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Ten Years of Ten: Gridlock (April 14, 2007)

“The Macra used to be the scourge of this galaxy. Gas. They fed off gas, the filthier the better. They built up a small empire using humans as slaves and mining gas for food.”
“They don’t exactly look like empire builders to me.”
“Well, that was billions of years ago. Billions. They must have devolved down the years. Now they’re just beasts. But they’re still hungry and my friend’s down there…”


Great Northern Empire Builder in Minneapolis in 1929 by seneferu

Theory: Della did betray Scrooge, but that was for his own good

So, I’m gonna assume that Webby’s statement that maybe “Della had betrayed Scrooge” is a Chekhov’s gun* and there is something to it. But also judging by the regretful tone of Della’s letter, she took the Spear of Selen not only against Scrooge’s, but her own will as well. So here’s what I think could’ve happened:

As we know, Scrooge can occasionally get power- or more often, fortune-hungry and that makes him lose sight of the important things like his family. That’s what happened in The Life and Times of Scrooge McDuck, chapter The Empire-Builder of Callisota: Scrooge burned down a Zulu village to get his hand on rubber plants belonging to the tribe. In the process, he parted his way with his sisters and though he intended to apologise, he was kept being distracted by new investments and treasures, and when he returned to Duckburg after 27 years, he was a changed duck. He once again got into a quarrel with his relatives, distancing himself from them for years to come.

Given that the 2017 Scrooge seems to be more adventure than money-oriented, but still being somewhat greedy for new businesses, I have a feeling that after years of adventuring, he put his hands on the Spear of Selene, which grated him some powers, or maybe more wealth, or something along these lines. However, the power of the Spear corrupted him and made him distance himself from the twins, and he went paranoid that others want to take it away (kinda like the Ice Crown from Adventure Time).

Finally, Della took the Spear and wanted to hide it somewhere away to get her beloved uncle back, but Scrooge tracked her down. A fight between him, Della and Donald occured, during which something terrible happened, making Della disappear (I like the theory that the Spear is a transdimensional device that opens portals to other worlds). After that, Scrooge and Donald parted their ways.

Either that, or the other theory I like: Della wanted to use the Spear to find her lost husband (the nephews’ father), and disappeared after a mishap with the artifact.

I swear, we either find out soon or I’m gonna break someone.

* Chekhov’s gun is “a dramatic principle that states that every element in a story must be necessary, and irrelevant elements should be removed; elements should not appear to make "false promises” by never coming into play.“ Chekhov’s example is that ”if you say in the first chapter that there is a rifle hanging on the wall, in the second or third chapter it absolutely must go off. If it’s not going to be fired, it shouldn’t be hanging there.“ So if the DuckCrew goes by that principle, then we’ll return to Webby’s suggestion later in the show.


The Shadow The West, by Edward Said. (1986)

Edward Said focuses on the plight of the Palestinians which can be seen as the most enduring residue of the modern encounter between the Arabs and the West. Said traces the course of European involvement with the Near East via the Crusades to Napoleon’s campaign in Egypt and the French and English entrepreneurs, adventurers and empire builders who came in his wake. 


Caption: “Here’s a short-lived Amtrak train that had a troubled existence. Kind of a convoluted Hiawatha and Empire Builder, it was called the North Coast Hiawatha. It ran from Chicago to the Twin Cities on the Milwaukee Road. At St Paul, the train split with the North Coast Hi running on the former Northern Pacific and the Empire Builder using the ex Great Northern. The trains were rejoined at Spokane, Washington for the rest of the trip, ending at Seattle. A little weird, huh. SDP40F 575 leads a ‘Rainbow Era’ consist past Rondout tower back in 1975.”

Rondout, Illinois

Photo by Bill Johnson

(via Amtrak SDP40F 575, Rondout, IL rescan)


GN 504 & 1 more by Robert Thomson
Via Flickr:
Scanned Photo Postcard Scan is presented for historical/archival purposes No copyright is claimed or intended From the back of the card: “Great Northern Railway Great Northern EMD E-7 diesel units, with No. 504 i the lead, greet the morning sun between Mennapolis and St. Paul, Minn., with the new streamlined "Empire Builder” in 1947. In a few more minutes, these locomotives will be resting and the “Empire Builder” will be speeding over the Burlington’s rails on the last lap from Seattle and Portland to Chicago.“ The post card was published by Lyman E. Cox of Sacramento, CA. No date is given for the postcard. GN E7A 504B (to GN 504C, to GN 509, to BN 9907)


Tarvek tends to be considered as the Heir to the Lightning Crown, but he’s also Prince of Sturmhalten, and that has its own thematic elements.

Sturmhalten was built by the Storm King, but he didn’t like it. He preferred the fancier parts of the job, more removed from the straightforward need to stop the Heterodyne advancing with whatever it took.

Sturmhalten’s not an easy place, it’s a fortress right next to the most dangerous town in Europa. It’s a place with a job to do, a place that is damn near indestructible because otherwise it would have been destroyed.

(Interesting that Gil, tank that he is, has the free floating, impossible to pin down Castle  Wulfenbach, while Tarvek’s home is a sturdy fortress.)

Up until Bill and Barry, when the job was no longer necessary, and corruption from within the Knights of Jove notwithstanding, it seems to have done that job, too. Sure, the Heterodynes raided, but the people of Mechanicsburg treat the Princes of Sturmhalten with the contempt reserved for people trying to restrain them (and worse, succeeding). The Princes of Sturmhalten are mentioned fighting Heterodynes, or even trying to reform them. They don’t have the deep connection to the Heterodynes that the Storm King had, but they were a constant and unignorable, while he was one of a kind, ultimately bested but still inspiring jealousy years later.

The thing is, while the Storm King was an Empire builder, the Prince of Sturmhalten is there to stop an Empire being built by the wrong people. Tarvek’s definitely not the moral compass of the main trio, but he can be something of a restraining bolt. I thought it might be an interesting perspective to consider him from, anyway.

hedgewitchwanderings replied to your postWhile all of Europe is responsible, I think it’s…

This is a really important issue to raise particularly as it highlights how complicated UK politics is, in that obviously the Empire did utterly atrocious hideous things, but that also what you have now is places like Scotland, Ireland etc, going ‘we wanted no part of the Empire leave us alone’ and Britain as England goes ‘oh but you were part of Empire by association so, Sorry!’ and refutes independence.

Unfortunately yes, all parts of the UK are complicit by association I guess, but it’s also worthwhile noting how everything an empire touches eventually turns to crap and it’s usually only those directly involved at the centre of an Empire who seem to believe it was a fantastic idea to start with.

But the thing is, if Scottish people were to say ‘we wanted no part of the Empire leave us alone’, it would be a lie, wouldn’t it? 

Scots weren’t complicit in the Empire “by association”, we were among the most enthusiastic Empire builders at every level of society - over represented in the British Army, over represented in the original colonizers who took the Highland clearances as their cue to go and drive other native people from their lands in America and Canada, over represented in the slave driving Mercantile class who built the plantations and built lavish homes in Glasgow city centre off the sweat and misery of subject peoples. We even provided the philosophers to justify it all. 


Amtrak - ‘Empire Builder’ by rrradioman on Flickr.

Amtrak Empire Builder approaching Chicago Union Station with the Chicago River and Merchandise Mart in the background


July 1974

Photos by Gary Sturm

Made with Flickr

Great Northern Empire Builder in Puget Sound in 1929 by seneferu

1.7 - Ki Particles and Energies (part 2)

(Part 1)

The idea of a Saiyan not just having a terrifyingly high genki output but also being able to amplify that even further might be a scary prospect to you. After all, I have explained that it is possible with ki to fight, and yes, harm people. And so I’ll understand your trepidation when I present the next piece of news.

The few people left in the Universe with Saiyan heritage all reside on Earth, and they are formidable in a fight.

To make matters worse, it is very difficult to tell the difference between a Saiyan and anthropoidal Earthling by appearance alone, though I guarantee you you’ve seen one before.

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heroineimages  asked:

So, out of curiosity, have you played Age of Wonders III at all? I'd be curious to get your thoughts on the Rogue character class for that game. Particularly in regards to the idea of a rogue as military-leader/empire-builder.

I’m afraid I haven’t played it, and have zero insight to offer on that.

For rogues as military-leaders/empire-builders in fiction (wait, did you mean historically?), I’ll give you just one name: the trained assassin and master of stealth Lord Vetinari.

The only reason he hasn’t conquered the world is because he doesn’t want to. ;)

You finish the new civilization video game, only to discover it’s a recruiting tool of multi-dimensional empire builders. They want to talk to you about your latest game.