Noite gelada
Sempre melhor que quente
Cama arrumada
Sempre junta a gente

Bolo de chuva
Junto com cobertor
“Ave Maria” quem já ligou pro vô?

Casa abafada
Luz que nem toca a gente
Mesa empenada
Bota um papel e a gente sai

Bolo de chuva
Acho que me molhou
Que coisa absurda
Alguém já ligou pro vô?


Kale and Potato Empenadas with mushroom dipping sauce.

These have come out really well. I was a bit nervous with this one but, im very happy! The ‘pastry’ is usually made with an egg but, I have omitted this. Making them cheaper and also a vegan option.

This recipe is 100% Vegan but, dont worry if you dont have none dairy ingredients, other butter like spreads can be used,similarly to the soyal milk, cow milk can be used instead.

Its low cost. Even more of rme as I grew the Kale and potaoes myself but, this recipe uses many things you will more than likely already have in. A big bag of Kale can be bought for around £1.

Empenada filling ingredients;

2 medium sized potatoes, 

8oz/227g (approx) Kale

2 medium onions

2 large cloves garlic

1/2pt Veg stock

3tsp oil for frying

pepper to season

Pastry Ingredients;

8oz/227g plain flour

40z/113g butter type cooking spread (I used none dairy Vitalite)

2floz Pure orange juice (or water if you dont have some OJ in the fridge already its a nice optional extra but, not essential to use)

Mushroom sauce Ingredients;

Retained Veg stock from boiling potatoes

40z/113g Mushrooms

2floz milk (I used soya)

1 small onion

pinch thyme

1tsp oil

1tsp soy sauce


1) Dice potato into small cubes. To cook, place in saucepan with veg stock and bring to boil. Reduce heat and simmer until soft. Drain and retain stock for sauce.

2) Chop Kale to small pieces (after trimming away hard stalks, you can compost these) Place oil in frying pan and heat, add onion, frying until soft and turning golden. Add garlic, cook for another couple of minutes until soft. Add Kale and saute until wilting well. Mix with potato and set aside until later.

3) Make pastry. Add fat and flour to bowl and rub in fat until it resembles breadcrumbs. Use orange juice/water to bring together. Place in fridge, covered for at least an hour.

4) Make mushroom dip: Chop mushroom and onion into very small dice. Add oil to frying pan and saute until soft. Add thyme and pepper. Add stock and bring to a boil, reduce for approx 10 minutes until most has gone. Now add the milk (I used soya milk), bring to boil and cook until thick. I whizzed mine in a food processor, but this isnt necessary. Set aside for later.

5) Take pastry from fridge, using a little flour for dusting, roll out to 2cm ish thickness. You need it to be thick enough to roll out a little larger without splitting. Now cut 18 circular disks. (I used a mug to cut the circles) and roll out 5inches/13cm Fill each with 1 heaped tsp of kale and potato mixture. Wet edge, fold over and crimp, making sure it is well sealed. I brished each one with some more Orange juice but this is optional. cut two small slits for steam holes. Set each one on a greased baking sheet and cook for approx 10 minutes at 200c, until each are just browned.

These can be eaten hot or cold, as can the sauce. Yummy as part of a main meal, take on a picnic, as a lunch box treat or a nice little snack!



night out

We headed into the city last night to see our friends Edwin and Jenai. Every month they host Hell’s Kitchen Comix, a few hours dedicated to folks just drawing shit. It was awesome. I even drew some stuff which I hadn’t really planned on because I don’t consider myself an “artist” in that respect, writing is more of my thing and I was kinda intimidated by it. But after a while I found myself with a pen in my hand scribbling crap and it was a lot of fun. I think it was really good for Ben to go because he doesn’t draw as much as he used to and we both miss it.  I think what I liked most about it was that there were no rules and no wrong way to do anything. Everyone came up with some very sick, twisted and funny shit. We ended up not going home, the idea of waiting in Penn for three hours to get a ride home just wasn’t gonna work. Jenai introduced us to this place on 52nd called Empanada Mama, all the empanadas you can dream of 24 HOURS!!! So it was a nom party at 2am. Didn’t wake up till the day was half over and we stopped in at this Brazilian place called Rice and Beans for a late lunch before we headed home. The food was cheap and delicious and we’ll have to go there again the next time we find ourselves in the city, which hopefully will be more often because we want to check out Hell’s Kitchen Comix again. 

Good shit.