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In dynamic and quickly changing environments very little can be considered constant or routine. Workers are calling for leadership styles that encourage people to share ideas, facilitates open discussion, and gives everyone a seat at the table. Keeping Engagement High In The Workplace A healthy environment where ideas are respected and considered - not maligned - can keep employees productive and engaged. Without everyone feeling comfortable putting their ideas on the table, the flow of ideas can slow to a trickle.

How Can You Make Your Own Luck When It Comes To Recruiting And Retaining The Best Employees?

How Can You Make Your Own Luck When It Comes To Recruiting And Retaining The Best Employees?

Recruiting and retaining the best employees shouldn’t be a matter of luck This recent article in the business section of the New Zealand Herald cites research conducted by a firm of recruitment consultants. I’m not suggesting for a moment that they have a vested interest in interpreting the results in any particular way, but they interpret the results in a particular way… that says employers…

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6 Steps to a more transparent, collaborative appraisal system

Good HR practitioners profess that an effective appraisal should be 360 degree, must be made annually or quarterly, and should involve multiple stakeholders. Despite the changing industry trends, generation: x,y, z and millennials in the workforce etc, appraisal practices have not evolved over time. While other HR practices like rewards, recognition, social interactions, office parties and other…

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The Link Between Employee Engagement and Onboarding

The Link Between Employee Engagement and Onboarding

How effective is your onboarding? Chances are that the answer is a resounding “meh”: 40% of organizations say their onboarding is either not at all effectiveor only slightly so, 33% say it’s moderately effective, and only 27% say it’s very effective. This lack of effectiveness is doubly troubling when we consider that onboarding is one of the most important aspects of the employee lifecycle —…

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5 Best Tips On Managing Age-Diversity In The Workplace

5 Best Tips On Managing Age-Diversity In The Workplace

The strongest and most successful organizations of this age are the ones that promote diversity. The evidence for this declaration is clearly visible on the Web Portals of Fortune 500 companies. People from diverse age groups and cultural backgrounds who work together will help to build a stronger organization that has more innovative and creative ideas and results.

However, diversity often can…

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Image source: The Found Animals Foundation.

Friday Reads | A quick collection of the best things we’ve been reading this week. This week it’s all about the importance of humor to brands and culture to companies.

Community managers are uniquely positioned to look at how fans respond to humor on a daily basis and test different types of responses. Consider this a mini focus group to power a broader campaign or piece of content.”

Emphasis original.

“If your culture is not clear—and clearly linked to what drives the success of the enterprise—then engagement is much more difficult to achieve because employees don’t know how to truly fit in.”

Emphasis added.

TLS Continuum Part 11: Clash Point: I see but I Don't feel

TLS Continuum Part 11: Clash Point: I see but I Don’t feel

This past week has been full of events in our world that makes one stop and consider just where we are going. Beginning with the horrific shootings in Charleston, the shooting of law enforcement officers and the apology at the sentencing trial of the Boston Bomber we see examples of situations where we as a global community we see our problems but we do not take it to the next step – we don’t…

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Company has a lot of Policies? It's because you Lack This.

The one reason why companies get employee engagement wrong is because the leadership lacks one thing- empathy. Trusty Wikipedia defines empathy as: ‘the capacity to understand what another person is experiencing from within the other person’s frame of reference, ie, the capacity to place oneself in another’s shoes.’This, my friends does not come naturally, or easily. In fact, the arrogance- and even hubris that comes along with being promoted to executive management positions tend to kill whatever traces of empathy some people may have.Here are a few things that a lack of empathy

Happy Worker, Happy Walmart? 3 Steps to Turn Employee Perks Into Customer Loyalty: Can 2.2 million pairs of jeans make Walmart a happier place to shop? Perhaps we should ask the greeter. Jeans, or at least a more comfortable dress code, are among the new employee perks Walmart is easing into its stores. The world’s largest private employer also is adjusting its air conditioning to be less chilly, […] http://j.mp/1BYp4xD

The Surprising Truth About Motivation

Dan Pink’s fantastic book “Drive: The Surprising Truth About What Motivates Us” puts the carrot and stick out in the bin for good.

You can see his great Ted talk here, which basically summarizes his theory:http://www.ted.com/talks/dan_pink_on_motivation

Pink’s theory is perfectly applicable especially to designers because they’re so autonomous and creative in their work.

Read about his experiment here.

How To Love Your Job #Infographic

How To Love Your Job #Infographic

It’s hard to be successful without a smile. Whether you’ve won a marathon or a big opportunity, winning makes people happy. But do happier people win more often? It turns out that they do!

When managers nurture a workplace culture that creates happy employees, they also make their teams more productive and effective. The following infographic from Adeccoreveals how happy workers can positively…

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