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_The Beatles; United Kingdom/Reino Unido; London/Londres; Wembley; Empire Pool; New Musical Express Annual Poll-Winners’ All-Star Concert; May 1st 1966/1º de maio de 1966.

_Source/Fonte: Solo Beatles Photos Forum.


These are unused concepts for next April’s Star Wars Celebration in Anaheim. Clearly, they’re an homage to the great Saul Bass. They fit well with the “retro” theme I’ve been exploring over the last several years, but I’m not sure they display the power or emotional content I’m trying to express.
Here’s hoping you’ll like the route I finally decided to take.




State of Mind, Black Sun Empire & Codebreaker MC - Long Time Dead (Maztek Remix)

Ignisxreader fanfic chapter 1

So here is my fanfic, I’m definitely nervous to post this just because I haven’t written in many many years, I used to write all the time but I fear I’ve grown rusty so please forgive that. I really do hope you all enjoy and id love some feedback. So this is a FFXV fanfic, and is Ignisxreader, it’s just much more in depth then that. So this fic is really based on all my daydreams I have, I have a very active daydreaming mind and so this character is kind of my OC and her adventures with the Chocobros, so this is incredibly near and dear to my heart since it is a piece of me since I’ve spent many hours and days daydreaming this up. I just wanted to share it all with you, so jump in and enjoy! I welcome any and all feedback! Also help me come up with a title for this fanfic I’m at a lose.

It was early morning and you knew you hadn’t been asleep for long when you heard the clinking coming from the kitchen. You were stiff and your left arm was asleep, that’s what you get for sleeping on the couch. It was so much easier for you to crash at your best friends home then your own, his was much closer to the Glaives headquarters and you had spent the whole day and most of the night training new recruits.
You sat up on the couch slowly stretching your arms above your head, your hair falling in your face as you gave a loud yawn.
“Ah you’re awake, I’m sorry if I was too loud” he walked out of the kitchen carrying two steaming mugs “I was hoping to let you sleep a bit longer” he sat down next to you handing you the mug, you took a deep breath of the ebony coffee and smiled before taking a long sip. You noticed he was only wearing black lounge pants, and no shirt, whenever you saw his perfectly sculpted body you couldn’t help but stare a little, he has the body of a gymnast but it seemed more like a god to you, hell he even gave Gladio a run for his money in your mind.
“No don’t be sorry, I was almost awake already” you lied with a smirk, he knew you well enough to see right through your lie. “Thanks Iggy,” you nodded at the coffee “I’m sorry I crashed here again, it was a stressful day and having to train the newbies right after coming back from fighting daemons, just I was exhausted and didn’t think I’d make it home, hell I almost crashed at HQ” you said with a small laugh trying to hide your exhaustion, your lips going straight back to the coffee. God you loved how perfectly he made your coffee, you always miss it when you leave for missions.
“Don’t you be sorry, if I had an issue with you staying I wouldn’t have ever given you a key or offered in the first place” Ignis sighed as he pushed up his glasses with his middle finger giving you a stern look, he was very sick of having this conversation with you. You just nodded and looked away. He broke the silence between you two" How was the mission?“ You sighed and your shoulders sunk down, you could only manage to stare off and put your chin into your hands and give him a quick side stare. He immediately knew this was the wrong thing to ask.
“Ignis” you breathed out “I’m so tired of watching my Kingsglaive die” “It was a defeat, they overpowered us with daemons, huge ones I’ve never seen before,” you motioned with your hands “they shot fireballs from their shoulders!” Your eyes got big “and after our retreat the empire just…left” your voice trailed off in defeat. All Ignis could do was sit in silence and listen, once you were done he stood up and took your empty coffee cup and went back to the kitchen and refilled it. “Well,” he walked back handing you your cup of liquid gold “you honestly did all that you could do, I know you and you did everything in your power to protect your Glaive, and succeed” he stared you down with such caring eyes and the feeling you always got in your gut when he gave you that look was indescribable “don’t blame yourself.” you sighed deeply, he always managed to say what you needed to hear and knew how to ground your feelings. You set your cup down on the coffee table and tucked your legs up under you, wanting to change the topic you ask what he’d been up to since you left “oh the normal,” he said nonchalantly “errands, council meetings, tending to the prince. Things haven’t changed but I feel they may soon” He ended his words slightly ominously, you just watched him and in your heart knew exactly what he meant.
“Well let me get out of your perfect hair” you said with a laugh standing up and grabbing the pieces of your uniform you had discarded all on the floor the night before and putting them back on. Ignis looked slightly disappointed for a split second but understood you’re a very busy person just as he is. You headed to the door with your typical saunter, and gave a look back at Ignis “stay out of trouble, I’ll text you later” you smiled with a wink. “Same too you, also next time you stay over please don’t sleep on the couch and please wake me and take the bed, I see the kink in your neck, I don’t know how many times I’ve had to tell you” Ignis smirked behind his hand which were pushing up his glasses again, you just laughed with a wave of your hand and walked out the door closing it behind yourself.
You made your way along the busy streets of the Crowned City making very careful to not bump into the people you were rushing past, you needed to get home, take a shower and get into a clean uniform, you didn’t realize how dirty you were and felt a tinge of guilt for sleeping on Ignis’ spotless couch. You walked up some stairs of a rather old apartment complex to your door and pulled out your keys, opened it up and walked inside turning on a light switch. Your apartment was rather basic, considering you were rarely home between commanding the Kingsglaive, training, missions, and spending your free time with your favorite boys, you mainly used your home as a stopping place to sleep and store your belongings but nonetheless it felt very homey and welcoming. You walked to your bathroom and stripped down turning on the hot water and stepping in letting the heat relax your aching muscles. You looked over your arms and legs seeing all the new bruises, cuts, and scrapes you had acquired on your last mission, you knew you’d get a couple new scars to add to your collection. You thought over your last mission, how you had lost so many good men and women, how you needed to write the letters to their families, you felt your heart sink, your job was never easy.
You were in a position of high authority, you helped command the Kingsglaive, the kings military, you were right above the lead of captain Titus. You were the Commander but you let Titus take most control of the Glaive for the most part, as you were typically sent to do special missions from the king himself or from his right hands. You did your best to always be by your Glaives side during battle and to lead them showing them you would always be willing to die at their sides and how they meant more to you then just being another soldier, but these times during the war were becoming rarer. The king was sending you on many missions alone to attempt to infiltrate and take plans from the Empire or take out a bass in secret. You were an incredibly skilled fighter and had many a special talent. You tried to keep it secret but most everyone knew, you were very special and rare, a gift from the gods as King Regis put it. You could harness and use magic without the need of the crystal, you could summon your own array of weapons and had your own secret move up your sleeve, one incredibly deadly secret that only the king and his closet confidantes were aware of. You’re only sole purpose on Eos though was to protect the king and his kingdom at all costs, you in essence were a weapon and bodyguard from the gods for the Kings of Lucis. It probably didn’t hurt your cause that you had originally been born in a far off land to a long line of famed daemon hunters. To put it in the best of terms you were a badass, and you knew it.
You turned the water of your perfectly temped shower off and stepped out and wrapped a towel around yourself, you walked to your room and got dressed. All you really wanted to do was lay in your cozy bed piled high with blankets and sleep a little but sighed as you knew your day was going to be busy, you knew you needed to write reports to the king, write letters to those poor families, train with the Glaive, catch up with Captian Titus, and to spend some much needed time with your favorite boys at dinner.
You left your apartment with just enough time to get to the headquarters, you walked briskly through the crowds of people to busy to notice anything but what was a concern in their own life. You were about to be at headquarters when your phone went off letting you know you got a text, you figured you’d check it later so you wouldn’t be late. But as you got closer your phone went off multiple times.
“Must be Prompto spamming me memes again” you thought out loud as you dug your phone from your pocket. You opened the messages to see you had a message from Prompto, Gladio, Titus, and a couple from Ignis. You thought this was rather odd to have them all texting you at once so you opened them and began to read them.
“I just saw what happened on the news, are you ok?” Prompto wrote with a sad face emoji
“Call me when you are most available to talk” “I hope you’re doing ok” Ignis had sent
“I’m sorry. How’s the Glaives taking the news?” Gladio wrote
You started to become incredibly worried
“I need you at HQ immediately, peace treaters have been signed, bad news for the Glaive, they need you now” Titus had sent
You immediately felt your heart sink and face lose all color, you full on sprinted to the Kingsglaive headquarters.