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Star Wars worlds : Mustafar 
Mustafar was a small volcanic planet located in the Mustafar system, situated between two gas giants in the Outer Rim Territories that was aligned with the Confederacy of Independent Systems during the Clone Wars and later taken over by the Galactic Empire after the Techno Union was nationalized at the conclusion of the conflict.

Telephoto view looking north of Midtown Manhattan skyscrapers from Empire State Building’s 86th floor observatory in the Fall of 1961. At left, foreground is the 500 Fifth Avenue tower (Shreve, Lamb & Harmon, 1931), and the 52-story Union Carbide glass and aluminum tower (Skidmore, Owings & Merrill, 1960) can be seen at extreme right.

Photo: Acacia Card Company.

Gabrielle Union - ‘Being Mary Jane’

Kerry Washington - ‘Scandal’

Nicole Beharie - ‘Sleepy Hollow’

Taraji P. Henson - ‘Empire’

Viola Davis - ‘How to Get Away with Murder’

Where there is woman, there is magic…”- Ntozake Shange

The 47th NAACP IMAGE AWARD nominees for Outstanding Actress in a Drama Series

As a black inspiring actor, it’s so good to see black people on Primetime television. Especially, black women who are leads in successful shows. These six criticality acclaim actress prove that not only diversity is changing in Primetime and in Hollywood, but also they inspire me to keep striving to accomplish my dreams and to have hope. And to them I say Thank you.


Cool moustache, Wario, try messing with the mad monk you’ll be sorry yo. How many dictators does it take to turn an empire into a union of ruinous states it’s a disgrace what you did to your own people your daddy beat you like a dog and now you’re evil you’re from Georgia sweet Georgia and the history books unfold ya as a messed up motherfucker bent in the mind who built a superpower but he paid the price with the endless destruction of Russian lives if you’re a man of steel i spit kryptonite big dick mystic known to hypnotize i could end you with a whisper to your wife

Look into my eyes you pathetic witch see the soul of a man who made mother russia his bitch you think i give a fuck about my wife my own son got locked up in prison and i didn’t save his life you got off easy when they pickled that moose cock ill leave your neck in a noose in a trench and shot your whole family shot all your wizard friends shot anyone who sold you pirogi shot starve you for days till u waste away i even crush motherfuckers when im laid in state pride of Lenin took Trotsky out of the picture drop a rhyme bomb harder on u then i bitch slapped Hitler

I have no pride for u who ruined everything my revolution was going to stop the bourgeois i fought the bondage of classes the proletariat masses have brought me here to spit a thesis against both of yr asses lemme start w u there Frankenstein looking like smth out of RL stein it’s hip hop chowder red over white cuz the czars wife cant do shit tonight and joseph u were supp

•This is an Historically Accurate Transcription starring President Bill Clinton and former President Ronald Reagan

CLINTON: President Reagan, I’m glad we could finally meet.  As you know, it’s been pretty busy since I took office, so…
CLINTON: No, no, Sir…I’m Bill Clinton.  President of the United States.  You know, I have your old job.
REAGAN: Are those jelly beans?
CLINTON: Yes, we know that you are a big fan, so here’s a gift from one President to another.
REAGAN: What is?
CLINTON:The jelly beans…it’s your gift.
REAGAN: Whose gift?
CLINTON: Your gift, President Reagan.
REAGAN: I don’t remember buying you a gift.
CLINTON: No, these jelly beans are from me to you.
REAGAN: I will not put up with your Evil Empire’s poison jelly beans, Colonel Qaddafi.
CLINTON:  Mr. Reagan, Qaddafi ruled Libya.  The Evil Empire was the Soviet Union.  I’m the President.
CLINTON: Yes, you were the President, but you left the White House four years ago…
REAGAN: Where did I leave it?  Somebody help us find the White House!  NANCY?!?
CLINTON: I mean that you retired four years ago, and I’m the President now.  I live in the White House now.
REAGAN: Well, congratulations, here are some jelly beans.  I hear that the President enjoys them.
CLINTON: (sighs)  No, Mr. Reagan, those jelly beans are for you to keep.
REAGAN: Thank you.  Nice to meet you, my name is Charlton Heston.
CLINTON: No, actually, you’re Ronald Reagan. 
REAGAN: That hack was a terrible actor!  “Bedtime For Bonzo”?  How many Oscars did that one win, Ronnie?
CLINTON: Mr. Reagan…
REAGAN: Where?
CLINTON: Maybe this was a bad time.  I just wanted to bring you a gift and to pay my respects, Sir.
REAGAN: Thank you for the gift.  In return, I’d like to give you these jelly beans.
REAGAN: They are decorated in the colors of the flag.
CLINTON: Thank you, President Reagan.
REAGAN: The President is here?  Why didn’t anybody tell me?  I would have brought him some jelly beans.
CLINTON: Oh…look at the time.  I have to get back to the White House.
REAGAN: Yes, you are a very busy man, Mr. President.
CLINTON: (laughs nervously) Yes, sir, you know that Presidents are very busy.
REAGAN: Can I ask you a favor, President-to-President?
CLINTON: Of course.
CLINTON: (walks out)
(to his aides) Hahahaha…I think I fooled him.  That crazy-old-President-losing-his-mind prank will never get old!