empire of space

And the green lion was found on a green swampy planet and the big strong yellow lion on a rocky beige (yellow 😝) planet… I wonder where they found the red lion? Just having some fun. Also read the wrong % figures when i made this, like i said, i was just fucking about, didn’t expect this to be at all popular. Anyway I love these Galra spies, they must have felt so exasperated sometimes. I wanna draw more of them. Please credit with a @crossroad_c_pettigrew if u repost on Instagram.

Human headcanons this time

I like to think that humans are actually incredibly sturdy to compared to galra and Alteans, we eat things neither of them can, and survive in conditions neither of them could either.
Just imagine, the galra are interrogating the paladins, and force a cup of the foulest poison into them, a poison that causes a constant sensation of panic, and too much will cause a horrible heart attack……. It’s coffee, they can’t drink caffeine, their fine tuned predator hearts can’t handle it.
Their horrified to find humans eating nearly anything, tough beef jerky like substances, thick viscous substances like peanut butter, there’s nothing humans struggle to digest, and what we can’t digest passes. Our livers filter out poisons the galra consider horrible and toxic.
Even physically we would be impressive, the galra are huge sure, but if they anything like our local predators their stamina is subpar and their ability to heal is stunted compared to humans, a human can go active for nearly two days before succumbing to exhaustion. I wonder how long a galra could last?
I just wanna see the galra being fascinated by our human traits, a reason they horrified by Shiros physique and skills. They night be bigger but they definitely aren’t tougher.

GALRA KEITH CORNER : This is why Keith is so good at fighting, he gets all the stamina and skill of a human with the reflexes and speed of a galra. He’s the perfect hybrid.

Enemies Against Humanity: A Guide to Notorious Foes of Mankind in 40k

Since my previous guide “Warp Transit and You” seems to be quite popular, here’s another!

In the 41st millennium, it’s hard being a human. You have to work 80 hour weeks, you’ve lived in the same 3-room apartment your entire life, and you were nearly arrested last week because a hive ganger mugged you (for collusion of course). That said, it could be a LOT worse, because the universe is full of things that would love to malice you in every way imaginable (and you have a fairly colorful imagination!). The Imperium, founded by the Emperor of Mankind 10k years ago, is the one thing keeping various heretics, xenos, and other monstrosities lurking in the void from completely inconveniencing your life by ending it very, very painfully. 

First, and arguably the most common xenos threat to your very delicate life are Orks. Although they are not known for their intellect, Orks are known for being as strong as a gorilla with the strength of ten gorillas. Simplistic in their desires, there are few things Orks love more than fighting for the sake of fighting. When led by warbosses, Orks can be riled into a greater and greater frenzy of indiscriminate violence. They will always head straight for whatever they think will offer them a good fight, which more often than not happens to be human settlements. While they appear to be armed with little more than weapons and vehicles made of scrap metal, Orks are quite dangerous, and commanders who underestimate them rarely live long enough to learn from that mistake.

Next are the ancient and enigmatic Eldar. Considered mysterious by even Imperial scholars, Eldar once had a massive empire spanning the entire galaxy before the Imperium even existed. This is something they have never forgotten, and they hold it over every other race they meet. There are numerous varieties of Eldar: those that dwell on massive world-ships known as Craftworlds, who generally keep to themselves until they need to keep primitives from fucking something up; Dark Eldar, who built a city within the webway to escape Slaanesh, a city so vile and so corrupt that it would make Vegas look like the Vatican; Exodites, simple elf-farmers who ride dinosaurs; Corsairs, dashing rogues who live a life of piracy (and will kick you out the airlock); and Harlequins, devotees of their race’s trickster god and protectors of the Black Library.

The Imperium is always wary of Eldar. On the one hand, they consider all Eldar the same, so the actions of Dark Eldar and Corsairs are often blamed on Craftworld Eldar. In addition, Craftworld Eldar frequently kill anyone that happens to be in their way when they are on a mission without explaining (since humans in particular tend to misunderstand their goals, take it the wrong way, don’t believe them until shit is already going bad, or end up doing exactly what they were trying to stop in the first place). On the other hand, the Eldar and the Imperium are also frequently allies against greater foes, such as the Necrons, or the forces of Chaos, and the Eldar have worked in the benefit of the Imperium on numerous occasions in the past. At the end of the day, if Eldar are involved you probably don’t want to be anywhere nearby, because whatever it is is waaaaaaaay above your pay-grade. 

The Tyranids are a rapidly growing menace towards the Imperium, and one that does not appear to be slowing down either. Like an inter-galactic swarm of locusts, the first Tyranid fleets arrived from the galactic south-east and devastated numerous worlds before being routed in a massive battle over the homeworld of the Ultramarines chapter, Maccrage. In most cases, once a Tyranid fleet begins making landfall on a planet, the planet is already lost. Thousands turn into millions into billions in short order, and swarm in numbers that even the Imperial Guard cannot meet. The only effective means to defeat Tyranids is to sever their link with the Hive Mind. On the ground, this tends to be through Hive Tyrants or some bio-titans. However, to truly turn them back, one must destroy the core hive-ship in space, which is far easier said than done.

If the Tyranids arrive, unless you have access to a warp-capable ship and left several weeks earlier, you’re either one of the poor bastards assigned to “defend” the planet or one of the countless civilians left behind. In either case, it is wise to save one shot for yourself, because it is only a matter of time til they reach you. 

The Necrons are arguably the oldest race still in existence, coming to power over 60 million years prior during the War in Heaven, which shaped the foundations for the galaxy we now live in. Though most Necrons are effectively mindless husks, they are led by rulers of ancient dynasties, who’s goal is to restore the power they once held. The Necrons are hated foes of the Eldar, who fought them when their race was still young, however the Necrons hate the beings of the Warp more than anything. Equipped with horrifically powerful technology, the Necrons have few rivals in battle. Thankfully, most Necron tomb-worlds remain dormant as of 40k, but those that do arise quickly reap a bloody toll from any young whippersnappers that happens to dwell on their lawns. 

At the opposite end, the Tau are an incredibly young race, having advanced from their own stone-age into a technologically advanced golden-age within the past five thousand years. Somewhat short-lived, slightly shorter than the average human and arguably weaker too, Tau utilize their incredible technology to level the playing field against much more powerful foes. Compared to most races throughout the Milky Way, the Tau are a relatively peaceful race that seek to forge an efficient, cooperative society. They accept any race interested in working towards their Greater Good™, though there are usually some terms and conditions involved. As a result, the Imperium frequently butts heads with the Tau over their colonization efforts or attempts to convert existing Imperial worlds into the Tau Empire. While technically small, the Tau Empire is roughly the size of the Ultramarine’s own dominion, and isn’t a threat to be taken lightly. However, due to their nature, size, and the fact that there are generally far more pressing threats in the galaxy, the Tau gradually continue to expand their borders in the face of any who stand against them.

Also known as: blueberries, spooky scary socialists, and/or weeaboos

Last but certainly not least is the threat posed by other humans! As far back as the Great Crusade, planetary leaders have decided that they know better than the Imperium and secede. This tends to be quite inconvenient for everyone involved, and frequently ends with a lot of people getting killed (which can’t be written off on the centennial tithe-returns). Now and then it still happens, and generally the Imperial Guard or even the Space Marines restore order quickly enough. However, in the past 10k years the greatest threat to the Imperium comes from humans that have fallen under the sway of the Chaos gods. What can start as an innocent look into a heretical tome, a dark whisper into the ears of a budding psyker, or even the worship of ancient idols, this can all quickly escalate into a Chaos insurrection. Whether it is cult groups formed by the planet’s civilians and militias, renegade Imperial Guard forces, or traitor Space Marines, they all pursue the agendas of the daemons of the Warp. Individuals touched by the Warp are forever tainted, and in many cases whole cities or entire planets must be put to the torch to prevent the spread. While these various groups frequently open small rifts to the Warp, allowing their allies and daemons to pass through, the worst possible outcome is if these groups can manage to create a rift wide enough to engulf the entire planet (or even the whole sector). In such cases, the planet and it’s inhabitants are lost to the Warp, and may be so for decades, centuries, or even millennia before the Warp recedes once more. 

Expanding on the human headcanons

The galra try to screw with Shiro, just to find his cold tolerance is almost the same as their own, his heat tolerance is actually better than theirs, any attempt at making his environment uncomfortable backfiring, as he can tolerate far worse conditions than the galra can. They try to make him miserable by making it damp and wet and he doesn’t even notice, his lack of fur meaning he doesn’t care.
They leave him in water to find that humans can FLOAT of all things, such a muscular species can actually bob along in the water, and ever worse they powerful swimmers, hell Shiro can even open his eyes under water, the salt stings but it doesn’t kill him and the galra are terrified of this multi-biome species.
Shiro shows an incredible ability to climb nearly any surface, a lack of claws not bothering him as he clambers up trees and rocks to avoid dangerous threats. He can lift his entire body weight with one hand, his ape ancestry giving him the grip strength necessary to do so, something the galra probably can’t do. Having evolved from predators they never evolve good grip strength.