emphasize darkness


Beautiful cover of Metallica I found yesterday. Stripped to its most basic form, the song still retains and even seems to emphasize its dark and creepy elements.

Guys it's going to be alright

I just watched the episode and I see a lot of people are mad because of Amara was Dean’s deepest, darkest desire. I feel as if people don’t really understand the episode. The whole point of making Amara the desire was to show how Dean can’t control how he feels about her. This is one of the things that makes it dark. It emphasizes the idea that Dean wants to get rid of this feeling. When someone got killed, they got killed by someone that they wanted, but also got killed by someone they shouldn’t be with. In the end of the episode, Sam tells Dean that he’s not going to judge him for having this desire towards Amara. This is in no way saying that Sam supports the idea of Dean and Amara. This implies that Sam knows what Deans going through and that he can’t control it. Sam is being a good brother and cares enough about Dean to not judge him for what he feels, especially when Dean has no say in how he feels. People shouldn’t worry too much about the whole Dean and Amara thing. The writers have it under control.

Tony Bordonaro Farewell Post

Tony has been a staple of Sleep No More for some time. Early SNM fans often commented on his superb dancing ability as Banquo, a performance that unfortunately I’ve not seen. The malevolence of his Speakeasy was also notable, as Tony seemed to own the role in a way few others did - he really embodied the character and emphasized the darkness of the character.

Tony was the first performer I actually followed. By chance, I managed to see the entirety of the Boy Witch my very first show, Tony playing the role. Despite the crowd that was already with him, he immediately gave me much of his attention from the instant I began following him. His Boy Witch was both menacing and also a magnet - he kept you at bay but when he locked into an audience member, he could really be on fire. Every Boy Witch must develop their own version of the “Boy Witch Eyes”; Tony’s burn with malevolence and yet, keep the audience glued to him. In the last several months, they began to become more playful.

As I got into the show and the occasional rough night began to appear, Tony’s performances were always a source of comfort. If I were having a rough night, I could always go watch a scene or two of his Boy Witch or Speakeasy. 

As many of you have probably noticed, he is one of the most accomplished dancers in the show. Both technically and artistically he is superb. His technical ability seems to be natural; he seems to manipulate his body in any which way he wishes without the slightest hint of effort. To date, the best time I’ve ever seen the Boy Witch Pool Table solo done, it was Tony. Even more impressive is the fact that this particular night was marked with snark and sarcasm towards the show on my part. I had no doubt that he lacked power over his body on that pool table, when of course he was in complete control. I’ve often wondered why they didn’t give him the Orderly - I would kill to see him perform the solo on the observation table. 

In recent months, his take on the role has changed, contrasting sharply with much of his darkness and malevolence. I wish that I had the chance to see him develop it further. Tony is, hands down, my favorite Boy Witch. His performances during parties were always popular, from his drag show during Let It Go, to the absolute ridiculousness of this past Mayfair.

But he is off to new things. I believe he is involved with other dance companies in the city. If you’ve never taken the time to truly appreciate his dancing, it would be worth your while to go see him.