emperor paul i

Happy birthday to my King, Charles, by the grace of God, Holy Roman Emperor, forever August, King of Germany, and by the same grace King of Castile, León, Aragon, the Two Sicilies and the Indies (etc.), born in Ghent on this day in 1500.

‘Both the East and the West Indies being met in the crown of Spain, it is come to pass, that, as one saith in a brave kind of expression, the sun never sets in the Spanish dominions, but ever shines upon one part or other of them, which, to say truly, is a beam of glory

—  Sir Francis Bacon

‘Reflect that the sun never sets in the immense inheritance of Charles V’
—  Napoléon I

Pictured: Allegory on Emperor Charles as Ruler of Vast Realms by Peter Paul Rubens (oil/canvas c. 1604, Salzburger Residenz)

I walked down the long corridors of Emperor Matt’s castle. We have a new mission. Tord, or Red Leader, must befriend Matt. Paul and I must explore the castle and get as much information as possible. Doesn’t sound too hard except for the fact that this castle is the biggest I’ve ever been in. For what I could tell so far, there are three main parts of this place. The first is the lower ground where low maintenance and cracked walls lay. The second is the main area were people meet, talk, and eat. That’s where we first meet Matt, he was covered in silk and jewels. He only took Tord to his part of the castle, leaving me and Paul unsupervised. We ended up parting ways to explore stronghold. And the third is Matt’s privet sanctuary. I, for one, am not up to the thought of Tord taking over the empire. He’s been a leader, and a friend, for a long time. And I just can’t see him doing it. I come across a very old looking door. Hmm, I pressed onto it, the door creeped open and a smothered noise came from it. I followed the noise, bumping into everything hence there was no light. I felt something vibrate and make a staticky noise. I picked up the object and put it into the light. It was some sort of music box. I examined it closer and saw buttons. I pressed one and it went quiet.


Mid-18th century / England / This stick of light-coloured cane has a gold handle decorated with engraved rocaille ornament. The upper lid is hinged and inside there is a watch made by the English clockmaker T. Fitter. Belonged to Emperor Paul I. / Hermitage….uhh AWESOME!


LIST OF ROMANOV RULERS: #13 - Emperor Paul I of Russia (1 October 1754 - 23 March 1801)

His features were ugly except the eyes, whose expression when he was not overcome with rage, his aspect was terrifying. Although his mien was ungraceful, he had a certain reserve of dignity, and especially of good manners, and a polite bearing towards women, which gave a real distinction to his person and proclaimed him a prince and a nobleman.” - Princess Lieven, the wife of a prominent Russian diplomatist.

“He appears lively and active, with a sensible, spirited countenance.” - Benjamin Franklin, one of the Founding Fathers of the United States of America.