emperor peony the ninth


Your Emperor Awaits
(I didn’t include a photo of my face because it just looks gross today and I have yet to style the wig anyway. Also I didn’t bind properly, but considering that I just wanted to take this for a test run, that’s my excuse.)

This is my first cosplay from the Tales series and the first non-Homestuck cosplay I’ve worked on in over a year and a half sheesh, and I have to say that I’m pleasantly surprised by the results! Peony had the simplest design out of all the characters I want to cosplay from these games, so I figured he’d be good to start with and have ready for Otakon. There are a few things I would have done differently if I had the chance to hop back in time to fix them, but overall I’m happy to get this one packed soon!

Total Completion Time: 46 hours

Materials Used:

  • Light blue, navy, dark navy, brown, and tan suitings
  • Heavy cream fabric (I forgot which kind it was)
  • Gold lining
  • Black, light blue, gold, and tan thread
  • Paper-backed interfacing
  • Craft foam
  • Hooks and eyes
  • Snaps
  • Elastic
  • Brown zipper
  • Bronze and gold paint
  • Wire
  • Hot glue


  • This was a simple and straightforward design, so pattern drafting took only about an hour or two!
  • Rather loose and comfortable; aside from having to bind, that is.
  • The belts were so much fun to make and I somehow managed to get just enough wire to make them work!


  • I must secretly hate myself because I keep making all these layered cosplays to wear in the August heat. The suitings are great quality, but heavy as fuck.
  • Either I’m not adjusting my dressform correctly or I’m on a permanent cascade of losing weight, because the pants and cape-y thing are somehow larger on me now than when I got started. Narrow hips are dumb and don’t hold up cosplays well.
  • I somehow or another managed to sprain my back while marathon working on the applique, so now I can’t look at it without feeling ghostly aches. Remember kids, cosplaying is a very serious kind of varsity sport!

And with that, I have finally finished all of my Otakon cosplays! I just need to alter a few things and make a few last minute accessories, and then I can safely sit back and enjoy not having to rush sew in the upcoming weeks~

Since Lindsey’s phone didn’t wanna show this, I’m posting it here 8D

External image

It’s not glued down obviously and the border still needs some paper mache, needs to be painted etc

But this is basically how Peony’s belt piece is turning out so far

I should have some progress pics of Raven and Tison soon as I get these linings sewed in and the sleeves attached