The only piece of relic discovered by archeologists today that has direct relation with the famous, one and only Empress Wu (武則天)of Wuzhou (武周). This piece of Gold is used as a giving to the God to reflect on the wrongdoings of the Empress as the Emperor. Her name 武瞾 is clearly shown in the middle of the piece.

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“My achievements and errors must be evaluated by later generations, therefore carve no characters on my stele.”

It is approximately on this day in 705 that China’s first and only female emperor, Wu Zetian abdicated the throne, restoring the Tang Dynasty.

Shown is the ‘Uncharactered Tablet’ of Wu, located in the Qianling Mausoleum. Unlike the other tablets at the site, this was not initially inscribed, though was later done so in forthcoming dynasties. In legend, the reason for not being inscribed is said to have been in the will of Wu herself, who apparently said on her deathbed the quote given at the start of the post.

Photos taken by 猫猫的日记本 (cropped).

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