emotive artwork

Second Tales from the Borderlands fanart (first one is this: http://nataliedecorsair.tumblr.com/post/150926647530/my-first-tales-from-the-borderlands-fanart)

These are traditional sketches edited in digital %)) I’m dead now I guess because I’m tired hhhffff

The many faces of Asami Ryuichi - #3

Now, you didn’t think that I went through all the effort of capturing Takaba without capturing his counterpart did you? 

This is taken from the same chapter as the previous post (Volume 3 Chapter 9) but is dedicated to the man that Takaba goes to for help, but ends up in his bed instead.. Oh Asami, you have some strange ways of keeping Takaba distracted and out of danger.. You think you’re hiding that caring/protective side but it’s so obvious to us fujoshis.. “…I can’t allow you to go” huh? We see right through you.. Lol!

Some intense expressions going on here as Asami tries to teach Takaba a lesson, about what goes on in business and in the bedroom.. But will Takaba ever learn? Le sigh.. We certainly hope not! Haha!


Magi Chapter 337 hit me like a truck so I drawed this picture for my most favorite character <3

I think Judar is still an innocent child, deep inside. I love him ;-;

The white lilys reflect the innocence of judar. They have a reddish tone because of the blood he sheded. wow such deepness lol :D

Watercolours have become my current favorite medium ^-^ even though i said i hate them hehe.

Also my Magi portrait collection is growing!  Morgiana, Yunan and Judar done so far <3