Love is Blind @emperoreyes

It was, indeed, a mentally and even physically taxing feat to keep something secret from everyone. Takao had told him countless times that he either blushed or immediately rebelled, signaling that he was telling a lie. A tsundere. That’s what Takao had called him. And in fact, if he thought about it, most people ended up calling him that. 

Which was why it was that much harder to keep something from Akashi himself.

Because Midorima, for some unknown reason, found himself attracted to the red-haired, iron-willed ex-captain of Teiko’s basketball team.

At first he had been in complete and utter disbelief. He didn’t like males. But then, it was fate that they had met, fate that Akashi had been the one to bring them all together, even someone like him…And the the fact that some region of his chest hurt whenever he thought of Akashi…

“Midorima,” the principal’s voice snapped him out of his thoughts. “You’ve been selected for the student exchange program. One student is allowed to go to Rakuzan for a month to study, as you well know. And that’s you.”

So this was how he had ended up at the gates of Rakuzan with the most strange emotions he’d ever felt…