My Day one adventures as Kuzco at Toronto ComiCon ^_^
Got to meet the voice actors of some of my favourite animes ever as well as James O'Barr (creator of the Crow) <3<3
Such a great time n___n

Anime North 2016 cosplay!! (2/2)

On the Sunday I threw on my Kuzco costume I’d been tweaking since I first wore it last Halloween.  I’m so happy with the end result, I felt FIERCE as HELL! 

Here I am with probably actual Briar Rose, repping all the Disney Kids!!

Yzma collar tutorial

Cosplayer: Olivia

So my Yzma cosplay is currently in progress, and I’ve finished my collar!

So the basic method of what I did was to use a flexible material thick enough that I could glue the feathers in on an angle, so they didn’t stick up next to my ears.

-about 20 purple ostrich feathers, 6-8″ long
-a pack of 50 purple rooster feathers (if you search that on ebay I used the iridescent ones)
-hot glue gun
-black fabric
-felt ironing board pad (I had this laying around that I wasn’t using.  It’s a roll of 3/16″ felt)

1) Measure your neck and draw a pattern for the collar on paper, then transfer to the felt (that roll in the picture is the felt):

2) Curl the ostrich feathers. I used a curling iron and turned it up to about medium heat (200-300F) and curled the spines similarly to how I would do my hair, but being much more gentle. Don’t hold the iron in place because that could burn them.

2) Lay out where you want the feathers to be positioned, mark on the felt, and cut small pockets about ¾ of the way through the felt.

3) Cover the felt with black fabric (the kind doesn’t matter too much, but I suppose it’s nice if it’s similar to the fabric of the dress). I glued it on, because it doesn’t matter how the inside of the collar looks and it was faster. It also makes it a little bit stiffer on the edges. Attach velcro at the back where it’s closing.

4) Feel out where the pockets you cut are and cut corresponding holes in the black fabric.

5) Put hot glue on each of the ostrich feathers and stick them in the holes. Hold them at the angle you want until the glue dries.

6) Glue the smaller of the rooster feathers underneath the ostrich feathers, where they meet the collar, to cover up the stems and glue bits from the bottom and also to add extra support for the ostrich feathers.

7) Glue some of the rooster feathers on top of the ostrich feathers. I did this because I liked the texture of the feathers looking less uniform and also because the Inca’s did not have ostriches. Ostrich feathers just happen to be super easy to use and cover large areas at a time. I also used those feathers on her hat, which I will also post how I did.

8) And there you have it! I did this in about a day.