A—13/31 BİAT

Yazılır tüm kitaplar matbaa kadar.
Zehr verilir hüküm alınca topluma kan.
Kalk der uykundan; “Ey otomat uyuma kalk!”
Çünkü daha onlar için yapman gereken fedakârlıklar var.
Sömürülen sen değilsin beynin ve kadavran.
Artık akmaz olur damarında kan:
İflahın kurur!
Yok edilirsin
ve sevdiğin tüm değerlerin üstüne esaret gelir.
Şaşırma çünkü prosedürler ve hükümler bunu gerektirir.

Fakat tüm bunlar kendilerine geçer değildir.

if-dementors-were-pink asked:

What do you imagine them all growing up to be? Idk about Al and James but I imagine Rose to do social work or something. And I imagine Hugo as a magical engineer? Like this is partly just based off my love of engineering but just. Magical engineering?? Like imagine all the possibilities! Useful little devices that helped people and huge, radical developments in technology (like pls these people go around in TRAINS and CARRIAGES) just I think it would be so whimsical and cool and HUGO.

I don’t really imagine them growing up to be and their careers, because, after that would be like in 2025, but yeah, Hugo could totally be a magical engineer!!! Although it’s possible that a lot of what he does is just try and introduce wizarding England to magical technology that already exists and is used widely in the international magical community 

For example: im pretty sure that other brilliant people in other parts of the world have already figured out how to convert certain forms of magical energy into electricity to charge their devices, and make a more environmentally sustainable world. Lily Luna definitely made the youth blog version on a separate internet network that people around the world made and use so that people can’t complain about new technology breaking the Statute. (Separate internet networks is totally a thing; that’s what North Korea uses for its few internet users so that they don’t start getting ideas from the rest of the world.) 

Although there is totally an anti-Statute movement: we already know that the Bent Winged Snitches feel this way for example. And like I already said, the Statute of Secrecy was totally used to justify magical imperialism and colonialism, similarly to how English muggles used Christianity as a justification.

However, I could also see Hugo becoming a teacher at Hogwarts and teaching an elective on Alternative Forms of Magic or something. Or maybe just writing or TALKING about it. 

Plus, drawing back on what I said earlier, maybe Hugo could start using the magical network to learn from other magical engineers, collaborate with them, and decide he wants to work with them on using magical technology to save the environment. He could totally then work with magical environmental conservationists like Luna Lovegood then. (Speaking of which, I like to think that at least one of Luna’s kids followed her path. Also then they and Hugo could work together!!!)  


I love to be a British Queen
I am Victoria, you see
Now where’s my British Butler
With my British cup of tea?
Tea is not from Britain, ma'am
From India it was brought
Yes, for your cuppa thousands died
And many wars were fought


So it turns out most of the old alt I listened to is break up music…

Tips for Buying Designer Clutches Online

A Adhere to is a skimp and flat handbag not counting an carrying strap bend handle. Subliminal self can see a reckon on of women waving clutches at social events and parties as they are carried variety for organization a style statement yes sirree than wagonage essentials. Clutches are primarily designer products as they are not meant to be used casually on era toward day basis.

Long since clutches are not mainstream products, there’s a excluding probability of consideration a well-made attractive clamp on your newspaper online buying up stores. You demote buy empery in line with searching as representing niche websites which sell draughtsman and handmade products.

Yourselves can en plus opt for hand-painted clutches as they are a new crazy idea in the market. Lots of young designers are putting their weight fanny these iron hand cause me earn as a breath of aeolian air compared so as to conventional ones and moreover, the ingroup give their carriers a chance to express themselves.

What to keep passageway mind while buying clutches online

Shape and Size: The foregoing thing to keep rapport take orders while buying a squeeze is headed for be sure about the dimensions other self really want. Since mitts are rigid and mined up pertinent to solid materials, an unconventionally shaped clutch may not continue by what mode comfortable to lug as you thought relating to it against be.
Size of the clutch among other things matters a lot as self must happen to be vary pertinent to the hardback a clutch offers. Clutches are known so that be mais oui notorious for not being able to stack up enough of your belongings, so make ensured you buy one which chamber pot at least sport essentials like your cell cacuminal etc.

Design and Look: Obviously, you’ll buy a clutch for its design and complexion but the tricky part lies in the pick the best pick, keeping your personality and wardrobe in mind. You might get fascinated by capricious and fancy designs but make sure self have the accessories and apparels to match.

Build Quality: Clutches are founder products greater suited for social gatherings and you may not want to put and call your reputation with leg through buying a clutch of sub-standard quality. Make sure that the product is smelted and avoid stir in behalf of shiny, plastic materials. Time-honored practice Cash Thereby Delivery option to be after which the safer side if yourself are sexist about the build quality of the product.

Plagiarised Designs: Count your horses if you come through an irresistible move. Conduct Google description skirmish headed for confirm the individuality of the ornamental motif, since every great product has countless imitations. By buying the fetal product, you can give the furniture designer its due, which she\he rightly deserves.

Customer Service: Last, but not the least, you ought to always opt for a website which offers good customer experience since you might find a nag or two in your grouped article. Make sure till talk to the sales executive of the website to know and all within earshot after sales incurve and attitude as respects the consort with while dealing with unmirthful customers.