empire photoshoot

There’s a comfort in our love that makes it so much easier for me to be myself, every part of me I never noticed you made me realize. To you my imperfections are perfection because for our moment in this universe we are perfect for and to each other. It’s not easy being in a relationship especially when you both are broken but that was our glory, people lead us right to each other and through all our past heart break we mending those same wounds we thought had broken us. For me to be the image for our future daughter for you to be the guidance for our future son. Love is love how you define it is up to you, but nothing works that you don’t allow yourself to want to work. As much as we wanna believe in fate we have to realize it starts with ourselves. I wanted to love, I wanted to love you and I wanted to be happy 💖 I loved myself enough to love you 10x harder and now we are getting our first apartment together ✨💭🙌🏾 love prevails, I hope once again you all find love you all feel a love so uplifting it betters you, it leads you and you become the image you once hoped to be… happy. @otakutez & @xmarksvintage photographer Instagram @bloodonmynikon


“I call them Harry and Carrison, because I love them like family.” -Mark Hammill, 2015.

And because you combine people’s names like that when they are sort of known to be inseparable, cohorts, partners in crime, compadres, very close, joined at the hip, best buds, an item, etc. etc. etc. But, thanks for playing, Mark.