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Hey everybody! I know I haven’t posted in quite some time, but I have a favor to ask! My sister-in-law is a really talented photographer, and is soon traveling across the U.S, and would love to get her name out there, as she wants to do shoots while on her travels. I figured that I would share the information with my Tumblr family. Well, those in the US.

She specializes in Newborn, maternity, couples, and boudoir photography, and actually was the photographer for my own engagement and wedding shoot!

She’s based in Jacksonville, North Carolina and is planning on going around the country in Fall 2017 to Spring 2018, and will be doing shoots in that time frame on her journey’s!

If you guys wouldn’t mind at least checking out her Instagram page, maybe following it to see what kind of shoots she does, and if you or anybody you know are thinking of any photography work you’d like done, I suggest looking her up! I’d super appreciate it!

Terminal Love

Summary: You accidentally run into a stranger at the airport and he turns out to be wonderful company. Not just wonderful company – he’s your soulmate, this lovely Park Chanyeol. The universe has matched you two together, and you’re more than happy to go along with it. But what happens when your soulmate believes someone else is his soulmate?

Pairing: Chanyeol x You

Genre: Soulmate AU, humor, fluff, smol angst

Rating: PG-13 (language)

Word Count: 1510

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Your inner monologue is one long stream of cursing as you hurry down the terminal towards your gate which is worryingly empty. The passengers have already boarded the plane and it’s going to take off any minute now – without you on it.

Everything had been going wrong today, from your Uber getting a punctured tire to the TSA confiscating your expensive shampoo to the blisters forming on your feet from your flats as you run to catch your flight. Your boss always does this, spring last-minute meetings on you that you have to fly to, and you’re seriously considering either quitting or demanding compensation for the hypertension meds you’re going to have to invest in now. Does your insurance cover that?

And just as you’re thinking of your boss, your phone rings from deep within your purse. You can’t even ignore the call because it might be him. Fucking shit.

Without slowing down, you rifle through your bag – past lipstick tubes, gum, pens, half a first-aid kit, an overstuffed wallet – until your fingers close around the cool metal of your cell phone, and you tug it free, about to answer when—

Thud. Something large body checks you from out of nowhere, and you’re knocked to the ground in a blur of flailing limbs, your phone flying out of your hands. Whoomp. The dirty ground is suddenly pressed against you, the breath is knocked out of you, and before you can even process what happened, wide brown eyes are in your face.

“Oh god, are you okay?” a deep voice, so deep you can feel the vibrations in your bones, frets. “I’m so sorry, I didn’t even see you!” Then you’re being peeled off the floor and onto your feet, and you find yourself at eye level with a man’s chest. God, this guy is tall – but besides your exacerbated stress from being essentially bulldozed, you’re not concerned with him. No, what matters most to you right now is –

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Improving Employee Engagement

As far as executives go, I’m not very good at taking advantages of the perks of the job like entertaining clients, team boondoggles etc. But today I took one of my direct reports and his friend to an afternoon ballgame. The weather was perfect and I got great seats from my Morgan Stanley advisor. Unfortunately the Twins got shelled 17-6.

Why Should You Care About Employee Engagement? – Ray Grimm Jr. | CEO & Founder – Medium
By Ray Grimm Jr. | CEO & Founder

Ray Grimm Jr.: Employee engagement is a concept that continues to spark the attention of every business owner or corporate leader who seeks to grow a successful company.

Most of the time, people think that satisfied employees are engaged. While these terms are used interchangeably, it’s important to understand that satisfaction is simply a feeling of contentment while engagement entails real involvement, passion, and increased productivity.

Tami Erwin, Executive Vice President of Wireless Operations at Verizon, Shares 12 Fundamental Leadership Attributes

1. Get things done. The first job of a leader is to act.

2. Balance focus on strategy and execution.

3. Provide the right tools and resources to face the problems your team might face.

4. Be visible to customers and employees. Engage with what is happening.

5. Communicate openly and honestly, both with employees and customers.

6. Exercise constructive dissent. Rally once a decision is made.

7. Lead by example. Do the tough things and be engaged when it matters.

8. Be passionate. Demonstrate a commitment to the objectives before you.

9. Believe in yourself – and others. Spend time being an iconic developer of people.

10. Celebrate success, even when the chips are down and the work is hard.

11. Maintain balance for yourself and those who support you. Give and get all that life gives you.

12. Give back. Identify and support emerging talent. As a leader, if you don’t give back, who will?

One of the full time employees at work today engaged me in what ended up being a THIRTY MINUTE discussion on the issue of transgender people (and somehow also Sikhs, Muslims, women, and liberals) in the military and he wasn’t disrespectful so I tried to respond in kind and I feel like I totally bungled the discussion. Like. He’s a veteran so he knows a lot about the military, I’m a SJW or whatever so I know a lot about that, he felt comfortable wielding his experience in the conversation, I did not know how to bring in mine because it was just–I don’t know, a few times I tried to bring up articles and studies and kept hitting the brick wall of his personal experience.

I don’t bring my politics into the workplace unless it’s relevant to the topic or the work environment, I don’t know why conservative men can’t do the same.

Spoilt For Choice: Oswald x Reader x Victor, Part 1

Requested by @gothams-darkest-desires like ages ago. Sorry it took so long! The reader works for Oswald and has a crush on Victor, but things become a little more complicated than that. This will have another part soon!

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How to Connect with NASA

We’re the nation’s space agency, but that doesn’t mean you have to travel to the depths of the universe to stay connected with the awesome stuff we’re doing. There are actually some really easy ways to stay updated on all things space. Check them out:


We have lots of apps for smartphones and tablets that will make it easier than ever to stay connected to space. Here are a few to pique your interest:  

  • NASA App: Showcases a huge collection of the latest content, including images, videos, mission information, stories, space station sighting opportunities and more! Download: Apple/Android
  • NASA Spinoff App: This application profiles the best examples of technology that have been transferred from NASA research and missions into commercial products. From life-saving satellite systems to hospital robots, our technologies benefit society. Download: Apple
  • NASA 3DV App: The 3DV mobile app allows you to examine several of our Deep Space Exploration projects that will take our space program to asteroids, Mars and beyond! Download: Apple/Android
  • Spacecraft 3D: This augmented reality (AR) application lets you learn about and interact with a variety of spacecraft that are used to explore our solar system, study Earth and observe the universe. Download: Apple/Android

Competitions and Challenges

NASA Solve is an invitation to members of the public to contribute their time and expertise to solving problems and potentially winning prizes as a result of their work. This is a great way for individual members of the public to be a part of the nation’s space program. For a complete list of current challenges and competitions, visit THIS page.

Citizen Science

You don’t have to be a NASA employee to engage in the fun of interpreting scientific data and imagery from our many spacecraft and missions. As part of our Open Government plan, our goal is to promote transparency, participation and collaboration. By expanding the research base and using open innovation, we are all able to benefit from the accumulated findings. You can find data from our missions, research and activities HERE.

Email and Social Media

We have a wide-range of social media accounts here at NASA. Everything from Earth Science to the Mars Curiosity Rover, you can stay updated on many of our missions on many popular social media sites. For a full list of our accounts, visit THIS page.

If you’d like to get space news delivered straight to your inbox, you can sign up for updates and manage preferences HERE.

NASA Socials

What is a NASA Social? We’re glad you asked! These programs provide opportunities for our social media followers to learn and share information about our missions, people and programs. NASA Social includes both special in-person events and social media credentials for individuals who share the news in a significant way. Social events provide the participants with the opportunity to go behind-the-scenes at our facilities and events and speak with scientists engineers, astronauts and managers. Visit THIS page for a list of upcoming NASA Social opportunities.

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Perkbox pockets £6.6m in latest cash injection

Perkbox, the employee perks start-up, has raised another chunk of cash, nine months after its previous funding round.

The $8.6 million (£6.6 million) injection into the London-based company, which allows customers to reward staff with perks and discounts, comes from venture capital firm Draper Esprit, an early backer of LoveFilm.

It invested £2.5 million in October last year on the same terms as those who backed the company on crowdfunding site Seedrs.

Saurav Chopra, Perkbox’s chief executive and co-founder, said the latest funding would help it expand overseas.

“The need for employee engagement is global and progressive countries and employers understand their most important assets are their people. There’s a lot to do outside the UK,” he said.

Perkbox’s customers include British Gas and Worldpay.

He said the company expects to generate £30 million in revenues this year, double what it made last year, adding that the squeeze on wages had led more businesses to consider its services.

“Helping them stretch their salaries further is a lot more cost effective than giving a salary raise,” Chopra said.

Solar System: Things to Know This Week

From the people who work for us, to ESA’s ExoMars, to phases of the moon, learn more about the solar system. 

1. NASA Is More Than Astronauts

Our employees engage in a very wide range of work, and they come from a variety of backgrounds. To meet some of them and learn how they came to work for us, follow the #NASAProud tag on social media.

+ Learn about job opportunities and why NASA employees love working there
+ Get to know the people who explore the solar system

2. ExoMars Is Cleared for Landing 

A joint project between the European Space Agency and Russia’s Roscosmos space agency, ExoMars 2016 will enter orbit around the Red Planet on Oct. 19. The mission includes the Trace Gas Orbiter (TGO) and the Schiaparelli entry, descent and landing demonstrator. TGO will make a detailed inventory of Mars’ atmospheric gases, looking especially for rare gases like methane to help determine whether that methane stems from a geological or biological source. The orbiter also carries a pair of transmitters provided by NASA. The Schiaparelli lander separated from TGO on Oct. 16, entering the atmosphere for a six-minute descent to a region in Meridiani Planum, not far from NASA’s Opportunity rover. Schiaparelli will test landing technologies in preparation for future missions, including a heatshield, parachute, propulsion system and a crushable structure.

+ Go along for the ride

3. This Just in From Jupiter

Mission managers for our Juno mission to Jupiter have decided to postpone the burn of its main rocket motor originally scheduled for Oct. 19. Engineers want to carefully examine telemetry from a pair of sticky helium valves before the maneuver, which will reduce the time it takes Juno to orbit Jupiter from about 53 days to 14 days. The next opportunity for the burn would be during its close flyby of Jupiter on Dec. 11. Meanwhile, the spacecraft is still gathering data about Jupiter, and Juno will still swing close by the giant planet on Oct. 19.

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4. It’s Just a Phase 

The moon was full on Oct. 16. This month’s full moon is sometimes called the Harvest Moon or Hunter’s Moon.

+ See a video showing all of this year’s lunar
+ Learn what causes the moon’s phases

5. Free to Ride

Did you know that NASA offers several other fascinating (and free) online experiences, all based on actual data from real missions. Here are a few to explore:

+ Mars Trek
+ Vesta Trek
+ Lunaserv Global Explorer
+ Deep Space Network (DSN) Now
+ Spacecraft 3D app

Discover the full list of 10 things to know about our solar system this week HERE.

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