honestly im a slut for modernized Tamriel, just imagine the possibilities

  • elven history teachers: “ah yeas, this battle that happened 200 years ago… i remember it”
  • beastfolk rights activists
  • high heels and golden/metallic highlighters are very popular because of altmer beauty standarts
  • information war against, say, skyrim. evil barbarian stereotype used in movies a lot
  • evil barbarians are still played by emperials or something, don’t even look like nords. (yes! let me throw my shade at hollywood)
  • more hollywood problems: racism against human actors. no one wants to hire them because they get old quickly (hence elven beauty ideal)
  • mages are even more marginalized in certain countries because of technology + strict laws against magic, especially mind-controlling schools of magic
  • technomancers
  • more smaller countries appear, along with the concept of nationality
  • “our space specialists confirm that masser has nothing to do with lorkhan’s body”. angry religious mob protests against that blasphemy and attacks local astronomy museums.

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Hades and Persephone - Ch. 4

Summary: (Y/N) remains in Naboo for 3 weeks, trying to get her kingdom back on track. Though her time in diplomatic meetings go smoothly, she continues to be haunted by the thought of Kylo alone in his Emperial palace. Meanwhile, Kylo’s anger after these 3 weeks has disintigrated into more of a depression, convinced by his impatience and his tortured psyche that (Y/N) will likely never return to him.

A/N: Sorta angst, but I promise it gets better :) hope you all enjoy!

Surrounding a grand wood table, beams of sunlight illumintaing it, in the main hall of your palace senators of every rank from the surrounding planets sat. Despite all the formalities between dignitaries and their staff, you couldn’t help but to acknowledge the tension sitting in the air. After your assumed capture by the Emperor, everyone was on their highest alert. Whispers spread past the palace walls of your capture, despite the palaces best efforts to sweep it under the rug. Soon enough, everyone and their mother had something to say and something to fret over.

Much like your staff, the people of your lovely planet seemed to have a certain innocent perception of you. To them you were an endearingly innocent, endlessly caring and rather naive. Though you were caring and to a certain degree innocent, you were by no means as naive or innocent as everyone seemed to perceive you as. 

No one except one.

Goosebumps faintly raised from your flesh at the mere thought of him, sending a short shiver down your spine. Shaking your head faintly, you turned your attention back to the table before you.

“But will these increased measures of security be enough?”

“Senator Janub has a point. What if the security we impliment is not adequate enough to keep the Emperor out? What if he manages to break in?”

One senator, his eyes seeming to wander into some sort of frenzied state as he faintly trembled, leaned forward. Pausing for a long moment, he waited before he spoke in an almost hauntingly quiet tone.

“He’s not just an Emperor…you know that don’t you? …He is no mere mortal sitting on a throne. His force sensitivity is so entrenched in darkness…so incredibly powerful it has baffled some of the greatest jedi masters we have to date. Just when you think you have finished him, he only manages to become even more powerful than before.”

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Celestial Crown - Ch. 4

Originally posted by trashwilldo

Summary: Time passes after the destruction of the Emperial palace, putting the Resistance and First Order at a type of cease fire. As the Resistance plans their next move to hopefully end the First Order entirely, the First Order only gains strength as they rebuild, filled with vengance. Kylo and his empress live through the reconstruction, thinking everything has turned around for the better, until one afternoon.

A/N: Ok sorry this update took a lil while! But here it is again! I’m going to need at least a few ideas for the future chapters, so if you got any ideas, let me know :)  

5 years later…

It was astonishing to say the least, the silence that overcame the galaxy as the Resistance and First Order called a ceasefire. The years had passed and by some odd chance, the two had quietly ceased their attacks. As the silence between them settled however, it was more than obvious that the worst had yet to come. The tension undeniably making them like two predators waiting to strike, but first lurking through the grass, waiting for the next move.

As the Resistance maintained it’s same power and gained more and more recruits, Leia formulated plans with her team, finally coming up with something that would likely end it all. She hated to think of what would potentially happen to you, her son and her grandchild, but she knew it had to be done. Despite Kylo being her son, he was still reigning terror across the galaxy and at the end of the day, his political decisions were in the wrong. 

Though her plan often tried to accomodate a sly way of sneaking you all out, she knew it was far fetched. Even with your prior ties to Naboo, you were now loyal to Kylo and Kylo alone. Where he went you went, and what he did, you tried to support. Any plan of sneaking him away would likely fall flat as well considering how scarcely he trusted anyone other than you. Anything Leia formulated, he would doubt and second guess.

Meanwhile, at the Emperial palace, things were rapidly growing and improving as the days went by. Over the years since the fateful attack on the palace, the First Order had only grown stronger. With all of the technology and majority of the weapons reduced to ash, they saw an opportunity to innovate. Even with the palace in construction, they had managed to develop all kinds of new weaponary, infrastructure and military tactics. To say the least they were prepared, and waiting.

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~●●● About Rankstuck AU ●●●~


Title: Witch of Life

Ranking index: 0,94 (#1)

Life skills: healing, growing flora, (potentially) creating living creatures

(right - casual outfit, left - formal).

Recently Condesce has decided she wanted a protege, and not just a random person with the highest rank to become an heir; thus, for the first time since forming the empire she contributed her genetic material to the creation of new generation of trolls. When Feferi was hatched and got the Life aspect, she was taken under emperial care; Condesce was very satisfied with what she got and tried to infest Feferi with her own views and beliefs. However, Feferi grew up to be her own person, much kinder than Condesce hoped, and didn’t agree with her notions to weaken Humane Dominion. Despite that, she still holds the position of the main heiress of the Great Alternian Empire (Condesce has a soft spot for her), even though lately Condesce began favouring Eridan (the second heir) more.

In her free time Feferi tends to her Wintergarten that stays in perfect condition no matter what season it is with the help of her Life powers. Jade supplies it with flowers of her own, and Feferi admires her ability to grow perfect things without magic.

Feferi has connection to pretty much everyone due to her position; she is good friends with Jade and John, the heirs of Humane Dominion, and on good terms with Jane as a fellow Life Aspecter. She enjoys the ways humans forms families, and considers Eridan to be her brother, since they were raised side by side for as long as they can remember.

Kanaya is her royal advisor, and thus she talks to Karkat (Kanaya’s knight) a lot too; Karkat becomes the one who makes her believe in brainwashing and start rebellion among trolls.

rebelcassiandor  asked:

hi! my name's alyssa (and as for a nickname i use aly.) i would like a personalized star wars drabble with bodhi rook please, in the actual universe with the phrase "can i have this dance?" fluff would be nice! thank you!!

Bodhi gazed at Alyssa as she skillfully dismantled a motor.  “Looking at her again” Bodhi put a hand over his chest and looked up to see Chirrut with a smile on his face pointing his wooden stick towards Alyssa’s direction. “I bet she is beautiful to captivate such emotions on you, my friend”

“She is,” Bodhi said─ but sighed there was no way she’ll ever look his way. He was a deserting emperial pilot. He looked at his shoulder, Chirrut put a comforting hand on it. “The force says I got no chance, right?” He questioned with a desolated air.

“You built your destiny not the force” With that Chirrut left, leaving Bodhi with his thoughts.


“What is it?” Jyn asked Bodhi who was playing with his food.

“He likes the girl with the motor oil stains” Chirrut pimped in, Jyn looked up to see a woman with big black spots on her pants talking with Cassian.

Cassian sat in front of his companions, as soon as saw him they stopped talking. There was a red stain on Bodhi’s cheek and Jyn tried to suppress a laugh. “What’s wrong?”

“What is the name of the young lady you were talking to?” Chirrut asked nonchalantly as he took a bite of his food.

“Why would I give you her name?” Cassian questioned

“To help a friend”


Bodhi tugged on the sleeves of his jacket, there was music all around the main base. A birthday of a commander or that’s what Cassian told him. “Should I go fetch her for you?” Jyn asked Bodhi, he shook his head and stood straight.

“I can do this,” Bodhi said, but his nervous smile looked like a crooked smile─ and the sweat running down his face… “I─”

“The force is with you,” Chirrut said with a kind smile patting his back.

Alyssa was talking with a fellow mechanic when someone cleared their throat behind her. She turned around and saw the ex-emperial pilot looking like a mess. He was trembling like a twig, his cheeks were red and he seemed to speak but there was no sound. “I’ll be right back”

Her companion said and Alyssa turned her full attention back to the pilot. “Are you alright?”

Bodhi only nodded, it was easier say than done. His palms started to sweat, he started to feel dizzy. “Aly” Alyssa raised an eyebrow, “I mean Alyssa, I am sorry. I─”

Alyssa smiled at the shy man. “Take a deep breath,” Bodhi just nodded putting a hand over his chest. “Easy, exhale there you go” Bodhi smiled at her.

“Can I have this dance?”

Chirrut along with a moody Baze that munched on a carrot. “What?” Chirrut asked

“I didn’t say anything” Baza stated

“The force works in mysterious ways my friend” Chirrut said as he heard Alyssa giggled after Bodhi had apologized for stepping on her foot.

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