One film critic: “Rogue One was just $200 million spent on filling in a plot hole.” Me: “Well, yeah, but it was a plot hole that needed answering, in fairness. Everyone has wondered for decades why the Death Star had such a fatal design flaw in the first place.”

Answer: Because architect Hannibal Lecter was out to get those space nazi mother fuckers and was sabotaging them from the start.

That was perfect.

So Solange gets drunk and beats up Jay Z in an elevator for cheating on her sister. And Beyonce never lifted a finger to help Jay Z.  Then Beyonce sings sad songs about Jay Z. Then Jay Z  is unhappy and admits he is remorseful and wants to save his marriage. Then Beyonce is having twins. And Solange is still quietly resentful. WTF? I have seen Empire episodes that were less complicated than this.

You are not a nice person, obviously.,