The only piece of relic discovered by archeologists today that has direct relation with the famous, one and only Empress Wu (武則天)of Wuzhou (武周). This piece of Gold is used as a giving to the God to reflect on the wrongdoings of the Empress as the Emperor. Her name 武瞾 is clearly shown in the middle of the piece.

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Today I was at an exhibition about the ancient Chinese city Luoyang, at it’s most prosperous time, before and during the Tang dynasty. Luoyang was at that time a blooming trading centre and a mulicultural melting pot of a society that was fairly tolerant of other religions and customs, and that offered relatively high freedom for the higher born court ladies. Apparently this was due to influence from the surrounding nomadic cultures that offered higher freedom for women to act in the public sphere compared to chinese tradition at the time, and who often married into the noble families in the city. During that time, the only woman to ever claim the title Emperor of China ruled, Wu Zetian (it’s her portrait above). There’s a lot more to say about the city and time period, but I am probably not the right person, since I know very little about it (at this point). It was really fascinating and I really want to dig up more about this period now!