empire of space

Human headcanons this time

I like to think that humans are actually incredibly sturdy to compared to galra and Alteans, we eat things neither of them can, and survive in conditions neither of them could either.
Just imagine, the galra are interrogating the paladins, and force a cup of the foulest poison into them, a poison that causes a constant sensation of panic, and too much will cause a horrible heart attack……. It’s coffee, they can’t drink caffeine, their fine tuned predator hearts can’t handle it.
Their horrified to find humans eating nearly anything, tough beef jerky like substances, thick viscous substances like peanut butter, there’s nothing humans struggle to digest, and what we can’t digest passes. Our livers filter out poisons the galra consider horrible and toxic.
Even physically we would be impressive, the galra are huge sure, but if they anything like our local predators their stamina is subpar and their ability to heal is stunted compared to humans, a human can go active for nearly two days before succumbing to exhaustion. I wonder how long a galra could last?
I just wanna see the galra being fascinated by our human traits, a reason they horrified by Shiros physique and skills. They night be bigger but they definitely aren’t tougher.

GALRA KEITH CORNER : This is why Keith is so good at fighting, he gets all the stamina and skill of a human with the reflexes and speed of a galra. He’s the perfect hybrid.

Expanding on the human headcanons

The galra try to screw with Shiro, just to find his cold tolerance is almost the same as their own, his heat tolerance is actually better than theirs, any attempt at making his environment uncomfortable backfiring, as he can tolerate far worse conditions than the galra can. They try to make him miserable by making it damp and wet and he doesn’t even notice, his lack of fur meaning he doesn’t care.
They leave him in water to find that humans can FLOAT of all things, such a muscular species can actually bob along in the water, and ever worse they powerful swimmers, hell Shiro can even open his eyes under water, the salt stings but it doesn’t kill him and the galra are terrified of this multi-biome species.
Shiro shows an incredible ability to climb nearly any surface, a lack of claws not bothering him as he clambers up trees and rocks to avoid dangerous threats. He can lift his entire body weight with one hand, his ape ancestry giving him the grip strength necessary to do so, something the galra probably can’t do. Having evolved from predators they never evolve good grip strength.

Shiro Loses it
  • Keith: Shiro you sure do a good job of guiding the rest of us in fighting the Galra! Well the bad Galra 😊😚
  • Pidge: like seriously, you are physically and mentally the backbone of Voltron!
  • Lance: you're like the dad of the group! Space dad Shiro😏😙
  • Hunk: you keep us from not killing each other, mainly keith and lance, and help us improve, thanks bud 😊
  • Shiro: *light sweat*.. T-thanks guys..
  • *couple days later after only being called space dad/daddy*
  • Shiro: *sweating profusely*
  • Hunk: Dude, you alright?
  • Lance: yeah is our space daddy doin good?
  • Shiro: *whispers* stop it
  • Keith: what?
  • everyone: 😲
  • My poor bby lost it 😷😭🙃