empire on the platte

One day I’m going to meet Mike Faist and I’ll prove to you all that his legs are probably longer than my fucking height I kid you the fuck not.


TITLE: Robotnik Themes (Metal Cover)

ARTIST: Stephen Platt

And of course, we can’t leave without letting the iconic mad doctor have one final laugh at our expense. Behold Eggman’s glory as he attacks us all with the many inventions he once used on Sonic in the Classic Era. Compared to those battles, enslaving us will be a breeze for him. Think you can get past his heavy metal parade? It doesn’t matter where you go, he’ll come for you. The sea, ground, sky, and space… He’s got it all covered! And even if you think you can best him, stick around for the twist ending. Long live the empire~!

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-Dark-Chao Samurai Echidna.