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I've noticed that you mentioned Wiccans a lot. My MC is a witch, and I wasn't really aware of other kinds of witches, even though I did thorough research. What other kinds of witches are there? Just fyi, she is a mostly-closet witch, and uses stones as connections to places. She mostly uses runecasting and entomomancy (especially beetles and spiders). What might she choose to align with, if anything?

There are, honestly, so many more choices than just Wicca. I’ll try to list several, but do not take this as an exhaustive list. I have added resources where I could, and please forgive the length…


An Asatru witch follows a specific branch of Heathenry that worships the major Nordic pantheon.


Athiest/Laveyan Satanic (Secular Satanic)

This witch feels more that Satan is a concept or idea, not an actual entity.



This witch uses the Celtic culture, including its’ mythology, deities, old ways, and language / symbols as a means of learning, internalizing, and performing magic.



A witch that honors and worships the Christian God through the practice of magic, usually alongside more traditional Christian worship.



This witch utilizes magic through the bodies and spirits of the dead. This can include bones, blood, skin, and other pieces of the corporeal form left when the spirit leaves, as well as contact with the spirit that has left its physical form behind.



Is a very old, and very complex set of religious and nature beliefs changing from region to region, and time to time.



A witch who respectfully uses parts of multiple practices, traditions, and paths.



This witch pays homage to the Gaulish Gods through the study, reconstruction, and practice of Gaulish tradition.



A witch who follows the ways of, works with, and/or worships the Norse deities.



A path by which the witch follows Greek traditions and honors the Greek pantheon.



This witch was born into a family of witches and so is likely to have practices, traditions, and/or paths that are not usually shared outside of their family practice.


A complex interweaving of Western African traditions as well as a long history of utilizing Christianity. This is a fairly regional practice of the Southern United States, but can be found elsewhere.



This type of witch works with the Egyptian deities.



A witch who works with and worships Loki and/or any of his relations (Hel, Jormugandr, Sigyn, Angrboda, etc). This witch may pay homage to other Nordic deities as well.



A witch who works majorily, or exclusively, with Odin, Thor, Freyjr, Freyja, Frigga, and Heimdall.


Pop Culture

A pop culture witch uses lyrics or movie lines in spells, worships and/or honors pop culture icons and/or idols. Likely to utilize fandom in some way, it is a very new and wide practice. They could draw inspiration from Harry Potter, Vampire Diaries, Practical Magic, The Craft, Supernatural, or other, similar shows.


Regla de Ocha

A religion that was synthesized by West Africans who were taken and enslaved by the Spanish Empire who were then sent to work on the Caribbean Islands. It mixes West African tradition with worship of saints.



This kind of witch synthesizes their craft from a mixture of empirical evidence/data and metaphysical leanings. It is highly individualized.



This type of witch doesn’t connect with any religious practices, traditions, or paths.



A witch who practices alone, but follows a particular practice, tradition, path.

(Theistic) Satanic

A witch whose practice revolves around worshiping, honoring, or otherwise appealing to Satan.



A witch who hunts for the “traditional” ways of magic. Likely to be found scouring through histories and stories looking for references to spellcraft, rituals, and traditions that have since been lost to time.



An Afro-Caribbean form of worship that focuses on the loa, and spirits.


I hope this put some things in perspective as to just how large witchcraft is, and why I seem to harp about being frustrated that the majority of what I see is Wicca. It is prevalent and popular, not the only way to be a witch, and definitely not the only tradition.

To answer your question about your character, Some of these paths lend themselves more towards nature than others, but I’d suggest rather looking into a tradition/path, look at types of witchcraft instead. Your character most sounds like a variety of Green Witch, and/or Animal Witch.

-Bruxa Guerreira

Why canon ships suck

So! You like a ship, right?

You want that ship to become canon, but it hasn’t yet, or never will.

So what do you do?

You read fanfiction, of course!

In many people’s opinions, fanfiction can often be better than canon. It allows us to explore ships, characters, alternate universes… and sometimes we encounter authors who do it way better than the canon writers do. It’s pretty spectacular, to be honest.

Fanfiction and fandom allows us to explore the what-ifs. The ‘what would happen if this event didn’t happen, or this character didn’t die, or these two characters met who never did in canon’. It provides us an avenue to ‘fix’ what canon screwed up – well, in some people’s minds. In an age where we are only just starting to get LGBT+ representation on the screen, or in books (but only really just now, in any fair way), fanfiction gives slash/femslash/polyamory shippers a place to explore the ships that they wish were on screen – but aren’t yet, unfortunately. I know that fandom is a bastion for me in that regard.

But… have you ever stopped to wonder what would happen if your ship became canon?

In my opinion…

…and in the minds of a few people whom I have spoken to at length on this topic… canon makes the ships less fun.

They’re together. The people we shipped, the people we wrote fics about… they’re together. What more is there to write or read about? Yeah sure, you could still write some fics, especially legacy and alternate universes. But there will be far less interest in it after the fact. Fanfiction is more often than not a place to explore the ‘getting together’ part of a relationship, and once they’re together, besides wrapping up the plot… what fun is there?

Not much, honestly.

Yeah, there’s the whole fandom attitude of ‘winning’ over another ship. And maybe the canon ship breaks up and ends with someone else. That is entirely possible. But I’m talking about those ships that become canon and end the series/movies/books that way. Yep, we can be gleeful that we ‘won’. We can dance and say nananabooboo! and be all happy and whatnot. ‘Winning’ a ship war can be fun.

But do you know what those shippers have that we don’t, after everything is said and done?

… they get to keep writing/reading fanfic, and it’s interesting for them, exciting, and they can ignore the scene/episode/movie/book/epilogue (I’m looking at you, J.K. Rowling) at their leisure. When we get our canon ship… it sort of, I dunno, ends there for a lot of people.

It kinda sucks.

Actually, it really sucks.

So, you know what? I don’t want my ships to become canon. Or, at the very least, I would love evidence that they’re moving in that direction, at the end of whatever it is, TV/movie/book, that I’m watching or reading. That way I’ve got this pretty strong feeling that they’re going to end up together… but, like… they aren’t actually together.

So then I can write whatever I want, whatever I see as possible for them getting together.

I just don’t want to be spoon-fed.

So… I’m looking at you, Johnlock. I’m looking at you, Hannigram. I’m looking at you, Reylo. I’m looking at you, SSHG. I’m looking at you, Stucky/Stony. 

Basically what I’m trying to say is… that I really enjoy it when my ship becomes canon… but then I lose the fandom love for it. Then it just becomes another aspect of the show/movie/book, and not a way of life, in a way. Because fandom/fanfiction… shipping… it thrives on the unknown. Thrives on the fix-its. Thrives on the getting-together.

Once we have all that. Once we have the known, the fixes, the getting together, the wrapping up… it’s not fun anymore.

But I’m not saying I don’t enjoy when things are pointing in my ship’s favor. :)

So, let’s take a look at a few stats.

I’m not diving deep here, because there are a lot of facts that don’t get taken into account with the numbers. You have to have been part of the fandom to understand the ins and outs, when a fandom was popular, and what effect the decade it was popular in had on a ship or fandom, or the decline of a ship over a certain amount of time, or after it becomes canon (because a ship can still be at the top of the charts, but its fic contributions rapidly declined after it became canon), or if a fandom moved to another website, or was/is more prevalent on another site or whatever, etc. But the numbers are still interesting.

So yeah, this isn’t thoroughly researched empirical data, but… it’s a start.

Red = non-canon, blue = canon (I’m not outlining all of them, just a couple here and there.)

(Edit 9/10/17: Since some people have insinuated some rude things about me, I would like to clarify my stance. I went into it briefly above, but obviously I should have delved more. 

Because writers of books/tv/movies these days are still less likely to write in an LGBT+ romance, the statement that canon ships suck still holds true. As a bisexual and polyamorous woman, I know that it’s very unlikely that I will see the latter, and that it is not something common to see the former, either.

So fanfiction has become something of a safe haven for myself and others in that regard.

HOWEVER, I would be beyond ecstatic if there was a poly relationship, for example, but as long as it was done with respect. I would be beyond ecstatic for a gay or lesbian relationship, that was treated well and respectfully and not fetishized. Not there for shock value. Which is starting to happen more, I’m pleased to note (the ships happening, not the fetishizing).

Take one of my favorite ships: Hannigram. I love it. I ship it on and off screen. On the show and in fanfiction. I mean it practically is canon. I would very likely still read fanfiction even if/when they continue the series and it becomes a reality. Because I’m pretty damn sure that they would show the good and the bad of the relationship and keep it interesting.

And oh my goodness I would be beyond ecstatic if Marvel would follow through on Stucky. I think we all would be. Gah!

And like… if Star Wars would finally give me a polyamorous relationship as part of its main, or near-to, characters… it would warm my soul to feel a part of me recognized in mainstream culture. And you’d be damn sure I’d still be shipping it.

(Game of Thrones had a really good opportunity to make Rhaegar and Elia and Lyanna married, all three of them, but instead they stomped all over poor Elia and her children… my heart!)

As some people have pointed out, a lot of writers don’t know how to write a relationship after they’ve gotten together. This feels true to me. Good examples of the opposite, though, are Bones and Castle and Outlander, and even Shadowhunters with Malec, and Buffy. Usually, though, writers don’t quite know what to do with characters once they’ve gotten them to this point.

This is what I am referencing when I say I have bad experience liking ships after they become canon.

But I am SO here for writers getting better at it. Especially as they start to explore LGBT+ and minority representation. 

(And maybe part of why I don’t like canon ships… is because I am also bored with the het white ships that keep popping up… just a thought that came to me reading comments and reblogs. It’s worth considering.)

I don’t check out if the ship becomes canon. Not at all. I cheer alongside the rest of people.

All I am referencing is that the fanfiction about these canon relationships (something I typically love more than canon) seems to suffer and peter out afterwards.

And here is my response ^ that will now be viewed as “the lady doth protest too much”. But whatever.

Enjoy. xoxo)

A discourse request, mostly directed at @slatestarscratchpad

Can we not casually equate “fuzzy / empathy-oriented / non-systematic thinking” with “the humanities?” 

“The humanities” is a field of intellectual inquiry.  Practiced properly, it involves rigor and clear logic – not experiment, not quantification (usually), not empirical data (usually), but definable principles and arguments that proceed cogently from those principles.  The people who are good at it are not that different, in ability or in temperament, from the people who are good at science. 

[…you know that philosophy counts, right?  That High Holy Utilitarianism itself is a product of the humanities?]

If you want to point out that we live in a world in which humanities scholars and humanities departments often seem to prefer feelings to reason, well, I can’t really argue with that.  But making a bad-thinking totem out of “the humanities” in the abstract…cedes a lot of ground, unnecessarily, to people who don’t deserve it.  And insults a lot of people who  do good work.

People who say “I don’t believe you when you say that you’re mentally ill because you say that you have multiple mental illnesses” actually disqualify their opinion in that exact sentence.
Because it shows that they don’t even have a damn clue what they’re talking about.

Mental illnesses have this thing called “comorbidity”…
If a person has a mental illness, they also have a heightened chance to have/develop a second one or more as well.
Depending on the mental illness, the likelihood can differ greatly, however, it’s averagely around at least 30-40%.

For example, if a person has a personality disorder, the chance that they have another personality disorder is at around 70%.
So it’s actually less likely to only have a single personality disorder than to have two.

Additionally, people with personality disorders have a likelihood of 50-70% for any other type of mental illnesses out there. (source: Asendorpf, Psychologie der Persönlichkeit, 2004;)

So… please stop invalidating people with multiple mental conditions… Stop calling them special snowflakes, stop pretending that they’re just “doing it for attention”. Because they aren’t and you’re making it even harder for them to cope by telling them that their experiences aren’t real…

Just stop acting like people with multiple mental conditions are just pretending just because you can’t imagine that this is a possibility…

First of all because it makes you a dick (being mentally ill is difficult enough already) and secondly because it’s really embarrassing that people would actually pretend to know better when there is literally tons of empirical data showing how wrong they are.

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Isak eats really unhealthy! While his friends are all eating sandwiches at school he'll eat a bun or a Norwegian waffle. Like boy should not be living by himself, lol. I'm glad even makes him eggs for breakfast. And I wonder if even is good at cooking in general. At least he seems to be taking charge in the kitchen so far. I have a feeling Isak is the kind to just grab a handful of cereal out of the box before

FO’ REAL!! I doubt Isak has had a balanced meal since he ran away from home! And he may very well grab cereal from the box, assuming he has any at home, either way he’s probably forgotten to buy milk.

Even is definitely more interested in cooking than Isak, and given that he has some seasoning tricks to make the food taste better, I imagine he has some culinary talents as well. Isak however, I doubt could cook to save his own life! At least this is what empiric data tells me…

Because of course me being the weirdo I am, I’m physically incapable of speculating about stuff like this without researching and getting all the facts™ first, so I’ve gone through all the times (that I could remember) we’ve seen Isak eating and compiled some data.

In the words of Isak: NU KÖR VI~

We don’t really know anything about Isak’s eating habits at home (in S1). And aside from Even, the only one who’s made food for Isak is Eva. When they were at Jonas’ cabin she made them pasta and tomato sauce

She also treated him to a coffee at one point (not food but still!).

I didn’t remember seeing Isak eat anything in particular in S2, so let’s skip onto S3….

First time we see Isak eating in S3, is the bun you mentioned. We see him tearing the raisin out of the bun, which tells me this is one of those semi-sweet raisin buns. They are delicious but not exactly healthy. (somewhat related: after close inspection I’m 95% sure these are raisin buns with CARDAMOM ❤︎).

Next time we see him eating it’s the cheese toast with ALL THE SPICES and ketchup that Even made him. Not exactly balanced food, but alright for a midday snack imo?

Unfortunately I doubt Isak finished it… when their datehangout got interrupted by guests, you see Isak look down dejectedly at his toasts and tap his thumb against his leg. :( Once Sonja is introduced I imagine Isak made himself scarce.

When Even spends the weekend at Isak’s after Halloween, they must have eaten something. The flatmates didn’t see either of them until Sunday, supposedly, but the mug Even puts ash in suggests to me that Isak probably sneaked out and made them sandwiches & cocoa or smth (that or the mug was already in his room… but one entire day, they’d have to eat) at some point.

Isak isn’t really great at getting breakfast either. That Sunday he literally opens the door, gets asked about Even by Noora and Eskild, and then closes the door again. Wonder how long it took for him to dare venture out… boy must have been starving!

After the painful ‘breakup’ when Isak wasn’t sleeping well, I can’t imagine he was eating so great either. Especially not if you consider the sad sad toast he got from the canteen. One toast with only cheese, it seriously looks just as tired as Isak does!

Of all the foods Isak has bought, the kebab he ate with Jonas is definitely among the healthiest. I imagine he spends most of his allowance/the money his dad sends on snapbacks (he can’t have borrowed all of them!), beer and eating fast food.

Luckily, if it’s down to Even Isak gets to eat a sturdy breakfast. And that’s good considering how Isak hardly seems to be able to get himself breakfast at the flat. (does he even have any food there?) I imagine that Even realized this when he stayed over the previous time, and simply decided to take matters into his own hands, with a little help from the Noora (and Eskild), making Isak scrambled eggs after staying over the second time.

Isak doesn’t join the guys for pizza… but on Friday, Isak waits for Even at the KB. I only saw a coffee cup though, so who knows if he had anything to eat there? Once again Even makes sure they get some food, ordering burgers and champagne (and what looks like cakes? fancy smørbrød?) at the hotel. Isak doesn’t exactly lack appetite at that point ;)

We don’t know what or how he ate the days after… but on Tuesday, we’re back to Isak’s classic diet. He gets a waffle. The guy doesn’t even put jam or anything tasty on it (except whipped cream?). idk what is up with Nissen’s canteen, but stuff looks plain af. (I feel for norwegianall kids who are forced to pay for or bring their own school lunches….)

Now last food Isak prepared (as I am writing this) was a ready-made frozen Grandiosa pizza, which can hardly be considered cooking. And it wasn’t even his (he doesn’t have any food at the flat does he…).

In conclusion (TL;DR):

I doubt Isak knows how to cook. I’m CERTAIN he maintains a horribly unhealthy diet ever since he ran away from home. And I’m hoping that Even’s cooking skills extend beyond breakfast and sandwiches, but honestly I’m fairly certain it does? Even seems comfortable enough in a kitchen to figure it out and make them some healthy food. So with Even in his life…

Hallelujah Isak is saved!!

From the first issue of the Journal of Alternative Facts.

Other forthcoming articles:

Spicer, S. (2017). Quantifying Crowd Size with Empirical Data: A Wishful Thinking Approach. Journal of Alternative Facts 1(1).

Amaleauthor, I.A. (2017). Reduced Access to Contraception Reduces Abortions. Journal of Alternative Facts 1(1).

Trump, D.J. (2017). An Exhaustive Account of Terrorist Acts Committed by Computer Science PhD Students. Journal of Alternative Facts 1(2).

Trump, D.T. (2017). Definitions & Etymologies of the Words “Fake” as It Applies to News Organizations. Journal of Alternative Facts 1(2).

Trump, D.J. &  Peña Nieto, E. (2017). Badly Needed Walls: The Case of Mexico. Journal of Alternative Facts 1(2).

Find more at our official Twitter account, @JournalAltFacts. This work is all peer reviewed by the very best politicians. 

(Also, please feel free to “submit” article titles here or on Twitter.)

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"Forget I even asked" dexnursey

“Hey. Um.” 

Dex glances up at the sound of Nursey’s voice, sticking his pencil behind his ear. Nursey’s frowning, his expression more hesitant than Dex has ever seen him. And that’s weird. Because Nursey never looks uncertain–he’s always got that chill face on, the one that drives Dex up a fucking wall. This isn’t a look he’s used to. Dex raises his eyebrows. “Sup?”

Nursey gestures to the chair across from Dex. “Can I sit?”

“Yeah?” Dex blinks, watching Nursey plop down and put his backpack on the back of the rickety dining hall chair. “You okay, dude? You’re doing, like, a face.”

Nursey wrinkles his nose, which just kind of makes Dex’s point, and then says, in a rush: “Okay, look, so. I was thinking about Winter Screw. And it’s coming up, and I know I’ve been kidding around, mostly, about setting you up with someone? And you haven’t been into it at all, which is cool, because, like, you’re not into my aesthetic or whatever, I get that. But we’ve also been, like, way chiller than we used to be? And I like hanging out with you–not just with the team or whatever, but like, when it’s just us. And then I was thinking, you know, Rans and Holster are trying to set me up with somebody, but I don’t really wanna go with some random person, and–”

Nursey,” Dex interrupts, because he’s actually a little worried that Nursey isn’t breathing. “Get to the point?”

“I–” Nursey breaks off, chews his lower lip for a moment–and wow, okay, that’s not distracting–and then blurts out, “DoyouwannagotoWinterScrewwithme?”

Dex stares. Gapes, really. Because–what? 

Because that. Does not make sense. Because Nursey is soft and gorgeous and languid and cool water, and Dex is–none of those things. Dex is hard edges and too-big ears and jerky movements and hot tempers. And Dex gets distracted by Nursey’s green eyes and his long fingers and the sweep of his curls when he takes off his helmet after practice, but there’s no way that Nursey would ever look at him like that. Dex knows empirical data, and that shit does not compute. It’s gotta be a joke, or a trick, or something.


He must be quiet for too long, staring, because Nursey’s cheeks darken slightly, his lips pressing together. “Okay, message received,” he says. Dex blinks, startled out of his train of thought, but Nursey’s still talking. “Sorry, this was–this was dumb, I shouldn’t have–forget I even asked you, okay, I’m sure Rans and Holster can find you someone you’d like better, I’ll just–”

“Yes,” Dex blurts out. 

Nursey stops. “What?”

“Yes, I’ll go with you.” His face is burning, and if this is a joke he’ll absolutely never look Nursey in the eyes again, but he can’t lose the chance. 

“You–really?” Nursey sits back down in his seat–Dex hadn’t realized he’d gotten half to his feet. His expression looks a little dazed, but the beginning of a smile tugs at the corners of his mouth. “Like, as friends, or…”

He trails off. Dex swallows. You miss every shot you don’t take, right? “No,” he says. “Um. Not as friends.”

Nursey’s grin is instant, and blinding, and without a trace of mocking or teasing. Something loosens in Dex’s chest and spills warm and fluttery into his belly. “Swawesome,” he says.

Dex grins back. “It’s chill,” he agrees, and Nursey’s laugh keeps him warm the rest of the day.


  1. ❛ It’s only in the mysterious equation of love that any logic or reasons can be found. ❜
  2. ❛ You are all my reasons. ❜
  3. ❛ I am terrified, mortified, petrified…stupefied by you! ❜
  4. ❛ Imagine if you suddenly learned that the people, the places, the moments most important to you were not gone, not dead, but worse, had never been. What kind of hell would that be? ❜
  5. ❛ You haven’t seen it. How do you know for sure? ❜
  6. ❛ I am only here tonight because of you. ❜
  7. ❛ I am always suspicious of new people. ❜
  8. ❛ Ritual requires that we continue with a number of platonic activities… before we have sex. ❜
  9. ❛ Are you gonna slap me now? ❜
  10. ❛ I didn’t think you were listening… ❜
  11. ❛ Does our relationship warrant long-term commitment? I need some kind of proof, some kind of verifiable, empirical data. ❜
  12. ❛ I’m sorry, just give me a moment to redefine my girlish notions of romance. ❜
  13. ❛ I think that’s what it’s like with all our dreams and our nightmares, we’ve got to keep feeding them for them to stay alive. ❜
  14. ❛ This will be a waste of your - and what is infinitely worse - my time. ❜
  15. ❛ Nothing’s ever for sure. That’s the only sure thing I do know. ❜
  16. ❛ I once tried to count them all, the stars. I, actually, made it to 4,348. ❜
  17. ❛ I still see things that are not here. I just choose not to acknowledge them. ❜
  18. ❛ I was wondering if I could take you to dinner? You do eat, don’t you? ❜
  19. ❛ They are my past. Everyone is haunted by their past. ❜
  20. ❛ You want to know what’s real? This — this is real. ❜
  21. ❛ There’s no point in being nuts if you can’t have a little fun. ❜
  22. ❛ You have no respect for cognitive reverie, you know that? ❜
  23. ❛ Listen. If we can’t break the ice, how ‘bout we drown it? ❜
  24. ❛ That Isaac Newton fellow was right. He was on to something. Clever boy. ❜
  25. ❛ Man is capable of as much atrocity as he has imagination. ❜
  26. ❛ There has to be a mathematical explanation for how ugly that tie is. ❜
  27. ❛ It’s not my problem and it’s not your problem. It’s their problem. ❜
  28. ❛ When’s the last time you ate? You know… food. ❜
  29. ❛ Oh, we’re not here for beer, my friend. ❜
  30. ❛ Stop! You know it’s classified! ❜
INTJ Ni-Fi Loop

INTJs in the Ni-Fi loop will have very, very poor decision making and arrive at conclusions that are entirely subjective. Ni and Fi are introverted functions, and since they’re being used so strongly, the INTJ will seem as if they are withdrawing into themselves. Their self-esteem declines and they become exceedingly paranoid and suspicious. Ni wants to seek out patterns, but Te is weak, so they filter straight to Fi, which makes them illogical and emotional.      

They will seek reasons for the emotional distress they are in. 

They come up with b.s. conspiracies though they never deepen any of them and think the universe is testing them. They’re suspicious of others’ motives and can be paranoid of friends and family. They’ll isolate themselves and develop all these ideas of why things are the way they are at the current moment (Ni’s foresight is useless because Te hasn’t checked it.) And if you listen closely, none of their theories make any actual sense. There is no Te empirical data that is sound enough being used to base their information off of. INTJs in the loop can be very confident in their irrational arguments, sometimes too confident to the point where they’ll challenge you. 

It’s likely they will blame you for stealing $5 from them because you have extra money today, though they spent that $5 on twinkies yesterday. 

The event(s) that pushed the INTJ into the Ni-Fi loop had to have been very emotionally disturbing to an outsider, because INTJs are usually very capable of moving on from what hurts them with Te: “It doesn’t make sense for me to keep hurting, so why am I?” 

INTJs’ Te is used to make things make sense, and if something cannot make sense, the INTJ will try to mold the thing into a theory or perspective of theirs using Ni (if that doesn’t work, it’s thrown out because it has no practical use.) Te is controlling. Te is objective, and since it checks information with the outside world and facts, not using it is crippling for INTJs. It’s the INTJ’s auxiliary function; this is the function we use to interact with the world. When Te is weak or not used, they disregard external input and are unable to cope with the reality outside their own head.  The Ni-Fi loop is really just a fantasy world for INTJs to play and wallow around in, and it’s probably the most subjective loop. 

Here’s an example of the INTJ’s functions in the loop:

Ni: Hey. Our friend just received a phone call and said she can’t talk now and that she’ll talk to them later!
Te: *Is sleeping with one eye half open*
Fi: Aha! She’s going to gossip about us!! 
Ni: I knew she was a bad friend! 
Fi: Why are our friends so mean? That was mean.
Se: We should probably eat something. Or not. I’ll let you know sometime later. 

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Hi! I'm writing a 17 year old victim of extreme childhood neglect, and need her to be able to speak English (after some therapy) but I also need her to be as un-adjusted as possible. How little Interaction with her parents can she have without her brain not developing properly (the way that Genie's brain didn't develop and kept her from learning language)

This is difficult to answer because there really isn’t any empirical data on exactly how much interaction is needed for language development. It’s obviously impossible to do testing on this ethically, and existing research pretty much exclusively focuses on the extreme cases.

However, I do have a few tips.

I’d recommend that she have had a relatively normal interaction with her parents as an infant, and only have been put into isolation once she has a grasp on language, if at all possible.

One of the factors in how Genie developed was the lack of stimulation in her environment; she was confined to one small, dark room where she was often restrained and rarely had anything to play with. I’d make sure your character has plenty of things to play with, and either have a large cell or occasionally be allowed to leave it.

If at all possible within the confines of your story, I’d recommend having your child character have access to a television with some children’s programming on it. Even a window where she could see and hear other people interacting would be enormously helpful in her language development. 

There’d still have to be some face-to-face interaction, though. I don’t have any sort of empirical data to support this, but I’d say at bare minimum 3 hours per day as a toddler. The face-to-face interaction could be stepped down over the years, to the point that it could be almost entirely eliminated once the character is an adolescent and has a good grasp on English. She’d still need something to keep her knowledge of English from being forgotten (so she’d still have to interact with people every so often if the TV thing isn’t an option).

Also - you didn’t mention this, but ask yourself if you want your character to be able to read and write as well as speak English.

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Could we get a supplimental product geared toward just casual players? No drafting, no limited, no formats, just a bunch of fun powerful cards regardless of power level or complexity.

You seem to think casual players don’t like limited or drafting or formats. We have a lot of empirical data saying that isn’t true.

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one of my friends DEVELOPED respiratory problems during her frosh year at college because people on her hall smoked weed so goddamn much, so yeah. talk about dangerous subcultures.

This is why weed REALLY needs to come off schedule one- it’s current classification makes studying it in the lab borderline impossible, so we have very little empirical data on what most of the chemicals it produces actually DO, esp long-term.  I have a feeling that it is both more and less dangerous than people perceive it- and for some people it’s VERY dangerous.

And the current culture of largely unregulated consumption is probably going to have unforseen, long-term effects we won;t know about or recognize because it hasn’t been studied.

AND the good things weed does haven’t been well-studied either, for exactly the same reason, we’re effectively getting limited benefits and unknown risks out of the current arrangment!

These gems are scientists sent to other planets in order to study the terrain. They aren’t valued by Homeworld’s society even though they contribute to the gem civilization’s expansion. Most Dravite gems are humble and value empirical data more than assumptions. This particular Dravite used to work on Mars but was withdrawn after the war against Earth. She is very quiet and does not understand sarcasm.
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Study Tips

In the spirit of all the midterms I’m writing, here are some tips that I should probably follow:

1. If studying makes you want to die, don’t fucking study.

Seriously though. Taking an hour, taking an afternoon, even taking a day is not going to jeopardize your grade. At the end of it all, your well-being is so much more important than 5% extra on your midterm. You will not learn anything if you are reading through literal or metaphorical tears.

2. Stay hydrated and nourished.

I know when we become study robots we put our humanity behind us, but don’t. If you are like me and drink a pot of coffee a day + energy drinks during exams, you need to keep hella hydrated or else you are going to crash instantly by the sure fact that your body has to focus on cleaning your digestive kamikaze up (there is nothing but empirical data here). Eat more than carbs, drink lots of water (at least a cup of water per cup of coffee if you can)

3. Take a “biobreak” every half an hour, take an hour break every three.

Studying is like trying to fill an ocean with a cup and jug. Every half an hour, take five minutes to pour your cup into a jug (short to midterm memory) by having a snack, going to the washroom, doing human things. Every three hours empty the jug into the ocean (mid - longterm memory) and do something else. This does not mean start you philosophy essay, or do readings. Watch Futurama, write some poetry, grab lunch with a friend. Do something that has nothing to do with academia, start a cool tumblr.

4. Fuck off with the whole studying every last second before the test or pulling all nighters.

The anxiety of that is crippling. If you really don’t get something in those three hours before the test, I have the saying that I won’t get it in finite time (I’m approaching an asymptote: A few hours is not going to help me any, it’ll make me an anxious mess more likely to do worse). Make yourself a nice meal, listen to your favourite album, and reassure yourself that “this test was easy, I have done great” (already). The corollary to this is also get a full night’s sleep. Either you are going to do it 12-8am, or 8am-2,3pm. You are going to get the hours, and it is a more productive regime to practice getting up early. Sleep is necessary to long term memory. Pulling an all nighter is one sure way to forget everything you stayed up all night to learn.

5. Remember hygiene

If you’re roommate calls the cops thinking someone has died in your room, lather up. I feel so shitty if I haven’t brushed my teeth, or had a shower. You’ll be amazed if you study, and then have a shower, put on comfy clothes, and self manage. It gets the blood flowing, and has a positive effect on your thought process if you feel good. Make your hair super soft, burn a nice candle, I don’t know, just do whatever the fuck makes you feel clean on the outside, and it will make you so much more “clean” on the inside. 

6. You always have time.

You have studied all day, and you have so much more to cover, but your mom wants a call, your brother needs advice, your friends are lost and want to grab a pint. You. Fucking. Have. Time. This is similar to one but the twist is, one day these people will be gone, or realize you are gone, and you may have your 4.0 instead of a 3.7, but you have nothing else. The world will not stop, your dreams will not be shattered because you decided for half a fucking hour to be human. I once read that there is no lack of scientists, just a lack of good scientists. The reason why you do not have a 100% in everything is what sets you apart. Do we really want a group of scientists who have no social skills, no friends, no family? Hell no. You came here to help people, so don’t lose them before you get a chance to do that. The places you want to go, will want you, not the version of you that is like everyone else. 

7. Finally, if you fail, who gives a shit?

I had a 97.2% average coming out of high school, and I think we all know what this is like, and in first semester I failed a calculus test and I was so disappointed in myself, and scared what my father would say, and then I realized who cares? This is not the end. I studied my ass off, I set my goals and I got good. I hate to be a cliché, but a mistake is only a mistake if you learn nothing from it. So, you failed. Why does that hurt? What can you do to turn your failure into a success story? People want to see what you can do to improve, not that you are static. People see a 78 in first year and an 90 by fourth and they want to know what changed. Short answer? you. You became confident, you became impassioned, you became the person you wanted to be. 

Be there for yourself.

And that’s my rant.


The scientific method, empirical data, graphs… Sociology is a science!

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7, 27, 37, 42

– – –

true love’s kiss & silver linings

– – –

Alex waits until they’re back in the car and already heading out of the mall parking lot before she finally speaks up.

“Have you kissed a girl?” Alex asks with as much nonchalance as she can muster, given the mayhem currently ravaging her mind.

Kara’s head whips up from her phone and Alex can only imagine what kind of expression Kara’s drilling into the side of her head, but her eyes stay resolutely on the road ahead.

“Random. Why?” Kara draws out, both suspicious and wary in that one tone.

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What about people in third world countries? The people who were born into poverty, live a hopeless life and die in agony from disease. Most times their religion is the only hope they have, and brings joy to their lives. Should they become atheist, and live with only despair?

thanks for your message. I take these as serious questions and will reply accordingly. I would say you are mistaken in your view on many levels:

religion is often the reason for the misery in poor countries in the first place

  • the pope telling people in africa they are not allowed to use condoms, resulting in the spreading of (deadly) genital diseases like HIV.
  • hypocritical mother theresa loved to see people suffer in poverty. she even said that ill people who suffer in agony are closer to god
  • distributing bibles to keep people dumb and controllable instead building schools and hospitals did never ever save even just one life
  • historically, religion’s amount of violence was the main reason for its success (indigenous people of america, crusades, slavery, dark ages, etc), taking away everything they had and killing unbelievers if they could not be converted.
  • even today the church is based on selling you on the imaginary sin of being human and then sells you the imaginary cure of salvation, which seems can only be done by taking your money
  • sell the vatican, feed the world

about joy in the live of a believer:

  • just about any atheist i know who did start a brainwashed religious live, often due to parental indoctrination, tells me how stripping off the disease of religion has brought back freedom, joy and total liberation to their lives.
  • i strongly question (and i have also not yet seen empirical data) that religion and joy are anyhow correlated
  • having an imaginary controller in the back of your head won’t help being joyful either

you assume that atheists live in despair:

  • this is extremely narrow-minded, and nicely shows the arrogant position religious people take on by assuming only their way of life is the right one and leads to happiness.
  • but no, i do not say anyone should become atheist. i say give people the chance to make up their own mind: stop the religious indoctrination of children, stop the religious oppression of women / gay people / etc, do not forbid anyone to have access to education (like e.g. in some islamic countries), allow critical questioning of any ideology or religion without threat of punishment
  • atheism is simply the result of the above, there is no need to ‘convert’ anyone to atheism