employee ids

ID Please


  The thing about having a bar was having to make sure everyone here was of age. Izumo knew that it sometimes a tedious task but sometimes you just couldn’t tell if someone is of age by how they appear. Izumo was wiping a glass when he notices a boy walk up and sit himself at the bar. He eyes him a bit before walking over before his employee could ID him. “It’s okay let me handle this” he says to them. 

 Izumo places the glass he was wiping upside down on a coaster before wiping his own hands. He smiles over at the boy. “Aren’t you a little young to be here? May I see your ID?”

Here is my #transformationtuesday 

On the left, I was 8 months pregnant. 5′2″ and 150-ish lbs. On the right, I’m 4.5 months postpartum and happily back at 128lbs. After the baby came, I still had 15lbs to lose on my own. I bought myself a fitbit and got moving. I drank lots of water and watched what I ate. Honestly, I didn’t notice a difference until I got my new employee ID today. 

I am so proud of how far I’ve come.