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So far as I know, these are the only two same-sex kisses in Star Trek history.

Both took place in Star Trek: Deep Space Nine. The first (and at the time fairly controversial) kiss was between Lt. Jadzia Dax and her ex-wife from a previous life, Lenara Kahn. The other is between the Mirror universe versions of Kira Nerys and Ezri Dax (though in the mirror universe she kept her family name, Tigan).

canon wlw relationship in trek media:

Jadzia Dax/Lenara Kahn (I don’t need to link anything here, it’s just the episode Rejoined. all of it)

Ro Laren/Tasha Yar: In another timeline are together (The Last Generation Comics)

Mirrorverse Ezri/Leeta: flirt in the end of the Emperor’s New Cloak episode, are married in the books (Saturn’s Children, The Soul Key)

Leslie Thompson/Unnamed character: TOSverse, she marries a fellow cadet and they adopt a child together from Waypoint comics

evergreenglow  asked:

I guess I have more of a question for Talk Tuesday. What episodes do you think have the best sapphic Star Trek content? Question is open to everyone!!

That’s a good question thank you!

For me from each series I’d say:

  • TOS: What are Little Girls Made of (Chapel/Uhura kiss and some Chapel/Andrea stuff if you want to read into subtext)
  • TNG: I love the episode with Odan, The Host, I know it’s only like three minutes towards the end but I feel like Odan and Bev should have gotten a proper kiss
  • DS9: I feel like everyone’s gonna say Rejoined because well…we got the Lenara/Jadzia kiss and relationship and that’s my personal fave for quality sapphic star trek too but I also love Emperor’s New Cloak because of the end Ezri/Leeta who get married in the books :D
  • VOY: The Voyager Conspiracy, it’s the talk with Janeway and Seven towards the end of it that really make me happy and every time I’m partway convinced they’re gonna kiss
  • ENT: I personally haven’t watched very much of ent but the episode Sleeping Dogs has such a good Hoshi/T’Pol scene

what about everyone else?


from the mirrorverse book Saturn’s Children we don’t get any info on Leeta and Ezri’s relationship between the end of Emperor’s New Cloak and this book, there is another one later on where we learn the Leeta calls her ‘Zee’ and meets primeverse Ezri but I’ll focus on this one today.

it’s clear in these small moments just how much these two love each other though they appear to keep it on the down low while their serving onboard the ship. despite that O’Brien as their Captain didn’t realize they were married they had moved in together (possibly prior to the marriage) and he has his concerns that there’d be embarrassing messages between them which only leads me to think that in the down time when they’re not on board these two are That Couple who tease each other and call each other silly names and given the universe they live in, never hesitate to offer comfort when it’s needed or even when it’s not and just because they can.