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A Question of Confidence

  • I was hoping to transition to Vraska’s POV, but we get Warrior Poet Huatli so it’s all good.
  • Being a knight is white, while being a passionate orator is red.
  • While being an orator, she still shines brighter than any knight.  It’s a bit of an awkward juxtaposition, but oh well.
  • Wait, what?  She’s not a warrior-poet yet?  It’s an actual title?  When we get Planeshift Ixalan, it better be its own class.
  • A glint of steel doesn’t seem like The Legion of Dusk’s MO.  They’re bedecked with gold, not steel.  Regardless, a good opening volley showing the natives beating back the conquistadors without any violence!
  • The Legion of Dusk don’t have priests: they have hierophants.  It’s pronounced bouquet.
  • Huatli shows humility by not accepting the title of Warrior-Poet until she’s earned it.  Still, give yourself some credit girl!
  • Poems that are honest have magic?  Huatli confirmed to be a bard.
    • NO WAIT SHE ACTUALLY IS THOUGH.  She buffs the team.  She can be a powerhouse by herself.  Her orations are magic.  HUATLI IS A BARD!!!

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anonymous asked:

What attributes does Ame have that would make it strong economically and what could they do to improve it? Like with how FTGOG!Kagome is doing with Suna and all those new businesses and jobs opening up. Only Ame doesn't have a Magical Miko by the name of Higurashi Kagome.

To be perfectly frank with you, we don’t actually know enough about Ame to make a solid hypothesis. What are the confirmed facts for Amegakure as a land?

1/ It’s poor and its population consists mostly of war refugees from other countries. 

2/ It’s sandwiched in between the three great nations: Fire, Wind, and Earth. This led to its being used as battleground when the hidden villages went to war in the past, decimating the country and its people every time such wars happened.  

3/ It rains a lot. This is apparently a combination of the nation’s natural weather patterns (it is named the land of Rain and all of its depictions in canon, barred one when Konan battled Tobi, featured heavy rain) and ninjutsu (there are several mentions of Pain and Hanzo using surveillance ninjutsu that made use of the rain). This probably also leads to poor soil condition due to the constant water washing away the top soil and eroding everything else, and thriving conditions for all sorts of diseases due to the constant humidity (e.g. malaria, etc…) 

Outside of that, we don’t know much else about this country. We don’t know what sort of resources they have, nor their policy on trade (especially after Hanzo, Pain, Konan), nor their main industries. 

From what I can see, they are in a poor position. Too many weak points, not enough strong points. 

1/ The population is not only poor but is also not unified due to their background as war refugees from different countries. Rain people have little cultural cohesion nor shared national identity. This will lead to difficult in administration and organizing a coherent government (unless we are going full dictator mode… which… while it will work in this scenario, is also a ticking time bomb in itself) 

2/ The constant rains make for poor agriculture base (waterlogged soil with poor top soil conditions, lack of sun, etc…), low public health (due to thriving conditions for all sorts of diseases), difficult conditions for public welfare (possible floods due to constant water backup), poor and costly infrastructure and public transportation (rain making it difficult for constructions and making everything that much more high-maintenance)  

3/ Sandwiched in between hostile nations which necessitates high military/security expenditure. This is a massive drain on the country’s economy and preventing development in other area. That’s not counting when wars do break out, Rain is in an even shittier place, what with bearing the splash damage from the fighting. 

The only solid strong point I can see is that its location, with proper management and development, holds the potential to become a trade zone with all the biggest trade routes going between the three great nations all going through it. But then again, do remember that Rain is not the only nation sharing this geo-location in Naruto verse (Gem is another contender in FtGoG AU). That’s why I said with proper management and development. 

From where I’m sitting, Rain is prime materials for a poverty trap nation. It has too many cons that holds it in place as a poor, divided, disaster-ridden, potentially lacking in natural resource country. It has one pro that needs solid work put into it before the rewards can be reaped. If it has other strong points, canon has not enlightened us to those points. If it has some special resources that all the other countries want (e.g. oil analog for example), then it’s much easier, but canon doesn’t say anything on this. 

So… really… I don’t have a lot of ideas on how to make Rain thrive as a nation. I have some, but they are the vague, applicable to most nations in this category type of ideas rather than actual, custom-tailored plan for that one specific country. I would say, to make Rain work, we need to model it off of real world nations with similar statistic (e.g. poor resources, limited land, fractured population), specifically Singapore (limited land, no natural resources whatsoever aside for fishing, but has prime location that required management and development) and post world war 2 Japan (fractured population. Post World War 2 Japan suffered a massive cultural shock. For much of the war, the government told their people that they would win, that they were in the just, that expansion and conquer were theirs by birthright, that they had to do this for the shake of the emperor, that defeat was as impossible as the sun rising from the West. They sent their people off to suicide against the enemy lines. And these people went willingly, joyfully. Such is the strength of their self-inflicted massively scoped brainwashing. And then what was the result? They were the first victim of the atomic bombs. They lost the war. Their government and emperor came out to admit defeat, to admit that they were in the wrong, and now they had to make nice with the enemy. Really, if you have the time, you should read literature studying the public psyche of Japan in the immediate post world war 2 era. There’s a whole lot of nihilism, suicide glorifying, and Nietzsche wannabe to go around. In some ways, it’s kinda sad. They did it to themselves. The scars linger to this day). To make their nation work, Rain has to:

1/ invest in diplomacy. Security and army is needed for them to survive and maintain stability, but long term, it’s too costly that it effectively cripples their development. They need solid diplomacy with surrounding nations to lessen the pressure on security spending. 

2/ Invest in trade. This also requires that first step of diplomacy. They need to weave themselves into the economy of other nations in such a way that if they are hurt, other nations also feel it in their pockets. A textbook economic golden straitjacket scenario (search it up if you don’t know it. Its mere existence is the reason why I call bull on the Naruto-verse claims that alliances cannot last between ninja nations and that treaties are not even wort the papers they are written. News flash, ninjas are not the only kind of humans who break treatises if it serves them. We as a species have worked past that particular trust issue / double handcuff scenario centuries ago). Not only will this create more stability and lessen security spending, it will serve to enrich Rain and make it incredibly difficult / painful for surrounding nations to attack Rain or wage wars in its territory (golden straitjacket and double handcuff) 

3/ Assuming they are poor in natural resources, then the only resources left to them is the human ones. They need to invest in growing local talents and nurturing future intellects in their young generations. Poor resources mean that heavy industries and agriculture give insignificant yield to them as a nation. So they need the talents to start high-tech industries and service sectors. They need scientists, engineers (more software and high tech kinds rather than heavy industrial kind), doctors, financiers, bankers, so on, so forth. Basically the Singaporean model. 

4/ If they have any sort of heavy industries, agriculture at all, they should be heavily automated as their human resources should be pushed to industries with better yield. They need to make maximum use out of their labor force. Not only are they working against several crippling weakness (poor resources, conditions, general stability), their starting population is unlikely to be large due to war and diseases (humidity part leading to lots of diseases above)

5/ Eventually, they need to steer away from traditional military and move their security sector to the more espionage side. In other words, prevention before treatment, and smart prevention at that (and not the crude, brute force way they did in canon. Sure erecting a war and running stringent security measures at the ground level work, but they are also costly and crude, and unlikely to prevent large scale warfare or more sophisticated hostile attempts on their nation. They should be a last resort and not the de-facto mode of operation). Due to the general climate of the Naruto verse, conflict is unavoidable. However, instead of going all Krogan/Turian in their neighbor’s face, they should take a page out of the Salarian’s books. Not only is espionage and aggressive intelligence actions cheaper as defense measure, they are also more effective for a country like Rain (which will always lose if a big war breaks out in their general proximity. So the only way they win is not by winning that war, but by making sure that war either doesn’t happen in the first place, or if it has to happen, then it happens somewhere far away from them, in someone else’s backyard preferably), and their fallouts easier to contain.    

lyla-lycoris  asked:

Challenge: Jhoira of the Ghitu is an agent from the future, attempting to influence the past to make a difference. Design the deck as you want (long as it fits the flavor) but you must include: A future where an AI controls the fate of humanity, a future where the world is in eternal warfare, a future where we live alongside aliens, a future where interdimensional beings lay siege to our world, and a future where there is nothing but ocean.

Jhoira comes from a grim timeline ravaged by war and disaster. Pessimistic about the future of her world, she has devoted her life to understanding the nature of time and plans to rewrite history with the help of her faithful familiar.

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