under the bed. We’ve never had anyone break into a room in the hotel.
GUEST: You really should make a note to the management. Nice hotels put boards around the bottom of the bed so no one crawls underneath. 

French workers win legal right to avoid checking work email out-of-hours
From 1 January, workers have ‘right to disconnect’ as France seeks to establish agreements that afford work flexibility but avoid burnout

French companies will be required to guarantee their employees a “right to disconnect” from technology as the country seeks to tackle the modern-day scourge of compulsive out-of-hours email checking.

The measure is intended to tackle the so-called “always-on” work culture that has led to a surge in usually unpaid overtime – while also giving employees flexibility to work outside the office.

Under the new law, companies will be obliged to negotiate with employees to agree on their rights to switch off and ways they can reduce the intrusion of work into their private lives.

If a deal cannot be reached, the company must publish a charter that would make explicit the demands on, and rights of, employees out-of-hours.

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Doctors where I work only 24hrs and they get plenty breaks. I work as a tech and my 12hr days I get a full hour and 2 15 min break. So fuck those people.

Yeah my issue is I work in Arizona and this is a “right to work” state, meaning businesses have the “right” to make employees work insane hours and give them absolutely NO lunch break. I work 12 hour shifts and only get a 30 minute lunch break. Night crew works 12 hour shifts and get NO lunch break.

In a right to work state your employer can do just about anything to you as long as you “consent” to it, because it is the employees “right” to be overworked and abused like that “if they want”. Unfortunately many companies here take full advantage and manipulate and pressure employees to work longer hours and take less breaks. My job offers us two 15 minutes breaks in addition to our lunch, “only if you aren’t busy”. I work in an ER. We are ALWAYS busy. My own boss goes ahead and puts me on whatever hours SHE wants and if I have a problem with that I have to tell her. She once had me working 60+ hours a week, and I told her I refused to work more than 30, and she said “oh, sorry, I thought you WANTED those hours”. Lady…?!?!

Another issue is I’m the only 22 year old working with a bunch of 30-50 year olds. They have been working years and years longer than me, and are used to this treatment. So when I complain about it and say “Guys, WHY are we agreeing to this??” they act like I’m some spoiled, snobby millennial. They have become so complacent they forgot they had a choice.

I remember when I initially cut my hours down everyone was really shocked (I guess no one had bothered to demand that before) and they said “We ALL did those hours when we first started off, I barely slept at all!”, as if just because THEY did it I had to do it too. They even implied if I wasn’t willing to work those long hours I shouldn’t be working at a hospital. A coworker literally asked me why I didn’t just apply to Taco Bell. JFC.

Anyways, don’t ever let anyone trick you into thinking right to work states are “better” or “care about their employees more”. They don’t. Right to work only benefits the business. And our shitty capitalistic society.

Sorry, that was probably more than you were interested in knowing!! I just had to vent.