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Empire State Of Mind
Jay Z feat Alicia Keys
Empire State Of Mind

One hand in the air for the big city
Street lights, big dreams, all looking pretty
No place in the world that can compared
Put your lighters in the air
Everybody say yeah, yeah yeah

Billboard’s 100 Greatest Award Show Performances of All Time

Jay Z featuring Alicia Keys with “Empire State of Mind” at the MTV Video Music Awards, 2009, ranks at number 55

Beyoncé’s Video Vanguard Medley of her self-titled album, at the Video Music Awards, 2014, ranks at number 46

Beyoncé and the Dixie Chicks with “Daddy Lessons” and “Long Time Gone” at the Country Music Awards, 2016, ranks at number 33

Beyoncé’s Love On Top performance at the MTV Video Music Awards, 2011, ranks at number 22

Beyoncé’s Lemonade Medley at the MTV Video Music Awards, 2016, takes the top spot at #1

Truly, Beyonce’s only real competition here was herself from two years earlier. But while her self-titled performance in ‘14 was still essentially a medley, this was nothing less than one-act drama in which Bey was star, playwright and conductor, taking a baseball bat to any performer who dared laze their way through a performance, thinking sheer star power would put them over. It was memorable and meme-able, technically proficient and emotionally enthralling, unpredictable and thoroughly un-followable. It was Beyonce at the VMAs, and it gets no better than that.

The 100 Greatest Award Show Performances of All Time


Untitled by Paul Bailey  

Empire State of Mind

As soon as they’d decided they were going to go and Jamie had found out when the funeral was going to be, Jeremy made the arrangements for he and Jamie to fly to New York to see his boyfriends family. He knew it was a sombre visit, that his boyfriend was hurting at the loss of his stepfather even if they’d not parted on the best of terms, but the little vampire couldn’t help his slight excitement. 

He’d never been to New York and had always wanted to go, and the fact that he was getting the chance to meet his boyfriends family, as exactly that, Jamie’s boyfriend had Jeremy even more excited and nervous. He wanted to make a good impression of course, even if he and Jamie couldn’t be open about their relationship the whole trip away, it was still so much more than they could be on the island. Jeremy couldn’t keep his hands off Jamie while they were on the plane, in the airport and catching a cab to the nice hotel he’d booked for them. As the cab took them down the iconic and busy streets, Jeremy’s eyes were practically glued out of the window but his arm remained slung around Jamie’s shoulder. “I bet this is all really boring for you considering you grew up here.”