empire covers

better knock me out the first time:  a meyer lansky fanmix [8tracks / playmoss]

1. made of stone - daughter // 2. ya hey - phosphorescent // 3. ghost lights - woodkid // 4. help i’m alive - metric // 5. wolves - to kill a king // 6. power - bastille // 7. biting down - lorde // 8. cha-ching (til we get older) - imagine dragons // 9. built for this time - zayde wølf

Queen of Shadows alternative cover. Again @charliebowater‘s art - Fireheart. One word - astonishing.

I’ve NEVER EVER seen myself represented in media so thoroughly, that I never expected it.
Gay media doesn’t explore black lives and Black media “doesn’t do that gay shit” so real human beings caught between those two communities don’t exist in media, I’ve never seen a character like Lionel Higgins before, and after all the gay and black media I’ve consumed that’s saying something.

Heir of Fire alternative cover. The art belongs to the one and only @charliebowater . She is one of my favourite artists and I absolutely adore how alive feel the characters she recreates. I believe that this one is not part of her ToG paintings but when I saw it I could not stop thinking about Aelin in HoF. The atmosphere of the painting is a reflection of Aelin’s heart. In HoF she is in a very dark place, almost like she is drowning but she fights for herself and in the end, she finds her light - her fire and Rowan, and herself. She is the fireheart we all love.

The last one. Empire of Storms alternative cover. Art by @uponadaydreamer .This is how I imagine Aelin when Deanna got over her body. One of the best paintings of our fireheart I have seen.

Look forward to the Acotar covers..

A ToG cover that I made. Disclaimer - the art is not mine, it belongs to @bloodydamnit . I would like to thank her for this amazing version of Aelin. I have made this cover only for my personal usage, but I decided to show it to you guys! Actually, I have covers for all of the SJM books. Expect the rest later…