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Emperors new groove

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(There is definitely going to be a part two to this one. Not only to draw the crocodile river scene, but basically the whole movie! I am having way too much fun! I think my favorite thing to come out of this is Bellwether and Lionheart as Yzma and Kronk! I just want Zootopia 2 to be Bellwether/Lionheart teaming up to seek revenge on Nick and Judy, and I can see their relationship exactly mirroring these two! Haha!  -admin)


I know you…

I’ve wanted to make some sort of Alit tribute for some time now, since he’s my favorite Barian except maybe for Vector.  I found this song online and thought up a sad sort of tribute to the story of Alit and Koutei, the Emperor “Lionheart” who was his rival in life. 

In this little ‘AU’ story, Alit goes to the old ruins in present-day Spartan City in search of the legendary Numbers card buried there.  He drains the lake and enters, only to find that the Numbers’ spirit and the card itself are both beings he used to know.  The more they interact, the more Alit learns about his past and how the three (the card, the Emperor and the Gladiator) were separated tragically.  Don Thousand steps in, having altered Alit’s memories enough so that he hated the Emperor for betraying him and having him falsely executed.  But Numbers 54’s power reawakens his true memories, making Alit realize he had falsely held a grudge against his old rival, and all he has left of that time now to hold onto is the Numbers Card, Lionheart.

Hope everyone likes it x3

Zootopia 1- a fur wars story. Chapter 5: Mr. Big

The group was lead to a large rock outcropping in the middle of the desert that had some partisan ships parked outside. When they arrived the group had their gear confiscated and thrown into a room. Nick, Skye and Jack were tossed into a cell while Judy was lead to another area in the base. She noticed the partisans all around her, they were doing every kind of activity from playing some game, to just standing around. But when Judy passed by they all stopped what they were doing and looked at her with a look that could kill. The bunny was lead to a room with a large window, where her restraints were removed and she was left alone.

“Judy hopps!”

Judy looked down to see Mr. Big walking towards her with a smile on his face.

“I haven’t seen you in years!” The shrew said.

“The last time you saw me, you gave me a knife and loaded blaster and told me to wait for you in a bunker. You abandoned me!”

“I was protecting you! Word was starting to get out that you were the daughter of an imperial scientist. There were people who wanted to use you as a hostage”

The shrew took the mask from his armor and took a breath before speaking again “why are you here?”

“The rebellion sent me”

“Did they send you to kill me?” Mr.big said, sounding distraught. “There’s not much of me left”

The shrew tapped his body, most of which was made of metal and machinery.

“No, they think because of my previous relationship with you I can get you to give up the pilot and the information he knows. The rebellion wants my father”

“But what is it that you want?”

“I just want to get this done. Then I’m out”

“You don’t care for the cause?”

“All the alliance has brought me is pain”

“You can stand… to see the imperial flag reign across the Galaxy?”

“It’s not a problem if you don’t look up”

Mr big sighed.

“I have something to show you” he said.

Skye, Jack and Nick were still trapped in a cell, but luckily Nick had a few hidden tools on him. Including a comlink which he used to call Weaselton for pickup, then set to work on picking the cell door.

“Who is in the next cell?” Jack asked.

“What?” Nick said.

“There’s someone in the next cell”

Nick went over to a small barred window in the wall and looked through. He saw Gideon sitting there on the floor, mumbling gibberish to himself.

“It’s the pilot!” Nick said, recognizing the flight suit and the fox’s face from the holograms in the holy city.

“Hey!” Nick said. “Your the pilot, right?”

“P…. P….. pilot?” Gideon said “yes, I’m the pilot! Stu hopps sent me from Eadu”


“Yes, that’s where Stu is. That’s where his lab is”

High above the planet, the massive imperial battle station, the Death Star, moved into position. Lionheart, bellwether and many high ranking imperials stood on the bridge. There were multiple control panels on the walls and a large screen on 1 wall.

“The emperor is awaiting my report” bellwether said.

“One would have hoped that him and lord finnick would be here to see this” lionheart said.

“I wanted to save them from any potential embarrassment”

“Your concerns are not warranted”

“If saying it would only make it so”

The director looked angrily at the sheep.

“All imperial forces have been evacuated” director lionheart said. “And I stand ready to destroy the entire moon”

“The holy city will be enough for today” bellwether said.

With another angry look, lionheart called out his orders.

“Single reactor ignition!”

The screen turned into an overhead view of the holy city on Jedha, with a targeting icon overlaid over the city.

An imperial technician came over to lionheart and spoke. “Sir we are in position-“


“Fine hardass” the technician muttered under his breath as other mammals began using the control panels to power up the station’s massive superlaser.

Mr big powered up a hologram projector that displayed an image of Stu Hopps.

“This is the message the pilot had on him” the shrew said.

“Dad” Judy said as her father began talking.

“Big, if your seeing this then that means there is a chance to save the alliance. A chance for Judy” he said, sounding depressed “if she’s alive, if you can find her, please tell her I hope she can forgive me, for not being by her side, all these years. I was forced to work under lionheart, building his superweapon. I couldn’t take my own life or refuse to work, so I did the only thing I could do, I lied. We call this superweapon, the Death Star. It has the power to destroy planets, but I have placed a weakness in the station, so small and powerful they will never find it. Judy, if you are listening, I want you to know that it has broken my heart to be without you, My little stardust”

Judy wiped a tear from her eye as she continued to watch the message.

“The station has a thermal exhaust port that leads directly to the reactor. That is my trap, if a torpedo or missile is fired down the port, it will detonate the reactor and trigger an explosion that will destroy the whole station”

On the Death Star mammals braced themselves as lasers shot by them, before the lasers connected into one massive beam that blasted down towards the holy city. The laser struck ground and created a massive explosion that obliterated the entire area.

Mr. Big looked out the window nearby as stu kept talking.

“You will need the structural plans for the Death Star, and I know they store copies at the citadel tower on scarif. But that would be a total suicide mission, and I’d never send you into harms way, so I just copied the plans to a disk and hid them with the pilot”

“Ah yes!” Mr. Big said tapping a nearby data disk with his cane. “The pilot, He was carrying these plans”

Stu looked like he was about to say something else, but the hologram deactivated as the whole base started to shake. Judy collapsed to her knees, the weight of this message was to much to bear. Looking out the window, she saw a massive explosion, And a title wave of rock and rubble racing towards the base.

Nick, Jack and skye burst out of their cell as the partisans noticed their impending doom coming closer and closer and started to flee. Nick freed Gideon while Jack and Skye grabbed their gear.

“Get outside!” Nick said, running to find Judy.

“Jack! Jack!” Skye yelled as jack calmly picked his gear back up and attached it to his body. “We gotta go!”

Nick raced into the room with Judy and Mr. big and grabbed Judy’s arm. “We need to get out of here!”

“Come on!” Judy yelled to Mr. Big as she grabbed the capsule containing her father’s message, and the data disk with the plans.

“No” the arctic shrew said “I will run no longer”

Nick pulled Judy out of the room as Mr.big called out. “Save the rebellion! Save the dream!”

High above the imperials watched the massive explosion on the surface of the planet.

“Oh it’s beautiful” director lionheart said.

Nick, Judy, Jack, Skye and Gideon headed outside to see partisans racing to their ships as the massive title wave of earth grew closer and closer. They also saw Weaselton landing nearby with the U-wing.

“Come on! This way!” Nick yelled as the team sprinted at full speed towards the ship. As they jumped aboard Nick hopped in the co-pilot’s seat and the ship took off.

Mr. Big watched the U-wing leave, before turning his gaze towards the massive wave of rock coming towards him. He disconnected the air system from his suit, which created the sound of gas escaping as air flowed out of the suit. The shrew stood with his arms out, and let the wave come over him, bulldozing the partisan base like a tree in an avalanche.

The massive wave began to curve up over the U-Wing, which was still attempting to escape.

“Jump to light speed!” Nick said.

“I haven’t finished my calculations yet” Weaselton responded.

“Let me make them for you” nick said as he pressed a few buttons, disabling the ships light speed safety measures, before flipping a large lever that sent the ship shooting off into hyperspace.

The cloud of rock and fire from the Death Star’s blast reached high into the sky, coming close to the battle station itself.

“I believe I owe you an apology director lionheart” bellwether said. The other officers in the room stayed silent as the 2 conversed.

“And you will tell the emperor” lionheart responded.

“I will tell him that his patience with your misadventures has been rewarded with a weapon that will bring a swift end to the rebellion”

“And that was only a FRACTION of its power”

“I will tell him that I will be taking control over the weapon I spoke of years ago, effective immediately”

A look of disbelief crossed lionhearts face before he scoffed at bellwether’s remark.

“We stand here amidst MY ACHIEVEMENT! NOT YOURS!” Lionheart yelled, walking up to the sheep.

“The recent security breaches have shown how inadequate you are to be a military director”

“The breaches have been filled. Jedha is silenced”

“Do you think this cargo pilot acted alone? He was dispatched from Eadu. Stu Hopps’s facility”

“I will see about this” lionheart said, before turning and leaving the room.