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Signs That Understand Each Other (With Different Elements)

Sagittarius - Aquarius

Virgo - Libra

Gemini - Cancer

Aries - Taurus

Pisces - Leo

Scorpio - Capricorn

the signs as superpowers
  • aries : telekinesis
  • taurus : animal communication
  • gemini : laser vision
  • cancer : empath
  • leo : no power, you're just a good person
  • virgo : super speed
  • libra : super intelligence
  • scorpio : mind control
  • sagittarius : super strength
  • capricorn : immortality
  • aquarius : being rich
  • pisces : all of them
Empath Protection

This is a masterpost with resources for empaths. First off, are you an empath*?

An empath is someone who deeply feels and connects to the emotions, feelings, and energies of other people. This can cause anxiety, depression, fatigue, exhaustion, headaches, stomach aches, and/or severe stress. There are varying degrees of empathy one can feel, and for some this gift/burden is heavier than for others. See also, 30 Common Traits of an Empath, More Information about Empaths.
Signs which are most commonly empaths: Aquarius, Cancer, Pisces.
Here is a resource of tips and tricks for the empath.

Empath Bath Salts - Use this after being around people’s energies for too long and are needing to be cleansed of them.
Empath Protection Sigil - Put on your person, a charm, in your grimoire, or on your clothing.
Empath Protection Jar - Protect yourself from others negative energies. This is a preventative.
Empath Bath Spell - This spell is for balancing your own energy and grounding yourself.
Crystals for Empaths -  Put on your person, beside your bed, under your pillow, in rooms you frequent, or on your clothing.
The Veil Method - How to block out other people’s emotions.
Treatment for the ‘Empath Hangover’ - How to deal with things after ebing emotionally drained.
Negative energy protection sigil -  Put on your person, a charm, in your grimoire, or on your clothing.
“I Am Warded and Safe from External Feelings” Sigil -  Put on your person, a charm, in your grimoire, or on your clothing.

Misc. Tips for Empaths:

Wear silk; silk neutralises other people’s energies. Perform grounding and self love spells often. All yourself designated quiet time. Cleanse your space, aura, and chakras of negative energy often.

Pro's and Con's of your Moon Sign
  • Aries: + youthful, lively, decisive
  • - argumentative, bossy, fickle
  • Taurus: + charming, loyal, appreciative
  • - conservative, materialistic, stubborn
  • Gemini: curious, rational, communicative
  • - moody, restless, fickle
  • Cancer: + empathic, romantic, compassionate
  • - hypersensitive, indecisive, moody
  • Leo: + optimistic, confident, generous
  • - strong need for recognition, haughty, overestmating
  • Virgo: + reliable, clever, rational
  • - reserved, perfectionistic, hypercritical
  • Libra: + lively, communicative, charming
  • Scorpio: + deep, insightful, sensitive
  • - distrustful, jealous, revengeful
  • Sagittarius: + witty, honest, intuitive
  • - restless, can't deal with criticism, selfish
  • Capricorn: + ambitious, responsible, loyal
  • - has a hard time to open up, pessimistic, unemotional
  • Aquarius: + independent, sociable, rebellious
  • - unreliable, detached, restless
  • Pisces: + caring, spiritual, intuitive
  • - isolated, unstable, moody
The signs as super powers
  • Aries: super strength, fire manipulation
  • Taurus: impenetrability/invulnerability, time travel
  • Gemini: telepathy/mind reading (communicating through and hearing thoughts), telekinesis (controlling objects with the mind)
  • Cancer: empathic perception/manipulation (sensing and controlling feelings), healing (both self and others)
  • Leo: flying, midas touch
  • Virgo: mind control (mental aspect, not physical, which would be telekinesis), electricity manipulation
  • Libra: shape shifting/transformation, mimicry
  • Scorpio: poisonous touch/kiss, necromancy
  • Sagittarius: lie detection, teleportation
  • Capricorn: super speed, ice manipulation
  • Aquarius: water manipulation, invisibility
  • Pisces: regeneration, clairvoyance
Pisces and the Signs (the _____ of the Zodiac)

Pisces and Aries - the Children

Pisces and Taurus - the Sentimentals

Pisces and Gemini - the Actors

Pisces and Cancer - the Empaths

Pisces and Leo - the Dreamers

Pisces and Virgo - the Poets

Pisces and Libra - the Believers

Pisces and Scorpio - the Psychics

Pisces and Sagittarius - the Optimists

Pisces and Capricorn - the Motivators

Pisces and Aquarius - the Philosophers

The empathy of the Zodiac:

Aries empathize with the innocent

Taurus empathize with the nostalgic

Gemini empathize with the divided

Cancer empathize with the emotive

Leo empathize with the vulnerable

Virgo empathize with the over analytical

Libra empathize with the used

Scorpio empathize with the doubtful

Sagittarius empathize with the trapped

Capricorn empathize with the pressured

Aquarius empathize with the outcasts

Pisces empathize with the abused


What gets you upset?

Negativity, of all kinds. Violence. I’ve been really affected this week by the shootings in Orlando and of course, [Christina Grimmie’s passing]. That takes a really huge toll on me, and it’s very scary. I’m a very sensitive person and I’m an empath, I’m a Cancer. When I feel something I feel it hard, I feel it very deeply. That has been very heavy on my mind and on my heart all week this week and it’s definitely affected every minute of every day. It’s very scary. We live in a world where there is a lot of hate that needs to be addressed. It’s not the answer. I’m sorry but it’s not. You will never be rewarded by hating someone, from hating, [and] you will never be rewarded for hating someone. Love is the absolute, only answer. Your intolerance, your judgment, your hatred will never be rewarded. That is just never going to happen. All I can do is sit here and like spread my message, and tell people to be more compassionate, tell people to be more accepting and loving.

Positive traits of zodiac signs
  • Aries: Enthusiastic and Pioneering
  • Taurus: Patient and Persistent
  • Gemini: Versatile and Youthful
  • Cancer: Empathic and protective
  • Leo: Generous and Energetic
  • Virgo: Practical and Watchful
  • Libra: Charming and Easygoing
  • Scorpio: Creative and Loyal
  • Saggitarius: Honest and Freedom-loving
  • Capricorn: Disciplined and Careful
  • Aquarius: Humanitarian and Inventive
  • Pisces: Friendly and Selfless
The 48 Astrological Periods of the Year (The Grand Cycle of Life)

Pisces-Aries {Rebirth}
Aries I {The Child}
Aries II {The Star}
Aries III {The Pioneer}
Aries-Taurus {Power}
Taurus I {Manifestation}
Taurus II {The Teacher}
Taurus III {The Natural}
Taurus-Gemini {Energy}
Gemini I {Freedom}
Gemini II {New Language}
Gemini III {The Seeker}
Gemini-Cancer {Magic}
Cancer I {The Empath}
Cancer II {The Unconventional}
Cancer III {The Persuader}
Cancer-Leo {Oscillation}
Leo I {Authority}
Leo II {Balanced Strength}
Leo III {Leadership}
Leo-Virgo {Exposure}
Virgo I {System Builders}
Virgo II {The Enigma}
Virgo III {The Literalist}
Virgo-Libra {Beauty}
Libra I {The Perfectionist}
Libra II {Society}
Libra III {Theater}
Libra-Scorpio {Drama & Criticism}
Scorpio I {Intensity}
Scorpio II {Depth}
Scorpio III {Charm}
Scorpio-Sagittarius {Revolution}
Sagittarius I {Independence}
Sagittarius II {The Originator}
Sagittarius III {The Titan}
Sagittarius-Capricorn {Prophecy}
Capricorn I {The Ruler}
Capricorn II {Determination}
Capricorn III {Dominance}
Capricorn-Aquarius {Mystery & Imagination}
Aquarius I {Genius}
Aquarius II {Youth & Ease}
Aquarius III {Acceptance}
Aquarius-Pisces {Sensitivity}
Pisces I {Spirit}
Pisces II {The Loner}
Pisces III {Dancers & Dreamers}

The Signs' Little Talents
  • Aries: Hugging really well
  • Taurus: Befriending skittish animals
  • Gemini: Logically winning arguments
  • Cancer: Empathizing with others
  • Leo: Physical activities come easily
  • Virgo: Peacekeeping
  • Libra: Doing taxes
  • Scorpio: Parallel parking
  • Sagittarius: Growing plants
  • Capricorn: Organizing efficiently
  • Aquarius: Being able to read the energy of a room
  • Pisces: Matching colors