empire of the rising sun


Custom track artwork for The Cat Empire - Rising With The Sun (2016)

I literally haven’t listened to anything but this album since it came out so I figured I should upload these! 

well, it rains and it pours when you’re out on your own.
if i crash on the couch, can i sleep in my clothes?
cause i’ve spent the night dancing, i’m drunk, i suppose.
if it looks like i’m laughing, i’m really just asking to leave this alone.
you’re in time for the show.
you’re the one that i need, i’m the one that you loathe.
you can watch me corrode like a beast in repose cause i love all the poison, away with the boys in the band.
i’ve really been on a bender and it shows, so why don’t you blow me a kiss before she goes?
give me a shot to remember and you can take all the pain away from me.
a kiss and i will surrender, the sharpest lives are the deadliest to lead.
a light to burn all the empires, so bright the sun is ashamed to rise and be in love with all of these vampires, so you can leave like the sane abandoned me.
there’s a place in the dark where the animals go.
you can take off your skin in the cannibal glow.
juliet loves the beat and the lust it commands.
drop the dagger and lather the blood on your hands, romeo.
i’ve really been on a bender and it shows, so why don’t you blow me a kiss before she goes?
give me a shot to remember and you can take all the pain away from me.
a kiss and i will surrender, the sharpest lives are the deadliest to lead.
a light to burn all the empires, so bright the sun is ashamed to rise and be in love with all of these vampires, so you can leave like the sane abandoned me.
—  the sharpest lives (my chemical romance, the black parade)
the signs as my chemical romance lyrics
  • aries: make no apology, it's death or victory, on my authority, crash and burn, young and loaded
  • taurus: you're the one that i need, i'm the one that you loathe
  • gemini: turn my headphones up real loud, i don't think i need them now, 'cause you stopped the noise
  • cancer: forget about the dirty looks, the photographs your boyfriend took, you said you read me like a book but the pages are all torn and frayed
  • leo: a light to burn all the empires, so bright the sun is ashamed to rise and be
  • virgo: so get me out of my head, cause its getting kind of cramped, you know
  • libra: and well i, i wont go down by myself, but i'll go down with my friends
  • scorpio: by streetlight this dark night, a seance down below, there are things that i have done, you never should ever know
  • sagittarius: if my velocity starts to make you sweat then just don't let go
  • capricorn: they're gonna clean up your looks with all the lies in the books to make a citizen out of you
  • aquarius: do or die, you'll never make me, because the world will never take my heart
  • pisces: and give me all your hopeless hearts and make me ill. you're running after something that you'll never kill. if this is what you want then fire at will
Prophet - A History of the Second Rising of the Earth Empire

A History of the Second Rising of the Earth Empire. 

(Compiling issues 21-45 into prose)

A call has been sent, one to awaken a slumbering Prophet. Emerging from a pod crashing through the arid dirt and rock surface, John Prophet finds an Earth he recognizes not. He has been waiting for this time to come, this is what he was created for and he is prepared. Heading east, every encounter stresses the fact this is not the planet of the once mighty Earth Empire. This is a world that has forgotten the humans. Following the rising sun, the one constant link between his old world and this new one, remnants of the all but extinct homosapien litter the landscape. Rusted metal and ancient broken technology, unseen and unknown by John lend evidence to the scope of time that has passed while he lay in cryosleep beneath the Earth’s crust. Time has marched on and man has become a footnote in history of this heavenly satellite.

John reaches Jell City, a once living organism that has beckoned since he awoke and is the reason for his journey east. Through a series of dreams, John is instructed where to go to further his yet unclear mission. It is here, in the bowels of the city that his mission gains clarity and purpose. A pod, similar to one that carried his own self emerges from the ground containing a dolmantle and translator orb. Discarding the drone husk he used to disguise his foreign presence, John Prophet replaces it with the dolmantle.

Later, he is joined by his contact, an alien creature that has also only recently awoke. The contact informs John that they have slept for too long, that the Jell City was not supposed to be here when they were meant to awake. The Earth awoken Prophet now has a mission. He is to scale the Tower of Thauilu Vah in order to reach the G.O.D. satellite and to awaken the Earth Empire. Eastward he continues his journey towards to the tower while unknowingly being spied upon by two mysterious figures.

For twelve days he walks, coming across old pods, hinting at other clones who have been awoken by the Earth Empire. Some were not as lucky as he as only burnt remains occupy the pods. To expedite his journey to the tower; Prophet finds work on a Taxa caravan while Xiux-Guin Blade, an alien hunter watches him. While on the Taxa caravan, Prophet stops the assassination of the Caravan King only to discover that it is all ritual and his meddling has inadvertently killed the new king. A chase ensues which ends with John Prophet disrupting the protective shell that shields the Taxa caravan from the harsh Earth environ. This affords Prophet a much needed diversion as the exposed caravan is attacked by the regions deadly arthropods.

Using the Caravan power sockets, John Prophet powers up an ancient abandoned War-God, upon which a settlement had been built. It is a man-made relic, a P-970 Marx12 Viron which facilitates John’s escape. Hiding on the War-God with an eye on hunting John Prophet is Xiux-Guin Blade, who has finally found one worthy of sport.

Twenty three days have passed since John Prophet was awoken. The War-God was abandoned long ago as the power-hungry machine died shortly after his escape. The remainder of the journey is accomplished by flying on the back of a captured Drone. From this vantage point, high above the Earthly wasteland, the empty shells of pods, awoken and abandoned long ago dot the landscape. As he reaches the Tower Thauilu Vah a Living Missile flies toward John Prophet, knocking him off his captured steed, flinging him towards the Earth’s surface, taking his right arm off in the process.

The Tower was built to allow travel through space; it is Earths junction on a universe-scale monorail. The tower has outlasted man and since then alien religious wars have been fought and lost over control of this esoteric cloud buster, its purpose lost in the millennia since its creation.

Making it to the base of the tower, Prophet interferes with the transportation of alien yearlings, becoming a hero to some while facilitating his ascent of the tower through a transport device. Continuing his climb up the tower, getting closer to his celestial destination, the lurking Xuin-Guin spots an opportunity and attacks John as together they reach the G.O.D. Satellite, situated high above the tower. During the melee Xuin-Guin takes out one of John’s eyes before being shot by a third-party. It is the mysterious figures that have been following John since Jell City and it is here that they reveal that John Prophet is only one amongst many other Prophet clones.

All those pods he came across during his trek to the tower had once been occupied by other John Prophets, but not all Prophets are created equal. There exist unique castes of Prophet clones and this John is of the command caste. It is he alone who can trigger the calling of the fleets and an order to return to Earth.  With this distinction the embattled clone is dubbed New Father John Prophet. Every world the Earth Empire has touched over the millennia has a Prophet clone seeded within…there are thousands and they are now awake. “The Earth Empire is born anew”.  

Somewhere, light years away from Earth the call is received by one of many sleeping Prophet clones. He awakes alone upon an Empire Pod Ship, amongst a litter of damaged and opened pods. These pods were destined to be launched into the cosmos but were never afforded the chance as their ship crashed into another, much larger, continent sized ship called a Palatium Sleepingman which in turn has been pulled into the orbit of a Manufacturing World.

Guided by the projection of an Earth Mother, John is guided across the twin bodies of the Sleepingman ship. Fed to him by an Earth Mother, from head to head he travels to his first goal, a Neonaught Fibre tank. A Prophets life is never easy as the pod ship is attacked, blasting John from the pod into the dark vacuum of space. John escapes a ready fate by using a unique trait, the presence of a tail, to catch himself from certain death.

Days later while travelling across the ship, John is followed by another clone, one that heard the call sooner and has become mutated due to prolonged exposure to the toxic atmosphere of this ship. Even as he sees this mutated clone, he feels the radiation seething through own his veins. A fight ensues with the mutant clone coming up on the losing end of the battle. John makes it to the Neonaught Fibre tank which saves him from the same radiation that mutated the clone he just encountered. Submerging himself into the Neonaught fibre tank, he emerges enclosed in a Star Skin suit which he utilizes to fall toward the manufacturing world below. Here he finds a Thought Mother, the source of the projection of his guide, the Earth Mother. It is Thought Mothers that guide and control the many Prophet Clones scattered across the universe. His mission is now clear, return the Thought Mother back to Earth as it is not only the clones that are being called back to Earth.

The journey to Earth is an arduous one and along the way the tailed Prophet and Thought Mother must pass through an Ixtano war which has been raging for the past 300 years. The war is so large and intense that they must pass through it using Star Skins. While trying to protect the Earth Mother from a Wardysozoa, John is knocked into the gravity field of a nearby manufacturing barge. It is here, on the barge that John is thrown into a psychic mind field by a Podo Guard. There he finds himself in the bowels of the Barge and its marsh. It is a munitions factory with an Overmind controlling slaves to produce fuel for the fire of war above.

John, initially under the control of the Overmind is assisted by an Earth Mother projection in weakening that control. Biding his time, using remnant of his hidden Neonaught skin to heal and grow strong, he meets a band of free-willers ready to fight and escape. It is with the help of the free-willers that John fully breaks free of the Overmind’s control. With the aid of a light map provided by a free-willer named Fim, John and his crew of Free-Minders use Hasidian seeds spiked in the mind controlling Omni Milk to loosen the mind control over the rest of the slaves. Using a force of newly freed slaves, the soon to be dubbed (Hero) John then sparks a revolt.

In response, poisonous gas is released in an attempt to quell the revolt. Fim perishes trying to kill the Overmind before John finally manages to smite it, along with everyone still under the Overmind’s control. Only those on the Womb Bridge, the command post of Overmind survive. Earth Mother tries to call John but her words no longer hold this Prophet clone. Perhaps it is a residual effect of the potent cotyledon found within the Hasidian seed or perchance it reveals a hint at how many other Prophet clones may cease to heed the call and commands of the Earth Empire. It will be sometime before he meets Old Man Prophet.

While most worlds were held by the Earth Empire there remained a few worlds unfettered by man. Kartanus is one of them. There were originally six Prophet Clones here but only three survived; John Andronocles, John Hu and John Teklite. They are guarded an enslaved Canucus Wolf and guided by a projection of an Arch Mother who sits aboard a nearby Wombship.

While searching for Nephilim Giants the three stumble upon a group of Pinwheel Warriors. In the ensuing battle John Teklite is blinded and later dies. A Womb ship arrives and destroys the Pinwheel Warriors and proceeds south, taking the remaining clones towards a detected Nephilim which is killed and attached to the Wombship for transport.  With a bloody entrance, another Prophet clone emerges from the Nephilim corpse and killing Andronocles and Hu He is older than the others and was one of the first of his kind. He has long since ceased to be a soldier of the Earth Empire.

The Old Man climbs the cables that lie between the Nephilimand the Wombship. Inside he kills the Earth Mother and removes the crown she wears and placing it on own face. Old Man Prophet is the enemy of Earth Empire and another civil war has begun.

Old Man Prophet travels via Space Worm to find his old friend Brother Hiyonhoiagan, veteran of the first war against the Earth Empire. He will need help in his crusade against the rising threat and he will find it first in old comrades. Traveling to Hiyonhoiagan’s home world he is given a singular arm of Diehard. Together, along with Diehards arm they take the ship “Insula Tergum” and head towards Earth, retrieving other parts of Diehard, piecing together his torso (Tombs of Eris), another arm (Stanford Torus) and a leg (Black Moon). It is Diehard’s torso which is guiding the ship to his remaining body parts.

The crew lands on Jupiter’s moon Callisto and it is here that they meet a Qid-Pid who tries to drug and kill the Old Man and Hiyonhoiagan. They are to learn that not everyone supports their insurgence against the Earth Empire.  In a Cetacean fife ship they find Diehard’s head and escape back to the “Insula Tergum”. They travel elsewhere on the moon to a cube egg where they find the rest of Diehards body being controlled by a dolmantle.  Freeing it they complete the reunion of Diehard’s body.

Meanwhile on another world, Jaxon, a companion and helper of Old Man Prophet, has also awoken by the Earth Empires signal. Jaxon is a creation of Old Man Prophet in order to aid in his rebellion against the Earth Empire in the last war. Jaxon tunnels through a Bio-Meca and finds a Jung Brother named Xefferson. Jaxon repairs and awakens Xefferson a together they fly off of the Bio-Meca, upwards to the Armscye Ting surrounding the planet. They will use the Cyclops Rail there to depart and search for Old Man Prophet. Losing Xefferson in transit, Jaxon arrives on Brainrock and uses him to send a message to Old Man Prophet, attempting to locate and reunite, which in time they will.

Two weeks have passed since Callisto and Old Man Prophet and Diehard are on Scale World in hopes of reforming an alliance once held with the Scale World ruling clan. It was here that a young Old Man found love. While the landscape and air remain the unchanged, this not the same clan that the Old Man was familiar with as the Family Jinnah is now the ruling clan. All is not right as they have been sold out to the Earth Empire and ambushed by a party lead by a mutant Prophet Clone. The crew meet a young scale named Rein-East, an orphaned assassin who was captured en route to kill a member of the Jinnah. Freeing her, she joins the fray helping the crew battle the traitorous Jinnah. Without a moment to lose Jaxon arrives aiding the group allowing an escape from the angry Jinnah. There team is now almost complete. Boux!

The next stop for this motley crew is the dismembered body of Ixpoliniux, which orbits Moorrock. It is here that they will meet with the Woman’s Army in order to forge a much needed alliance against the Earth Empire. Old Man Prophet talks to a projection of an old ally Troll, who instructs them to find Badrock as it is his help they will require.

Shortly after John, Diehard and Jaxon find a Prophet clone awoke to destroy the very ground beneath them. They track and kill the Empire clone, disposing of his Life Bomb, saving Ixpoliniux. Diehard removes the slain Prophets heart and makes it his own. The meeting with the Woman’s Army will need to be held elsewhere and commences upon one of their ships behind the husk of the once-living Trust.

Of interesting note is the source of energy powering the Star Body of the Lady Probable. It is none other than the corpse of the late earth man known as Supreme. The Woman’s Army has left its own star space for fear of Empire intrusion. The meeting is interrupted by an attack on the Insula Tergum. The crew return to the ship where the resulting attack causes the ship to crash into the dead brain of the Living Trust causing new life in the cerebral body to form. The ship and brain form to become one which in turn bonds to the roots of Hyonhoiagn.

The crew are bound for Troll’s world, the moon of Phobos. The moon serves as a museum of Troll’s many adventures as relics from numerous adventures come together to form an unspoken narrative of Troll’s existence. Upon meeting with Troll, Old Man Prophet is given his old ship back, the one he commanded in last battle of the first civil war.

Meanwhile back on Earth the battle for the Tower continues with more and more recalled clones joining the battle.  Nine months have passed since New Father Prophet took the aforementioned mantle. It is a struggle to capture control the Tower both against the enemy and within the Prophet ranks. Infighting and jealousy of the position New Father Prophet holds drive one Prophet to attempt to kill him. The plot is thwarted by the clone Jun-Oui who Father Prophet renames Green Blade. New Father takes Green Blade on as a comfort brother (AKA, lover).

The battle for the tower is fierce and losses on both sides are massive but Thauilu Vah finally returns to Earth Empire control. The tower crackles back to life, once again a junction on the man-made worm hole known as Cyclops Rail, connecting space and with it bringing a singular ship, the lone remnant of the Empire’s Hammer Deon Fleet. The lone surviving Prophet clone found aboard the ship is mind probed to learn of its past. The ship was part of a fleet dispatched to investigate a new power emerging in the universe. The fleet encountered a destructive force at the center of a living nebula’s core, bringing pain and destruction forth, unlike any seen by mortal or immortal eyes before. The violent visions of this John are transmitted to others as well, via Troll. A new threat exists, a common enemy to both the reborn Earth Empire and Rebels alike.

As Earth Empire continues its march to return to universal prominence, so does the forces who oppose. On the abandoned war station known as Kuthra-Thal, Brother John Atum awakens. After defeating a Modan-Bug, he meets up with a Brother Argo who guides him to the system core where he places Argo’s physical container into a large mech suit known as a Warbot. The suit flies off to Karma-Theta to destroy the gravity holes which will open the way for the Earth Empire Fleets.

Old Man Prophet still on Phobos orating with Troll is once again reminded that they will need the help of an old friend named Badrock, more so now if they are to face this new threat. Troll instructs the Old Man to pay a visit to the home of the Tij-Dekara, to commune with Suprema in the hopes of finding out Badrock’s location. Here, Old Man Prophet extracts the name Venerablethe Wake, giving the crew a lead and their next destination.

New Father Prophet is dispatched to hunt down Old Father Prophet but realizes, with the help of visions given by Troll, that the recently seen threat at the center of the mysterious nebula poses a much greater threat, to everyone. The Brain Mother commands one of the weaker willed clones aboard the ship to kill New Father. The plan fails and in turn brings the remaining crew of Prophet clones onto New Father side and the search for a weapon to deal with the new threat. The crew arrives on Euthymius where New Father John receives a new arm and Long John splits from the party to head to the surface of Ixpoliniox. His task is to finish the job started by another Prophet clone and detonate a Life Bomb which will in turn break Moorrock, child of Badrock, from the gravity of a nearby Neutron Star. The plan works and with destruction comes the freeing of Moorrock.

Moorrock is one of several sleeping titan children of Badrock that were gathered by New Father and his crew. They are collected and placed as a psychic dam to block the oncoming alien threat of the Red Pain. Or so they hope. The gathering of Badrock’s offspring has lured the father himself. This action becomes known to Old Man Prophet upon meeting Venerable the Wake who informs him that he was merely a pawn in Troll’s plan, just as New Father Prophet was. As Badrock arrival destroys his children and an epic battle between giants ensues as Troll has left his moon base to confront Badrock. Troll’s plan is to emerge with Badrock, to become a force powerful enough to confront the mysterious force. We assume that Trolls plan is a success.

We pick up with the crew as the Insula Tergum crashes on to the surface of the Body World. It is Captain Qwest and his free-fighters, freed by (Hero) John, that pull Old Man Prophet and his crew from the wreckage. It also happens to be where (Hero) John is being held along with some free-willers. They managed to escape only to end up on the surface of this Body World. He manages to alert Qwest of his presence and is rescued by Jaxson and Old Man Prophets crew. (Hero) John is accompanied by the clones Green Blade and Ka.

The reunited group then encounter and battle the Red Pain where Diehard takes some major damage (ripped in two!). The battle is cut short by the entrance of an Empire Star Prophet making short work of the Red Pain and seizing the core egg lying within. A powerful egg indeed. What will the Earth Empire do with the menacing power of the Red Pain?

To be concluded in Earth Wars.