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Broadway in New York
  • Broadway in New York
  • Neil Patrick Harris ft. Audra McDonald
  • The 67th Annual Tony Awards

(Oh S-H-I can’t help myself)

Here’s a Tony hit list
Try to write ‘em all down

First, we started bigger than a Cinderella ball gown
Shout-out to the ladies, all the women winnin’
Andrea Martin, Diane Paulus, Pam MacKinnon
Cyndi Lauper talking in the shower no baloney
Girls just wanna have fun, you just won a Tony
The 80s came back with a bang
Not 'cause Cyndi Lauper sang
It’s because the best play was by Durang Durang

Now I need a melody
Ladies and gentlemen, welcomin’ Audra McD!

New York
Singin’ all the lyrics we made up
There’s nothin’ we can’t do
Broadway in New York
These Tony winners are brand new
Their work will inspire you
Let’s hear it for New York, New York, New York

This was Tony Sunday, all up in your face
Billy Porter’s gonna keep the Tony at his place
Then at 9 o'clock, you changed to watch the game
The nerds, Game of Thrones
The jocks, Lebron James

Now, you’re watching Audra singin’ to her own flow
Audra’s got so many Tonys, she could host her own show
Courtney Vance, Tracy Letts, Judith Light, hit it
Edward Albee, Pippin and Patina Miller did it
Cicely Tyson, standing ovation
Kinky for the win, and the eyes of a nation are on…

New York
Singin’ all these lyrics we made up
There’s nothin’ we can’t do
The Tonys in New York
One more Broadway season behind you
These shows will remind you

It happens in New York
In New York
In New York, New York, New York

That’s the Tonys! Goodnight, everybody! Go see a Broadway show!

(mic drop)


very important

Empire State of Mind

Sitting in the airport, Anastasia had her iPod already plugged into her ears, listening to a playlist she concocted just for this trip. The girl was super excited to be able to travel out of Florida, even if it was for a few days. Her parents were never big on traveling or adventures, or you know life. This was honestly only the second time on a plane in her life and she couldn’t wait. If it weren’t for the beats of her music keeping rhythm she probably would be bouncing in her seat. Meanwhile, the man next to her, looked like he was going to vomit. Rolling her eyes, she looked over at him. “Please don’t throw up. I really like this outfit.” She had bought a new pair of boots, just for this trip and was admiring them under her skinny jeans, with her sweater and scarf. She felt sophisticated and decided winter wardrobes she could really pull off, almost as much as her summer bikni’s and tank tops.

“You have been on planes like all the time for your stupid job. I don’t know why you decided to move across the country from where you work therefore forcing yourself to get on a plane all the time, but you know. You do you.”