The only piece of relic discovered by archeologists today that has direct relation with the famous, one and only Empress Wu (武則天)of Wuzhou (武周). This piece of Gold is used as a giving to the God to reflect on the wrongdoings of the Empress as the Emperor. Her name 武瞾 is clearly shown in the middle of the piece.

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Plum makeup 梅花妆or落梅妆

You may have seen in Chinese films set in imperial eras, the ladies often decorate their forehead with painting, gems, pearls, scale and even flowers.

This forehead decorating is called as Hua Dian (花鈿).

The story

It was said that the first person to decorate her forehead was Princess Shou Yang (寿陽公主), the favorite daughter of Emperor Wu of Liu-Song Dynasty (宋武帝).

Princess Shou Yang was sleeping under a plum tree when she was suddenly woken up by her chambermaid telling her that she had been summoned by her father.

The princess rushed herself out of the imperial garden while her maid tried to pick up the petals of plum blossom from her head and body.

As the beautiful princess entered the throne room, everybody was looking at her, amazed at her new “make-up”. Apparently, there was a small petal stuck on her forehead.

The Emperor praised the princess for being so creative, telling her that she looked so much more beautiful than usual.

This so-called plum blossom make up (梅花粧) soon became the trend among the ladies of the court and the spread out the the whole country.

In ancient times, you needed to fulfill these 7 steps to finish your makeup routine:

historical women 10/?: Empress Wu, 624-705

Wu Zetian was a Chinese sovereign who ruled unofficially as empress consort and empress dowager and later, officially as empress regnant during the brief Zhou dynasty… Wu was the only Empress regnant of China in more than four millennia…  By the early 650s Consort Wu was a concubine of Emperor Gaozong, and she had the title Zhaoyi, which was the highest ranking of the nine concubines of the second rank. Wu progressively gained influence over the governance of the empire throughout Emperor Gaozong’s reign, and eventually she effectively was making the major decisions… In 655, Wu became Tang Gaozong’s new empress consort… Emperor Gaozong [designated] Wu’s son Li Hong, then carrying the title of Prince of Dai, as crown prince…  Upon the death of her husband, the Emperor Gaozong, Wu became empress dowager and then regent…  In 690, Wu took the final step to become the empress regnant of the newly proclaimed Zhou dynasty.

China: Historical Overview

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5000 years of history that honestly, never really gets boring

I would also like to point out my knowledge doesn’t go very far after The Three Kingdoms and it is noticeable in my writing. I also wrote this while incredibly sick. Any errors please point them out.

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yao with- who else? the only woman to rule as emperor- wu ze tian. she was originally a concubine of emperor taizhong, but later married his son, emperor gaozhong. she rose to power- and eventually the throne- via her political savvy and ruthlessness in eliminating her rivals. some people even think she might’ve killed her own child to eliminate the previous empress by accusing her of the murder! (though this is not proven) her reign saw the expansion of the tang dynasty empire far into central asia, and many other significant political and developments developments.

(here she’s supposed to still be a concubine, but i totally have this idea that the aph characters do kind of have this…sixth sense when they meet people who are gonna be very, very significant to their history…)

Prince Huan of Changsha - The title posthumously bestowed by Sun Quan to his late older brother when he declared himself emperor of Wu. 

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workings of the human heart

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Title: workings of the human heart

Author: khrysallis

Pairing: Krisho (Yifan / Joonmyeon)

Genres: historical au, royal au, arranged marriage, drama

Rated: NC-17

Length: oneshot, 30K

Summary: Junmyeon is sent to Huaxia as an offering for a peace treaty, to be a consort to the reigning Emperor Wu Yifan. Except, Junmyeon’s not really a prince, and perceived truths will all become lies.

Warnings: graphic description of violence, minor character death. historical inaccuracies.