“When you play the game of thrones you win or you take over the world, launch a crusade across the stars, only to have your favoured son turn against you, start a catastrophic civil war and nearly kill you so that you end up upon a Golden Throne for ten thousand years whilst the empire you built warps into a twisted version of your vision.” - The Emperor of Mankind


I’ve been humming this all night

  • Emperor of Mankind:I don't want to be worshiped as a god
  • Emperor of Mankind:*appears as a 12-foot-tall luminous giant in golden armor who radiates awe and whose voice is like rapturous music*
  • Emperor of Mankind:*presents himself as a messianic figure to a cult he has engineered to serve him upon his arrival*
  • Emperor of Mankind:Seriously you guys, not lookin 4 godhood

The mountains quake before Him,
and the hills dissolve;
The foe is laid waste before Him,
their worlds and all who dwell in them.
Before His wrath, who can stand firm,
and who can face His blazing anger?
His fury is poured out like fire,
and boulders break apart before Him.
The Emperor is good to those who wait for him;
He is a refuge on the day of distress.
With the raging flood,
He makes an end of those who oppose Him,
and He pursues His enemies into darkness

I – Dark Angels: 100,000
II – (Deleted)
III – Emperor’s Children: 110,000 (HH: Betrayal)
IV – Iron Warriors: 100,000
V – White Scars: 100,000
VI – Space Wolves: ~70,000 (described as smaller than average)
VII – Imperial Fists: ~100,000 (implied by Shadows of Treachery)
VIII – Night Lords: 100,000
IX – Blood Angels: 120,000 (Fear to Tread)
X – Iron Hands: 100,000
XI – (Deleted)
XII – World Eaters: 150,000 (HH:Betrayal)
XIII – Ultramarines: 250,000 (Know No Fear & Dan Abnett)
XIV – Death Guard: 95,000 (HH:Betrayal)
XV – Thousand Sons: ~10,000
XVI – Sons of Horus: 150,000 (HH:Betrayal)
XVII – Word Bearers: 200,000 (150,000 at Monarchia, increased by the time of the Heresy according to Dan Abnett on Youtube)
XVIII – Salamanders: ~70,000 (described as smaller than average)
IXX – Raven Guard: 90,000 (Deliverance Lost)
XX – Alpha Legion: 100,000

Approximate legion size prior to Isstvan

(Source: http://www.dakkadakka.com/dakkaforum/posts/list/497859.page)

Which ends up being just over two million, with probably only a quarter of that loyal to the Emperor after the heresy.

“This is our debate. He [the Emperor] believes that the task of a ruler is to make himself obsolete, so that his people would replace him when they are mature enough. I disagree. I do not think we will ever be mature enough for that. I believe that no one but he would ever be strong enough to hold mankind together, even for a moment. He is quite an exceptional man, you know? Perhaps in ways he doesn’t even understand himself.”

- Malcador the Sigilite (excerpt from ‘The Sigilite’ by Chris Wraight)