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The idea that the Lions mirror their paladins in significant ways is usually applied to virtues that they have, but it’s something I think is noteworthy to consider that… personality is a mixed bag. If the Lions and paladins are similar, it’s likely that the Lions don’t just seek out someone with corresponding virtues, but also corresponding conflicts as well.

I’ve discussed before that Black and Shiro both appear to be dealing with trauma, to the point that it would seem like Black’s response to Zarkon’s presence is quite likely something like a panic attack.

And then I thought about Red.

People compare Keith and Red in terms of being brash and headstrong but a very major element of Keith’s character is his relationship with isolation and abandonment. Feeling like he’s losing people he cares about.

Red is the only Lion we know of that was captured by the Galra. It’s possible Blue was if I’m right in my theory that Blue carried Keith to Earth, but it’s also possible the Blade found her before the Empire did. Either way, Yellow, Green, and Black were still safe on their respective planets and the Galra had just found Blue on Earth.

Red was already on Sendak’s ship.

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woooops, my hand slipped again :3c they are about to do “double xros”
Peri might be a former Homeworld Empire subordinate (Yellow Diamond being her Head officer) while Lapis has her own Army, the “Water Witch” team and now both help Steven and his team, the “Crystal Gems” to fight the Empress of the Homeworld Empire, White Diamond and save the Digital World


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