Just imagine if these two kissed during this scene. It would be so idk loving? Passionate? Pure? I can’t even describe the emotions what these two were feeling during this very moment. Just seeing your lover again after a year, then el having to go back and save the world, and close the gate. Just imagining the fear mike felt in the pit of his stomach. He’s so desperate to have her back, and if the kiss exsisted and hopper let it happen, man, it would truly be a beautiful scene. And they absolutely wanted it. El and Mike didn’t want to just have that fear hanging in the back of their mind of not giving each other some sort of sign of affection or love before if el did end up dying. They’re a solid case, and you can disagree all you want, but this is true love.

Monarchs Of Mewni Series (Chronologically)

Have you taken a gander at my Monarchs of Mewni series? Probably not. Frustrated that I’m not writing them in chronological order like a normal person? Most likely.

Fear not! I have compiled the ten tales written so far into a handy sequential list. So if you haven’t checked out my stories yet, or just want to re-read them, this guide is for you.

For those of you who have read and enjoyed them, consider this a proper “thank you” from the bottom of my heart. Your kind words and emotion-filled reviews are what keep me going. I can’t believe I churned out ten of these in nearly a year, some of which wouldn’t have been possible without @starbutterfly-diaz and their magical way with words. Thanks Rea :)

More tales are on the way, including a brief peak into the Lucitor family. Until then, feel free to pop by my inbox and ask me any questions you might have (I love talking about my little universe).

i think something that has weighed very much on me since opening my eyes to it in the past few months, is women’s social obligation to be empathetic and caring. even to people we don’t even know…

like i have guys that i do not talk to regularly or at all, contacting me when they are sad for emotional support. like what do i do? here i am feeling cornered to console this person in some sort of way….. when i don’t even know them??

i can barely do that with MYSELF, MY FRIENDS, AND MY FAMILY. how can i provide this type of emotional labor to someone i don’t even know??? its crazy to me….. that i’m expected to give a fuck about EVERYONE and EVERYTHING…… is all i’m saying here…..


Writing Autistic Characters: 50 posts from scriptautistic

Happy Nanowrimo! In honour of national novel writing month 2017 we have put together this list of 50 of the most useful questions and answers from our blog this year. We hope you find them useful - happy writing!

-the scriptautistic mods




Emotions and empathy

Sensory sensitivities






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This is breaking my heart

Roughly roughly translated (my Japanese is so bad and so basic), basically Lucy is asking Happy about “that something they wanted to do after the war” and Happy turns around to ask Natsu “have you announced it yet?” Only to discover that HES GONE ALONG WITH MY HEART

The 12th House Of Demons and Past.

Aries in 12th house cups: the aggressor, the wild and the secretly unrestrained. Their inner demon is disguised as unconscious rage without a tangible source. Anger can seem to Spring from the cracks of their psyche at times without their knowing. There inner mind is constantly in defense and despite their calm demeanor they take everything to the core and every slight is felt. Their mannerisms can be masculine-coming across as confrontational. They have a mighty strong will and an even more defined sense of self despite this being the house of the unconscious. They tend to struggle with approaching life in a more direct way out of a fear of themselves really. They fear the violence in them-and for this reason they tend to shake and shut down when provoked or in a agitated state as they often don’t know where to direct their anger. The secret desires of these natives would be described as impulsive-raw sex. The aggressive and more dominate persona tends to come out instinctually in them during sex and at times would be described as their “true” sexual nature as this is the final house. When alone they are often far more driven and energetic than they lead on. Naturally driven to their goals and a strong sense of self are indicated here.

Mars in the 12th house: their past lives where marked by war and a life that was lived through aggression and in a sense constantly having to test ones will in that of the world they stood in. I see people with mars in the 12th(including myself) as people whom have had some sort of a violent life style previously and for that reason coming into this life they’re frightened of their own strength and anger. They’re afraid of who they were before coming to the surface. That being said this is unconsciously acted out so often times the body Itself tries to avoid confrontation as a defense mechanism. These natives are not necessarily “passive aggressive” in reality it’s done out of need for them to place an imaginary chain on the child of war living in them. This also points to a sexual life style in the past life that may have had an aggressive quality to it and one that may have had their sexuality robbed of them in a sense, via forced sex by another or sexual exploitation. So now In this life the sexuality is often a blur and cloudy for these natives and many often take some time throughout their lives figuring out what they want and desire sexually and what motivates them for that matter. They have a secret desire for intense and more aggressively dominant sex despite how sensitive and caring they are. They are for the most part immensely powerful both spiritually and physically but they pour much of their power into spirituality and compassion for those around them. They are deeply feeling and easily sacrifice for those they must. Many are natural fighters and easily gifted in sports as their body retained knowledge of “battle” from the previous life. The birth could’ve been painful for the mother and in some cases the mother may have had the child unexpectedly and may have sought to rid of the child(not saying this is always the case) there is often someone from above guarding them in this life and they tend to pull through physical aliments that most do not! That being said the vitality is based upon the emotional constitution of the native.

Taurus in the 12th house cups: the inner trait of these natives is gluttony. They unconsciously seek to be surrounded by abundance-the more of it they have the less they are able to value what they own. They can unconsciously have a tendency to be stuck deeply in their own ways without realizing and have a set of repeated patterns that they constantly play out. At times they do look inward for the root of these cycles but in their early stages they can lean towards looking around the room for someone else to blame. They fear falling into stagnancy, and as a combative they try to challenge themselves mentally as often as they can-but that being said the tendency to slow down is their shadow and no matter how much they fly from place to place somehow they always end up finding foundation where there is none. They are deeply grounded and can at times recover from some of life’s greatest misfortunes because of this. Their true sex nature is earthy and sensual-the secretly desire the skin to skin of sex and often fantasize about slow silky touch added to the act. Something slow and full of erotic foreplay.

Venus in the 12th house: the past life was lived in vanity and extreme lust. They were adored, often by many. People sought after them for love but also to use them. They often themselves had a vain outlook towards others and during their previous life although they may or may not have learned to look beyond just the superficial qualities of others they often had a grand love affair and one that they sacrificed it all for. This is often seen in the charts of people who had the past life of someone in a royal position or to a high class family. They were often seen as a gift but sadly they might’ve lost it all because of who they fell in love with. That being said it’s not necessarily tragedy as often this means they found their true love in their past life and will meet them again in this life. Their love lives in this life will often have an immense level of karma and will often be a “wrapping up” of business so to speak romantically. The relationship can seem heart wrenching and seemingly destroy these natives but what comes from the ashes is often something so spiritually enlightened-that they often are nothing like they were previously. Many of the people and lovers attracted to you are people whom have had relations with you in the past(be it enemies, lovers,family members(platonically of course) and so on) the love nature in this life is deeply shy and reserved mainly due to the inherited past association of what “love means” they have a overwhelming love nature and it can almost seem like a dream. They often have a deeply ethereal beauty about them-something that seems not of this time or era but something entrancing. They do tend to attract “out of light” relationships and or secret relationships and often times people whom are married or already in a relationship are drawn to them as Neptune’s influence here blurs the lines. They will often be faced with many life changing obstacles that will serve to prepare them for the right one. They desire deeply emotional sex that is genuine and pure, something endearing and sensual in nature-since libra and Taurus individual nature’s would be combined here there is a desire for slow and erotic touch along with mutual satisfaction and pleasure. The mother might’ve been plump around the time of the child’s birth and the child might’ve also been rather quiet when born. The child was received with much love upon birth.

Gemini on the 12th house cusp: there is a pronounced angel and demon-god and devil archetype here. These natives can unconsciously play out two sides and flop between them without knowing, one side of them is pure-like a newborn child often seeking the thrill-bouncing about life without a care but this is done without notice and often time it can seem sporadic in nature. While other times the demon takes center stage and shows itself through darker thoughts and random bouts of melancholy. They can often run in and out of depression in some cases. The mind can run on a completely superhuman level. They don’t process things the same way others do and due to mercury-Gemini’s ruler having influence here rather than outside of this house there is often a cosmic and spiritual flow to their thoughts. They often get spiritual intuition and can seemingly be guided into things. Someone from above constantly brings to light the ideal of surrender to the unknown and they can often feel at the mercy of something out side of them. The hall Mark twin like nature of good and evil is also present in their sexual desires-the often fly between playful and sweet sex and dark almost tantric sexual experiences. They are inner nervous and can often get highly anxious in large groups. They often struggle with saying what’s really on their mind out of being unable to put their deep thoughts into words. Wherever mercury is situated will show where this is most prevalent and the sign it’s in will show what is hardest for them to identify with. When alone they are quick of wit and easily brainiacs. They are emotionally detached and can often struggle deep down with pin pointing what emotions belongs to what.

Mercury in the 12th house cusp: the mental complexity of these natives is beyond words-they often lived a past life gathering knowledge-a life where their ideas where often challenged and belittled . There ideas where often built from the ground up and originated from continuous trial and error and because of this-their brains have regained their immense storage, maintaining the ability to absorb and re-dispense knowledge quicker and more detailed than most. They often lost their mental facilities in their previous life and often this points to a wound of the head near their death in their last life that brought their mind to its highest state in their last moments. The mind in this life flys like electrical currents and can be hard to shut off. They are deeply feelings and often absorb the feelings and emotions of others very easily which can also overwhelm them due to the immense flux of energy. They have a hard time expressing what they mean and can be anxious in one on ones conversations. In some cases the mother may have been rather frail at the time of the child’s birth. This might also mean that the child was either completely silent when born or highly composed.

Cancer on the 12th house: these natives can be quite the polar opposite of what they present. Deep down they are deeply feeling and emotionally complex. It’s not all about the ego and in fact it’s not all about the attention or gratification of the masses for them-it’s about the feelings and intentions that come with those acts that they often sit alone and contemplate. They aren’t readily trusting and can unconsciously push those away out of a fear of opening up to quickly or allowing their more insecure side to rear its head. They resent their sensitivities and often time try to ignore their emotions in an effort to seem more level headed. The family is extremely important to them and they unconsciously place their family, especially the mother above most things in life. Their is often sentimental mush in these natives that is often ignored which can show up as bad coping mechanisms in their behavior when not dealt with properly. Their relations with women can often be described as odd and confusing-theirs a hidden level of malice but also a hidden level of intimacy. They themselves are very feminine in nature and have feminine mannerisms as there more nurturing shadow tends to reveal itself through their facial expression and mannerisms. They deeply crave an emotional connection in sex and need to feel nurtured and cared for in reality. Their true sexual nature is very considerate and tender. No matter what their chart looks like abrasive lovers can shut them down.

Moon in the 12th house: the emotions can seem to be at times lost in a well, completely out of sight and mind from the native. The relationship with the mother may as well be something all hidden cables and wires filled with cloudy disconnected feelings and feelings of burden by ones mother carried over from the past life. The mother in the past life was often of deep importance to the native and for better or worse was the sole shaper of the individuals past life. She often had an illness that required many sacrifices on the natives part to take care of her. Often times the mother leeched of the child to such a point that the natives life was often put on a back burner. Their emotions were often so poured into the mother that they became lost on the native. So in this life their can be much confusion on the direction of ones emotions and what they truly do care for and what they do not. They can have disturbing relationships with women in the early years that can be seen as acting out pent in aggression carried from the last life. As they grow older they do often learn to understand their more hidden instinctual needs as they learn through others. Unlike Pisces moons who are deeply receptive and caring moon in the 12th house natives aren’t outwardly receptive and have a hard time being sympathetic until much later in life. They have deep and powerful feelings but they hold them deep between their heart like a bird cage so no one can get in and steal from them again. They are so sacrificial and often love very passionately despite their aversion to opening up. The sexual nature was often and is still intense and deeply weightful-sex with them is truly in its truest form an exchange of souls.

Leo in the 12th house cusp: the ego talks in secret with this position and I often describe these natives as the prowling lion, gazing from behind the trees watching its prey in complete silence. These natives often unconsciously observe-they tend to secretly view themselves as better and more elite than those they are around and of course this isn’t done out of arrogance or thinking they are superior more so than it is their more need to size up their environment and those around them in relation to themselves. They often feel deeply confused about their own ego and sense of self from time to time and usually seek out a need to alleviate this sensation by down sizing others. They have a huge sense of inner pride and do secretly see themselves as enterprising. They are very much so confident but in a more discrete way. They often dislike to be put on the spot-thought they do dream of being the center of attention. Alone they are very entertaining and can be quite the star-they have a inner sense of happiness that’s prevalent but often struggle with finding common ground with their more bright characteristics in a practical real world sense. Their real sexuality is rooted in praise and adoration! They love feeling important and as if they are their lovers soul happiness. They tend to want to be in charge in bed settings and fantasize about boiling passion on the side of their partner.

Sun in the 12th house: “The Who am I” is often routinely the focal point in this life. These natives can constantly feel as though they are seeing parts of who they should be in others. Almost like a mirror on the wall they take fragments and try to often piece together a person with it. Unlike the moon which deals with the mother devouring the child’s emotional state-here this can point to a past life where the father may have constantly subdued the native and often times enforced his desires and wishes onto the native in the past life to become someone or something completely opposite of who they were. In a sense this can point to a past life of a dynasty like lineage where one was forced to carry on the legacy of the fathers bloodline. There is also a sense that the last life was often one where the native had a strong will and often lead many but due to there extreme influence they often come into this life rejecting their inner leadership abilities-the run away from the sense of self out of a fear of the amount of responsibility and devotion they associate with leading and guiding others. These natives in this life often go threw many transitions and transformations in this life on their journey to become “them” and often times they meet people who are nothing like them and at some point in time will learn that the qualities associated with those people don’t match up to who they really are. These natives have a natural magnetism and once tapped into they can be some of the most powerful people.

Virgo in the 12th house: in a sense they’re critical, but they’re also deeply critical of themselves. They’re the virgin but also the whore. Similarly to Gemini there is a dual nature between the perfectionist-the innocent and quietly poised native and the more unkempt and self loathing, insecure persona that rears its head behind the perfect upkeep. They unconsciously move in precise movements often trying to keep their intentions out of sight of others. They can secretly fear stability and the day to day of life and often Try to portray and more polite and easy aura in an attempt to seek refuge from their more cut throat and blunter thoughts. They can have restless nerves that seemingly go on for ages. Virgo creates a self awareness here so much like Pisces in the 12th house cusp the natives are often aware of their shadow side and actively seek to control it . Their true sexual nature is that of a inner desire for pleasure sex. Sexual encounters that are built from trust but also have a deeply servicing aspect about them.

Chiron in the 12th house: there is often a hidden but internal feasible pain in these natives. Scars carried over from the past life are brought into this life and act out as unconsciously motivated patterns. The past life was often ended in a martyr like fashion-these natives fought for a cause and often endured a great deal of pain as consequence. They gave up much of themselves and often were placed through a great deal of betrayal, loss and sadness but always overcame-they paved the way for many and protected many in their wake. Although it may not seem like this as a blessing they where given another life-a life that would allow them to be free and to enjoy life differently than they had previously. It can be hard for them to relate to their pain in this life and it can almost seem like they bounce back from things quicker than most. They understand pain but also have an easy time detaching from it due to just “having been though worse” they have a natural optimism and usually keep their heads held high no matter the circumstance

Libra on the 12th house cusp: the inner nature is rather pure and warm nature despite the overly intense and black and white image they hold themselves up to. They are in a sense vain and do at times have a hard time coming to terms with the occasional bouts of superficiality in their nature. They unconsciously desire to be liked by others and at times can change themselves out of a desire and need to feel understood and seen as charming by others. They tend to deny their more vain qualities and search for deepness where their is none as a defense mechanism. They’re secretly very passive and aren’t always readily able to determine what it is they’re after or want. Part of them is deeply indecisive and always balancing their options. Although they don’t mean to apart of them is secretly dancing between choices. Their mannerisms can be angelic and rather sensual in nature. Their true sexuality is often rooted in mutual satisfaction and sensual exploration of the body.

Scorpio in the 12th house cusp: these natives are unconsciously perceptive-the mind and body move in a snake like pattern constantly gauging the actions and motives of others from every angle and every varying variable. They’re not easily trusting and unconsciously tend to test others through a variation of mind games and emotional tug of wars. They tend to in most cases disown their more darker and ruthless tendencies and often play it off as others acting it out rather than them. In many sees they attract darkness to themselves and can be the common denominator just as bad as the person they’ve invited. They can have dark dreams rooted in intense sexuality and often death and or horror. Alone they are rather introspective and sexually empowered. They tend to be quite passionately driven and motivated despite their easy going demeanor. They hold on deep to slights and even more so to those they’ve lose in life and often flux between extreme levels of sadness and periodic anger as a means to cope. Their true sexuality is powerful in nature and full of lust. Sex with a bit of darkness and taboo in it.

Pluto in the 12th house: often these natives carry a dark shadow into this life-one of a deep and weighing intensity. Their past lives where often fret with life changing experiences and often meant that they had experienced many deaths during their lifetime. They often encountered many such treasons-run ins with the id and ego. Often more than not they were active in the night and may have traveled to many places that were of malicious intent. Their is a tendency from the ghost of the past life to circulate in this life and manifest as people and situations repeating itself as a means to test the individuals growth and their heart and wether or not its Purified from its previous life. Not to say these natives where bad in their last life but they were often on the other side of the train tracks so to speak and mainly lived on the other side of the heavenly scale dealing more with the devils sphere. They have powerful intuition and even more then that their capabilities for healing and spiritual guidance are deeply ingrained from their past life. But one thing to note is that their are many trials to be had to tap into this ability. Their sexual nature is prolific and can be overwhelming for those faint of heart.

Sagittarius on the 12th house cusp: these natives are deeply free at heart and larger than life both physically and spiritually. Although this is the house of unconsciousness-in the case of these natives the themes are switched around as Jupiter also co rules Pisces. These natives tend to be deeply intimate with their shadow self and their shadow self takes an actual spiritual form as their guardian angel. They are both rowdy and playful and have a childlike view on the world in its full context. They unconsciously can be a bit lazy and from time to time a bit overindulgent I’m whatever it is that they find pleasure is and he house Jupiter lays in shows where they are most unconsciously “indulgent” they are very religious in their own idea of the word! Not to say it’s even a religion we all recognize but none the less they have a close relationship, often private with religion. Their true sexuality is animalistic, with a slightly playful and organic feel.

Jupiter in the 12th house: they can feel like heaven itself. These natives where often priest and holy monks in their past life-they often dedicated their last lives do their search of spirituality and defining their relationships with the cosmic. They sought solace in the end. In this life they often bring this deeply heavy spiritual nature and often to such a point that those around them feel enlightened and baptized by their aura. These natives retain their healing skills, their abilities of spiritual enlightenment-as well as spiritual guidance remain. They serve in this life to be the guardian angel for the masses. They crave sexual experiences that uncover the truth and touch the sky-something naked and free. Rough yet harmonizing.

Capricorn on the 12th house cusp: there is a rigid, and seemingly stifling nature to these natives. They can unconsciously limit themselves from not only their desires but their true personality may only be only be to reveal 20% or less of who they actually are. A keen awareness on the burdens and struggles of life a often present and no matter their more goofy and crowd shocking persona may be they ultimately seek structure and often unconsciously emit a studious and heavy aura that demands both respect and maturity. Yet they unconsciously sabotage anyone’s attempt to create something stable with them. They can distance and separate themselves from others and when alone they tend to be lonely but also deeply serious and earnest about who they are aside from the influence of others. They crave a bit of a Harsh and control/dominance theme in sex(choking/slapping/aggression) in some cases not in all.

Saturn in the 12th house: the past life was often a hard one, at some point the reckless actions of the native landed them in confinement and often for a very long time if not all their lives. Be it crimes of who they might’ve loved, be it killing someone, be it their ideals they ultimately had their very freedom stripped from them. Coming into this life they carry the weight full energy of their entrapment and can often still feel trapped and in obligation while in this life due to the karmic and often long traveling energy of Saturn. These natives can always feel a sense of guilt especially whenever pleasure or happiness is experienced. Be it sexual, romantic, hobbies, art, love, family and in some cases even the natives own tears and emotions are scrutinized. They can often find many reasons to isolate themselves from “pleasure” unconsciously and in some extreme cases they will purposely sabotage something good in their life out of a fear of losing the one thing that makes them happy. These natives often struggle with maintaining their psyche and place a great deal of effort and protection on keeping it together out of a fear of losing their last speck of sanity. This position often points to an ending of the life cycle. Saturn often symbolizes the final lesson to be learnt and in some cases having Saturn here shows that in their previous life before death the sins where dealt with through loss. And in this life Saturn is still putting these natives through a great deal of pain before they get to experience true pleasure. They’re deeply mature and old souls no matter their age. They seek isolation and as they grow older they seek solitude. Sex is seen so deeply here and often times than not they withhold the act unless it has been some years with that person.in the case of it being Love they make love to their lover passionately and with all they have-they tend to be dominate but also tender.

Aquarius on the 12th house cusp: these natives are quite erratic, their minds and emotional states tend to come and go in how present they currently are in the given situation. They unconsciously can be quite detached from their emotions which can cause branches of confusion in their emotional expression. Their is often an alter ego to these natives and the unconscious dealings of their emotions tend to be an out of body ordeal where an emotions can be felt but viewed as if it were a stranger observing them. They have a hard time relating deep down but try to deny this characteristic by seeking deep intimacy and understanding of others. Their true sexual nature is quite open and innovative! They love the spark and more unpredictable side of the act.

Uranus in the 12th house: these natives where often surgeons and doctors in their past life, in some cases even outright philosophers and scientist whom also challenged human nature. These natives come into this world with an extensive knowledge on human nature as well as an deeply ingrained interest in the many expressions of the human response to life’s discrepancies. The past life was often spent in a pursuit of the big why and how of life. These natives often have a otherworldly and what some would describe genius mind. They process information in such a way that others would be completely a loss for words. They just understand things in the world that most are either oblivious too or are unable to themselves comprehend in the easy format that those with Uranus in the 12th house can. Sexual experiences for them are electric but also more or so an experiment of the many varying reactions to human stimulus.

Pisces in the 12th house: these natives are deeply sensitive and often unsure of their direction deep down despite their more fiery and self confident persona. The world scares them and they unconsciously seek out foundation. They world around them can seem invincible but also all to in their face in the same sense. They feel things through energy and vibrations-usually feeling their way around their environment but due to the nature of Pisces here these natives are usually aware of this tendency and tend to place a higher bravado to defend themselves from those that use their sensitive nature to their detriment. Their sexuality is colored by deem romanticism and sentimental intimacy-sex based on a connection.

Neptune on the 12th house: these natives often come into this life with the veil no longer shrouded over their eyes. They see and perceive the world both in its organic physical manifestation but also in its spiritual and celestial ungrounded state. The past life was often riddled with living life on the cusp of life and death and through this constant flux between this state the natives where able to transcend to a level above sight in the world. They often easily come in and out of being aware and unaware of their immediate surroundings. They have a deep and almost psychic understanding of others and their feelings and are very capable of seeing energy in others no matter how good they are at hiding it! This position denotes to seeing spirits in some cases but it depends on other varying aspects to Neptune. The heart is often deeply sympathetic as carried over from the previous life and the fear of death isn’t something these natives relate to as they often spent much of their life already dead so to speak. Sexually they’re vexing. They can seemingly move you to another planet and have a deeply emotional nature during the act-they desire to feel your souls pain and heal it from the ground up.

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20 Mistakes To Avoid When Writing Young Adult Fiction/Romance

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YA Fiction is an incredibly popular genre of literature, and most people have picked one up and devoured it in less than a day, but there is a trend in the genre where in certain instances, people forfeit quality for a cheesy dramatic plot. A lot of these stories are just regurgitated cliches with vaguely interesting characters and just enough drama, fluff, and mildly (or extremely) sexual content to keep the reader paying attention. (No shade to the authors, because obviously, any author who writes and publishes a book works hard, no matter the end product.) 

There are a lot of aspects of YA Fiction that repeatedly rear their ugly heads and annoy readers or flat out scream dangerous messages to the young people that indulge in them. I thought I’d put the spotlight on a few in the hopes that it will help clean up the genre’s reputation as new and more awakened authors contribute content to it. 

Below you will read about some common mistakes that YA Fiction/Romance writers make that either ruin the story, promote dangerous messages, or unrealistically portray teenagers.

Making A Good Story

These are some things you should avoid doing when writing YA fiction/romance in order to make a generally enjoyable and enticing story.

Forgetting The Supporting Characters

The supporting characters are an important part of any story, even if the main plot revolves around two people. Supporting characters provide subplots, information to the reader, and more opportunities for your audience to connect and relate to your story. It’s always good to give your supporting characters love and attention when creating and writing them. Sometimes they end up carrying the story.

A mistake that a lot of authors make is that they give the reader a couple defining characteristics, a name, a relationship to the main character, and then just make that character pop into the reader’s view whenever the main plot needs them to. No backstory. No life of their own. Just support to the plot, and that’s a huge waste of potential. You don’t want your readers to put down your book and either forget the supporting characters existed at all, or believe that they were extra pieces of a puzzle.

Using Slang Badly

Writers should not feel the need to include current slang in order to make their story more relatable or popular amongst their targeted demographic. Slang is constantly changing, evolving, and most importantly, dying. Not to say that you should only write in traditional terms or put “thy” and “thee” everywhere, but using standard English and avoiding the trendy but temporary slang words is key. 

If you must use slang, try to use the bare minimum and only in fitting circumstances. If your character is the type to say “OMG her dat boi memes are on fleek” then, by all means, go right ahead, but you probably cringed when you read that. That would have been totally normal 2 years ago, but every bit of that sentence has died over time, and no matter how much you think a slang word will stick, don’t risk it.

Sympathy and Envy Mongering

Two emotions that YA Fiction and Romance always try to invoke in their readers are sympathy and envy. The author either wants the reader to feel bad for one or many of the characters, or they want them to be jealous of the awesome (and usually unrealistic) lives the characters have. Don’t be one of these. It’s tired and boring and not original in the slightest.

Are sympathy and empathy both totally okay emotions?


Are they all you need to write a good story?

Nope. Not at all.

The reader needs and wants to feel more than jealous of and sad for the characters in the story. The best stories are the ones that trigger a complex whirlwind of emotion. Sympathy and envy are the easy way out, and you get out of those emotions what you put into them. 

Unrealistically Portraying Teenagers & Teenage Life

Teenagers look up to and compare themselves and their lives to the characters and lives of the characters in your story. Keeping in mind that your audience is young and impressionable is essential for authors of the genre.

Love At First Sight

Love-at-first-sight does not happen. Infatuation, maybe, but love is more complicated than that. Writing a plot based on “love at first sight” can leave a bad taste in your readers’ mouths from the start, and that is something you should avoid at all costs. On top of that, love-at-first-sight is a very easy-way-out move and if you’re dedicated to your characters and your story, there’s a good to fair chance that you can come up with a more satisfying build up.

Unrealistic Romantic Situations

If you’ve ever opened a YA Romance, chances are you’ve read a scene in which the protagonist and the love interest end up in a stunningly beautiful place and the love interest sweeps the protagonist off their feet prior to riding into the sunset. This, unfortunately, does not happen very often, especially in teenage relationships. The most romance you’re going to get (usually) is the love interest offering to pay for the protagonist’s bag of skittles with the leftover money from their paycheck they earned at McDonald’s.

Just because teenagers don’t really go to great lengths to rent an entire ice-skating rink in the middle of the night so they and their crush can skate to Ellie Goulding music doesn’t mean there can’t be cute and memorable moments. Great doesn’t always equal grand and that’s important to remember. A lot of the time, teenagers appreciate fantasizing about things that are actually possible.

Happy Endings

Not all stories have to end happily, and you’ve definitely been told this before, but nobody ever takes into account how stories about teenagers have so much potential when it comes to endings. Teenagers read books about teenagers and unfortunately, this means that a lot of them will take what you’re writing about and try to change their own lives to match. Be honest in your depiction about what actually happens when you leave high school. 

The majority of the time, high school sweethearts won’t stay together. Long distance won’t work, they’ll find someone else, the spark will die out, their personalities will undergo drastic changes, and their goals and plans for the future will turn out differently than they expected. “And they lived happily ever after” is criticized harshly for a reason, especially in YA and YA Romance. Most stories don’t end happily, but there is more than one story in a person’s life and giving a person their happy ending as they graduate high school is a great injustice, to your character and your readers.

Avoiding The Dark Parts Of Teenage Life

Teenagers, despite what a lot of the media claims, go through some really serious and stressful and damaging things. Teenagers suffer from mental illness and deal with the intense pressure of the education system and hold their heads high in the face of stigma over every little detail about them. They suffer from eating disorders and body dysmorphia and self-harm tendencies, and that doesn’t even bring into account the bullying and family issues and the stress of constantly learning and feeling things for the very first time with little to no guidance or assurance or resources to ask for help. It is hard being a teenager. Do not forget that, and don’t leave the actual teenagers reading your story feeling underrepresented and/or abnormal because they aren’t as stress-free as the characters they look up to.

Exaggerating How Teenagers Interact With Each Other

A lot of teenage interactions are short, awkward, and uneventful. Teenagers aren’t super eloquent and socially apt, but YA Fiction seems to believe they are. It’s quite rare that a teenager will just walk up to someone they like, say “wanna go to dinner on Saturday?” and all will be fine and dandy. It’s quite rare that a teenager will saunter up to someone who talked about them behind their back, say something super clever and damaging to their enemy’s ego, and saunter off like the king/queen of the world. Those interactions look great in our heads, but they usually contain a few stuttered words and “um”s and blushing. Confidence is usually a trait that people develop later in life, so try not to push it if you’re trying to be realistic.

Maturity of Teenagers

Teenagers are underdeveloped human beings with minimal experience in most areas of life. They do not have it all figured out. A lot of YA books revolve around characters that are extremely intelligent, disciplined and ambitious at a level of maturity a 25-year-old be on. This is not accurate. Making characters “awkward” or “childish” does not have anything to do with how mature they seem to readers. There is a distinct difference between an awkward girl with childlike innocence and a girl who makes mistakes, does not have her life figured out, and is not yet comfortable with casual social interaction. The latter things I mentioned are pretty universal when it comes to teenagers. 

Unfitting Aspirations

There are more than two paths in life. It seems that in YA you’re either going to graduate, get married, pop out a couple kids and live the rest of your life in the suburbs, or you’re going to leave home, go to college, travel for 20 years and settle in some random country in Europe writing poetry until the end of your days. There is no in between, which sucks. There are a lot of interesting things you can do in life, not to say that either of the two life paths I mentioned are uninteresting. You could take a gap year and travel the world, go to college, move back home for a couple years then maybe get a job that has you traveling and exploring new things for the rest of your life. You could meet the love of your life in college and have some kids but put them in online school so you could travel with them. You could live your whole life in an awesome cabin in the forest casting spells and adopting wild squirrels. There are so many ways life can be and restricting it to opposite extremes takes the imagination out of the future. 

Not All Teenagers Think Their Relationships Will Last Forever

This one is pretty self explanatory, so long story short, not every relationship a teenager enters into is with the end goal of staying together forever, or even more than a few months. Most teenage relationships are pretty short and not very meaningful, and portraying every single couple in your stories as “we’ve been going strong for 2 years and plan on getting married right after graduation” is inaccurate and will probably cause your readers some disappointment in the future.

Relationships Aren’t A Teenager’s Only Concern

Most teenagers are more concerned about the F they got on a History test than they are about who they’re going to stare at next period. Everyone has more than just their crush to worry about. Some teenagers have to worry about where they’re going to get their next meal or how they’re going to get a ride home from school or even how they can apologize to a friend they’ve hurt. It’s not all about relationships for teenagers, in fact, relationships are a pretty small part of teenage life. If all your character has to think about is the hottie they sit next to in Biology, perhaps you should work a little more on character development.

Unnatural Appearances

Most teenagers are not model-level attractive. All teenagers have break-outs and leave the house late with greasy hair or with their shirt on inside out. No teenager shows up at school every day looking absolutely flawless, as if they’re about to walk down the runway. Please keep that in mind, because portraying teenagers accurately, especially when it comes to physical aspects such as weight, acne, etc. is super important. In YA and YA Romance, you must keep in mind that the teenagers you are trying to appeal to should not feel like a piece of trash because they aren’t as perfect as your characters. Yes, YA Fiction is Fiction, but just because you know that it’s unrealistic doesn’t mean your readers do. Readers of YA Fiction compare themselves to the characters in your books whether you like it or not. It is not hard to realistically portray physical appearances of teenagers. 

Avoiding Dangerous Messages

A common problem found in YA Fiction is the lacing of dangerous messages found in the smaller details. You may miss them the first couple times you read a story, but if you go looking for them, you will find them, and perhaps you will find the source of a lot of mistakes you’ve made. YA has a bad habit of endorsing mindsets that lead to bad decisions. Some of them, however, can be avoided in your own writing.

The Need To Change The “Flawed” One

Nobody in this world is perfect. Expecting the person you supposedly love to be flawless all the time is not realistic. People make mistakes. People are not always happy and bubbly and confident about themselves. People do not always act the same one day as they did the day before. Human beings are flawed and should be portrayed as such, especially in the stage of their life which is the most confusing and scary. Teenagers are underdeveloped human beings, and for some reason, teenager girls in YA Romance expect teenage boys to be charming and loving and never ever make a mistake, which is ridiculous. Creating love interests that appear flawless and can make no mistakes is detrimental to your audience. It raises your readers’ expectations to an unattainable level which causes them disappointment and might cause their future partners unrepairable damage to their self-esteem because they’ll think that in order to find a partner, they cannot be flawed and cannot make mistakes. 

Glorification Of Illegal Activity

It’s not “cool” or “edgy” to pump yourself full of deadly and mind-altering substances you know absolutely nothing about. It doesn’t make you “badass” and it isn’t a personality trait unless that trait is stupid. Whatever your position is on drugs or alcohol or whatever, there is no excuse for putting the idea in the heads of young readers that doing things that are illegal and addictive and that might even get you killed is ok. Not only because most of your readers are younger than 21, but because it will always be dangerous to take drugs, commit crimes, and drink. Your choices are your choices. Don’t impose your habits and excuses on kids who don’t know any better.

Slut Shaming

News flash: it’s 2017, people. Nobody cares who you’re kissing or dating or having sex with. People are finally getting used to the idea that maybe, just maybe, it’s not the end of the world if you do whatever you want, as long as you’re not hurting yourself or anyone else. This recurring theme of “I hate this person because they do what they want with their body” is getting old and annoying. Believe what you will regarding religion and morals and what is right or wrong or whatever you want to believe in, but the second you start turning your story into a commentary on the decisions and beliefs of other people, you’re in the wrong. There are other, more creative reasons to make your characters hate each other than their sexual activity. 

Forgetting The First Times

One of the most exciting parts of being a teenager is that everything you’re experiencing, you’re experiencing for the first time. Everything is confusing and exciting and 10x more painful or memorable or enjoyable, and that’s neglected all the time in YA. I don’t mean the common trope of the first kiss or the losing of virginity. I mean love and infatuation and loss and heartbreak; it’s all happening to them for the first time in their lives, and these events make up their memories that they will carry with them forever. Teenage years are incredibly heavy times for people. It is, after all, the years in which they learn the most and the fastest and where the majority of their brain development takes place. These moments that you’re writing, the first kiss, the first time having sex, the first time your character loses someone they love, they’re all going to determine how your character will develop in the future. Treat them that way. Teach young readers that it’s normal and perfectly okay to be scared and inexperienced and lost. That’s the bitter-sweet part of youth and it’s beautiful.

Bad Boys And Boring Girls

Bad Boys are, in reality, bad news. The real “bad boys” in this world are slimy, manipulative jerks who trick girls (usually more than one at a time) into thinking they have feelings for them, using them for things like sex or money, and then either end up controlling their entire lives, introducing drugs and problems, or breaking their hearts. It’s sad, but it’s reality. Yes, there’s always a cause for this behavior, and sometimes these bad boys grow out of it, but that’s not always the case. Portraying these bad boys as “changeable” is not only dangerous for the female readers but also the men in their future. If you make girls think that they can change whomever they’re with to be the perfect prince charming, they will never be satisfied with someone who is flawed (spoiler alert: everyone is flawed) and they may destroy the self-esteem of whoever they’re with by making them think they need to change to be lovable.

Boring Girls are, sort of, connected to bad boys in this sense. They show up in every story, which makes sense financially because authors who make more relatable main characters sell more books. It’s just demographics. But at the same time, this stretch for a wider audience can end up influencing girls’ expectations of themselves and their love lives. If you make every protagonist completely boring, compliant, and devoid of strong, defining traits, girls will take that as advice. They will learn that all a girl has to do to make people fall in love with them is sit quietly and be pretty, which is horrible, in case you hadn’t noticed. Teach girls to look up to strong characters with rich personalities. Nowadays, that counts as an original idea.


Portraying every aspect of teenage life and teenagers themselves as if you opened a book full of cliches, closed your eyes and pointed at something is not ok. High schools and families and personalities are different wherever you go, and making blind generalizations about aspects of teenage life can not only change how your reader interprets their own lives, but how adult readers assume teenage life is when they’re not around. It is important to not reinforce the assumption that there is always a popular clique and mean jocks and awkward nerds and dead-beat stoners because these stereotypes are a way for people to justify their snap-judgements, and not only does that say a lot about you as an author, but that will breed a whole new generation of judgmental, close-minded people.

Glorification Of Unhealthy Relationship Behaviors

I’m gonna say this once: It is not “hot” to have the love interest constantly putting restrictions on their supposed loved one. It’s not okay to borderline stalk someone and use “I love you” as an excuse, even if the person reciprocates your feelings. It is unhealthy to ignore someone when they say “no, no, not now” or “no, stop, not here” when you’re in the middle of initiating sex or even just kissing. It is disgusting when romance, especially YA Romance, which has mostly young, impressionable readers taking in your messages, promotes these behaviors like they’re something to strive for. Like it or not, your writing is going to alter the way they imagine a “perfect” relationship. If you aren’t willing to take that responsibility seriously, you should not be writing YA, and especially not YA Romance.

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Insect & Bug Emotions: Nobody Knows

Human Emotions: What Ever Who Cares

TAPIR Emotions: Content, Hungry, Playful, Playful With Ball, Murderous, And Sleepy… And That’s It

little brain: batman overworks himself in times of emotional crisis because he’s trying to punish himself

bigger brain: no, batman overworks himself in times of emotional crisis because what makes him feel happiest is seeing other people safe, and he’s desperately trying to feel less horrible

biggest brain: it’s both

list of a-spec identities & info!

this is meant to be a comprehensive list (to the best of my limited abilities) of aro-spectrum and ace-spectrum identities. all the posts I saw had like 3 choices or a hundred, and I wanted something that was accurate and had a lot of research behind it…so I made it myself. I wrote the definitions, based on preexisting ones, for additional clarity and context.

anyone a-spec, questioning, or simply wanting to know more about our community is free & encouraged to reblog!

*”romantic/sexual” is in the definitions because the labels apply to both spectrums unless -romantic or -sexual is in the name

Asexual : not feeling sexual attraction to any gender(s)

Things that are completely separate from being asexual (but can be related): libido, sex drive, being a virgin, having/had sex, being sex positive/neutral/repulsed, and platonic, romantic, & familial love

Apothisexual : asexual that is sex repulsed

Aromantic : not feeling romantic attraction to any gender(s)

Things that are completely separate from being aromantic (but can be related): shipping, fantasizing about relationships and love, wanting a close relationship, been/being in relationships, being romance positive/neutral/repulsed, and platonic, sexual, & familial love

Apothiromantic : aromantic that is romance repulsed

Apath- : romance/sex neutral, regardless of orientation or attraction felt

Cupio- : not feeling romantic/sexual attraction but still desiring a relationship of that nature

Gray- : feeling romantic/sexual attraction weakly, rarely, only under certain conditions, or all of those. also an umbrella term for between allo and asexual/aromantic. may or may not desire a relationship.

Demi- : feeling romantic/sexual attraction only after an emotional bond is formed. the bond strength and time before attraction can vary between the demi person and the person they’re attracted to.

-Flux : (aroflux or aceflux) their orientation fluctuates, but always stays on the aromantic/asexual spectrum

Lithro-/Akoi-/Akoine-/Apo- : feels romantic/sexual attraction and enjoys relationships in theory, but don’t need/want those feelings reciprocated or to be in a relationship. (there are several labels because the original, from litho, is argued to be appropriated from lesbian butch culture, so wouldn’t recommend using it.)

Recipro- : feeling romantic/sexual attraction only to people who feel it for them, they reciprocate the type of the attraction

Fray- : feeling romantic/sexual attraction when less familiar with a person, but it fades as they get to know them better (sometimes described as the opposite of demi)

Aego- : enjoys the idea of romance/sex, but doesn’t wish to participate in it or related activities (based off autochoris- : a disconnection between the person and a romantic/sexual target or fantasy)

Quoi/WTF- : feeling unsure if romantic/sexual attraction is being felt and/or if they experience it. feeling as if the concept of that type of attraction is inaccessible, inapplicable, and/or nonsensical. (Another commonly used definition that isn’t correct is for the term below, so use that instead.)

Platoniromantic : feels no distinction between platonic and romantic attraction

Idemromantic : feels romantic and platonic attraction similarly so they are not particularly distinguishable from each other. categorizes platonic and romantic relationships based on external factors such as age, compatibility, closeness, etc. they mean different things and can be categorized, but feel the same.

Requies- : little to no romantic/sexual attraction due to trauma, possibly caused by bad past experiences with the type of attraction, or mental/emotional exhaustion

Caed- : used to feel romantic/sexual attraction, but doesn’t anymore due to trauma

Apres- : feels romantic/sexual attraction after another form of attraction is felt, and the original may or may not fade/be replaced by the new attraction

-Vague : (arovague or acevague) their a-spec status is uncertain or affected by mood

Burst- : romantic/sexual attraction comes and goes, may or may not have a reason

Nebularomantic : difficult or impossible to tell romantic and platonic attraction apart because of their neurodivergency or they’re platoniromantic

Novi- : feels complicated romantic/sexual attraction so it can’t be described in a single label

Quasiromantic : “someone who identifies as quasiromantic may see their attraction as non-traditional or may feel it differs from crushes, perhaps a mix between platonic, romantic, aesthetic, or somewhere completely different and/or it involves other non-traditional aspects, such as rare attraction, or attraction but non-physical, non-platonic but romantic, etc.” -general def


S.A.M : split attraction model. most used in the a-spec community, it means that romantic and sexual orientations are different and separate. for example, someone could be homoromantic asexual, or aromantic bisexual. in the case of someone who is, for example, panromantic and pansexual, they can just state their orientation as pansexual, as there is no need for the SAM. however, it’s totally optional! if you feel, for example, asexual is your orientation and doesn’t need other labels, that’s fine!

Q.P.R. : queerplatonic (or quasiplatonic if the participants are not LGBT+) relationship. this is a type of relationship created by aro people for aro people, but anyone of any sexuality can be in one if they wish! it is defined as “a relationship that is not romantic but involves a close emotional connection beyond what most people consider friendship. The commitment level in a queerplatonic relationship is often considered to be similar to that of a romantic relationship. It may include any romantic or sexual elements the people in the relationship feel they want, or none at all.” -Aven Wiki

Peach Fuzz : qpr partners (known as zucchinis) pretending their relationship is romantic to avoid questions and explanations

Positive/Neutral/Repulsed : labels used to describe how someone feels about sex or romance in relation to them. positive: willing to be in that kind of relationship and/or do related things; neutral: indifferent, almost apathetic to the idea of sex/romance, doesn’t care too much if they give and/or receive it; negative/repulsed: actively disgusted by the idea of sex/romance. can also describe a person’s attitude about sex in general (not used in this post).

Amatonormativity : society treating romantic relationships as more valuable/better than non-romantic ones, and generally that a romantic and sexual relationship is the end goal and necessary (it’s really not)

Nonamory : doesn’t want to be in a romantic relationship, regardless of orientation

Aromate : a platonic soulmate, aka an aromantic partner

Lush : sensual attraction crush

Plush : queerplatonic crush

Smush : sexual attraction crush (can be considered lust if applicable)

Swish : aesthetic attraction crush

Squish : platonic attraction crush, usually more intense than “want to be friends”

Soft Romo : subdued romantic attraction

Post Rubor : gets quick crushes (of any type of attraction), but once the initial excitement fades, their feelings do too

Aplatonic : as platonic attraction is on a spectrum just like every other type of attraction, this is being on the lack-of end. not experiencing platonic attraction

Placio- : little/no desire to receive sexual/romantic acts, but wants to perform them on someone else. not specifically an a-spec term but is used more in the community

Alterous : attraction that isn’t completely platonic or romantic, somewhere in between, but still a desire for emotional closeness. used as -alterous, like -sexual or -romantic. can also experience romantic and/or platonic attraction, but feel some level of discomfort by categorizing it as fitting in those labels.

*remember, even for people who use the same label, it’s different for everyone, as are most things here! if you’re questioning and looking at this list to try and see where you fit, there’s no rush. take it slow and think about it.

feel free to add on! I’m sure I’ve missed some key terms or amazing identities because there’s so many out there and I’d love to see this post grow!!

Every version of G-Man, rated

Early HL1 G-Man: Why is G-Man so angry? I know that Black Mesa is a massive environmental hazard, with its constant leaks and goop river, but he’s seriously pissed off. Like the entire faculty killed his family and kicked his dog or something. The model’s alright, though. 7.5/10

HL1 G-Man: A timeless classic. He’s a bit square, though, and his neck makes him look like a giraffe man. But still, a classic. 9/10

HL1 HD G-Man: Like most of the HD pack, G-Man’s model isn’t as good as it could be. This is mainly due to Valve giving G-Man a neck thicker than his arms and a weird face that takes up 80% of his head.  Also he looks like a complete dork with that tie, but considering Black Mesa’s track record with ridiculous ties, I’m not too surprised about this. 6/10

OpFor/BS HD G-Man: Also known as Smug Anime Girl G-Man. Overall, this model is the same as the HD version, but with an all-new head and tweaked body that really polish up the model. I quite like it, actually. Shame about that tie, though. 7.5/10

HL1 PS2 G-Man: Out of the three HD G-Men, this one’s the best of the bunch. To put it simply, it looks like a proper HD version of the original G-Man, without any silly ties or thick necks. His eyes freak me the hell out, but otherwise, I’d say it’s on par with the original! 8.5/10

HL2 Beta G-Man: And the other versions of G-Man were thrown out. It’s missing a bit of polish admittedly, but it’s still a very good interpretation of everyone’s favorite weird alien businessman. 9.5/10

HL2 G-Man: Well, would you look at that? I don’t think I need to say anything else about this model, now do I? It’s perfect. 10/10

Steam Emote G-Man: What the fuck is this ROBLOX shit? Why is G-Man a chad? Why does G-Man have ears that stick out for half a mile? Why? Why? Why? 1/10

I will never be able accept that Data didn’t feel some form of emotion. I think he experienced emotions in a very different and non-human way and he was unable to recognise them for what they were because they weren’t comparable to human experiences. Data’s clear cut idea of human emotion vs android logic doesn’t pan out when you look at his ability to develop a personality and friendships and to make personal choices and form opinions and experience curiosity and longing. All it does is raise the question of what emotion actually IS and whether it’s solely a chemical experience or if emotions are largely just trends of thoughts and behaviours based on a unique personal combination of knowledge and experience.