emotions swell

there is the ‘push pull’ in scorpio, an inertia met with a storm. there is the very reposed scorpio. emotions are felt with severity and yet the face remains focused and placid. the waves of feeling crash within like a hurricane, and he understands these clouds will pass.

or there is the loss of control, the trance of emotion where the swells of rage and resentment surface, and its mostly the fury at himself that he subjects onto others. he explodes and projects, also there is the risk of becoming emotionally demanding and exhausting loved ones. the scorpio then feels ashamed about the outburst

and yet scorpio is fixed, but can be trapped in their ways. maybe the person expresses both.

in each demonstration the trauma within remains concealed and private. the scorpio doesn’t want to be defined by his pain, he wants to be defined by his pure presence. commanding, crowned with underworld glory, the sovereign goddess guarding the soul

The water signs, Cancer, Scorpio, and Pisces
are the liquid nutrients of heaven that run through us all. They dwell
in the bodies of water - that is the collective ocean, the swell of emotions that reflect the moon and changing tides, swimming beneath in the unconscious,
bringing to light the power that resides deep within.
Water is the creative essence, the mineral that fecundates all life and art, the swell of the internal world with the paintbox of intuition, colours from the mind of God, and
sunshine from direct access to the music of the soul
—  Cancer, Scorpio, and Pisces
Metal Torture - Chapter 29

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Triggers: Some pretty serious ones in here.  So, proceed with caution.


A name. I needed a name. What was the name on the report?

And then I saw it.

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rough sketch of THE SCENE

taureans are generally stable people. but things like material desires and illustrious romances can blur their rationality. in many ways they can become entrapped by their own walls, although decorated, they become owned by possessions rather than the alternative. the taurus person tends to be composed and reticent to dramatic displays, until they generate so much internal inertia that the bull, the pure animal that beats inside of them emerges and charges. when a taurus becomes swelled with emotions, especially if these have been repressed, the chaos released can be like a cyclone

do u ever look at ur fav and just sigh bc they r so beautiful and ur whole body just kinda floods w emotion and ur heart swells w love and u can’t think of a singular reason to not love and support them? and like they do stupid stuff sometimes and u hate them but u don’t leave bc u r here til the end?? like ur ride or die whether or not u wanna be.

What Happens When the Man you Love Threatens to Kill Himself.

Your partner, your boyfriend,
the love of your life
says something along the lines of,
“baby, I can’t live without you.”

your initial emotions are swelling
you have this man in front of you
who is telling you that you are so valuable to him,
that living without you just isn’t an option.

but what happens when
you start to realize
that maybe this relationship
isn’t working out for you?

you start to notice little things
like his unreasonable jealousy
you once thought was oh so sweet.
and his ability to manipulate you
to do exactly as he wants
and the way he makes you feel guilty
for little things
like spending time with your family
and you start to realize
that you haven’t seen your best friends
in way too long
and that is because every time you make plans,
you feel the need to check in with him
and he always twists the situation
and makes you feel guilty
so you end up staying in
or spending the night with him.
he makes you feel guilty for trying to look pretty
he accuses you of dressing up for other guys
and never putting enough effort into your appearance when he’s around
he gets angry when you wear skirts or crop tops
even in the sweltering heat of august
and his violent outbursts
are becoming more frequent and frightening
but he hasn’t laid a hand on you
so that makes it okay

you’re walking on eggshells
trying not to set him off
but the fights are getting worse
he questions you,
he threatens you
spits in your face that no one will love you
the way he does

every time you’re with him and you get a text message
you pray to god it’s your mom
or your sister or
some other girl
because if it was a guy,
even a cousin or a childhood friend
he will get angry
and he will start yelling
and he will start threatening
any guy who likes your photos is competition to him
and the guy in the checkout line
deserves to be shoved aside
because he smiled at you
and if the person ringing up your groceries
is not a girl,
you are not allowed to speak.

you’re family and friends are concerned
and soon, so are you
and you realize that it’s not supposed to be this way
you are not supposed to be afraid
of your boyfriend.

so you decide it’s time to leave
so you sit him down and
explain that things just aren’t working out

and then
he threatens to kill himself.

your initial emotions to this are not like
the first time, when he told you he couldn’t live without you
this time your initial reaction is fear
and soon, that fear turns to guilt
so you tell him you’re crazy, just overthinking things
and you decide to stay

but he has you in tears every single day
and it is not supposed to be this way

you try time and time again to leave him
but it always turns out the same way
you watched him slit his wrists
he’s trying to show you how serious he is
you watched him speed off in his car,
swerve into the next lane,
you listen to him over the phone
sobbing and saying
he can’t take it anymore
he’s going to let go
and he won’t tell you where he is
or if he’s going home
you will argue with him for hours on end
and convince him to hold out through the night
and call you in the morning

but he will call you in the middle of the night
and your heart will race,
thinking it’s his mother
or his best friend
telling you he’s gone
blaming you for their loss
and when you pick up the phone
you’ll hear him sobbing again
and he won’t let you go
he won’t let you sleep
even if you tell him you have to be up early
he won’t let you sleep
and he’ll keep repeating the same things
over and over that always make you feel guilty.

but when you finally decide to leave
know that whatever decisions he makes
are his own
you are not at fault.
when you finally decide to leave him
get ahold of his mother or his best friend,
and explain to them the situation
then sit him down and tell him
that you are leaving
and that if he has any intentions of harming himself,
you will call the police.

I watched my boyfriend’s entire demeanor change
at the mention that harming himself was not an option
he didn’t have a way out of it this time,
he had no way to manipulate me
he went from sobbing on his knees to
stone faced and walking out the front door
his act was up
he was done
because he realized that I had caught on

he’s hungry for control
and when you take that away,
he has absolutely no reason to stay


what happens when the man you love threatens to kill himself. 

Selena V Vargas

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Based on your Bokuto's headcanon: Bo has a s/o bf who's just naturally blunt, cold, and sarcastic but changes to caring, worry wort, and basically daddy *wink wonk* when it's just him and Bo. And they both love each other lots!! And Bo and Bo's bf know that the other loves them. But sometimes ppl think they're relationship is toxic because of bf is cold. Bf is highly offended and sasses them. Scenario plz???

OHMYJESUS. I love this so much, you have no idea! My heart swelled with emotion for this precious owl when I read this because Kou just needs so much love! Please keep loving this smol owl, for no one deserves it more!

He knew they talked. He knew the things they said about him both among themselves and to Bokuto. How he wasn’t good for the cheerful captain. That it was surely an abusive relationship, Bokuto simply didn’t know better. That they were fated for disaster.

He had heard it all before. But they didn’t know how wrong they were.

They didn’t know about the day they met or how the resilient boy had taken all of nasty sarcastic remarks with a wide smile and just replied with, “You’re soul is beautiful, ya know that?” They didn’t know how he was essentially putty in the captain’s hands from that moment on. They didn’t know about the small shared kisses, the tenderest of touches, the breathy laughs passed around in the dark of night. They didn’t know about every night of comfort given to the dejected player when he didn’t accomplish his goal in practice that day. They didn’t know how deeply they felt.

And they didn’t need to know. Because those moments were for them.

It was for them to remember the first dates, the hesitant hands, the awkward bump of noses. It was for them to remember the buzzing fingertips, the shuddering breaths, the feature light drawings of organic shapes against bare skin. The box overflowing with every note, every pressed flower, and an embodiment of everything they’re shared up until that point safely stowed away in the corner of his bedroom. That was all for them.

And he would remember it all. The tender whisper of ‘I love you’ on their first real date because Bokuto just couldn’t deny this feeling was different than any other. The way those golden eyes stared into his own for hours because he was certain he could see the purest form of his spirit there. The tears that accompanied the first time they made love because, “finally, I’m connected with you in every way.”

Outsiders harsh words and judgement would never be able to take that away from them.

So they could say what they wanted, because regardless of every, “Idiots can’t understand love, so I don’t expect you to get it,” he knew they would keep going. Just as he knew that his nights with Koutarou were to continue making his life more precious and more beautiful than the one before.

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Do you see yourself marrying Sahar?

❤; ANONYMOUS ( @gratixsa )

“Of course I do! It’s every dream I’ve ever had since meeting her~!” A SLIGHT exaggeration, but there was a hint of truth behind it. While it wasn’t a dream he had frequently, it was one he could recall vividly no matter how long it had been since he last had the image in his head:

Her wine red hair was always pulled away from her face, the silken strands loosely curled and held together with strings of dusty pearls and velvety flowers. Dainty shoulders were exposed to the light pouring in from the chapel windows, the rest of her soft skin delicately wrapped in a pure white dress. That was all he could see, sadly, since even in his dreams his eyes were misty from the swell of emotion the mere sight of her brought him.

The only thing he loathed about those dreams was that they ended before their vows, but he couldn’t help thinking that the words they would exchange were too special for a simple dream.

“It’s just a matter of when! And, uh… if it’s something she wants. Sahar-chan’s always been focused on her work and being a great doctor, so I doubt she’s thought about it as much as I have. Or at all…”

He paused and frowned, fingers rubbing at the side of his neck in a display of growing anxiety.

“Do you think she’d be upset if I asked her later on? Now that I’m thinking about it, asking her to marry me would be selfish. She has so much she wants to learn, and I don’t think it would be fair of me to want to divide her attention like that. And I wouldn’t want her to think that being my wife means she owes me ALL of her time. I don’t want her to think that NOW.”

The hand that rubbed his neck moved to his hair, a low whine escaping. “M—Maybe she’s happier not having that huge commitment dangling over her head?”

Jean Jackets, Boots, and I Love You’s (Part 3)

Note: So, this is the final installment to this three parter. I loved writing this. I’m still working on Moments Gone, there shall be a new chapter up this week…eventually. A Joshaya one too, and I’m currently writing a Smarkle superhero one shot with Farkle as Spider-Man.

Lucas Friar suddenly opened the bay window with a loud bang, causing Riley to jump. She stepped off her bed, her wide eyes following him as he climbed inside.

“Lucas, what are you doing here?” She squeaked out.

“Since we broke up I figured I’d get my things,” He stated simply. “You gave me all my shoes back except one and I want it back.”

Riley’s face faltered as Lucas plucked his boot off her nightstand. It was the first boot her father ever took from him when he chased him out.

“F-fine,” She stuttered out, her voice swelling with emotions she was trying to hold back. “Take it. I don’t want it.”

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Aomine Daiki scenario upon realizing how important his s/o to him, and how much he loved by his s/o, make it fluff and romantic XD

So this is the feeling.

Aomine’s hand stops in mid-raise, so close to reaching you. Strands of your hair entangled over the tips of his finger, and he can almost feel your soft skin only a centimeter away. Why had he stopped? As realization hit him, his hand had stilled gradually. Was he scared? Excited? He did not know; these unfamiliar emotions swelled up in his chest, overwhelming him, eating him up. 

Love. He was never able to understand any of it, but right now, at this moment, he felt it all over his body. He wanted you; wanted to quickly pull you into him, to hold you and kiss you, to mark you his, to feel your existence that completes him. It had to be you. You. 

But yet. he was also terrified. His thoughts swarmed with end without a beginning. Uncountable what if’s and indescribable fear pulled him back. You noticed his hands starting to shake, barely visible, but enough to let you know. Your heart flutters as you raise your own hand to grasp his, and you lean into his hands ever so gently. The warmth spreads in both of you as everything comes to perfection. 

You are unaware of how fast his heart beats at that moment. It was rather beautiful, the way you blew away all his insecurities with the falling wind, whispering instead only comfort and love as the two of you stood close together. You had chosen him, now he can’t let go. 

I lo-

Without finishing his own sentence, his lips connect with yours, silencing the world. Too quickly, he pulls back, but only for a moment, and he comes crashing back before your eyes flutter open. It was gentle, not at all like how you would expect him to kiss you, but even that surprise was, in its own way, perfect. Slowly, he puts his arm around your waist, and you stumble forward to finally close what little gap you had between. 

We loved with a love that was more than love.

tara sat in silence, her dark eyes focused right ahead of her and betraying the emotion swelling in her chest. when everyone had gotten sick, tara had wondered whether the community she had found would’ve had anything to help them. but then the medicine was found and she lived to fight another day as a good person. as someone who didn’t betray a girl who saved her. the issue of that community was still fresh in her mind. what would denise do? what would glenn do? what would abraham do? what would olivia do? which one would make her a worse person?

Drunk Dublin thoughts have got to me. Too much poignant live music and too much beer and too much time for the eyes to glaze and emotions to swell.

We are on the cusp of some deeply perplexing revelations here tumblr friends and it has only taken me hopping on a plane across the Irish Sea to stumble across them.

Imagine what would happen if I went even further afield, say to the Americas for a week or two - what new truths might be unearthed?

Probably not many, but still - food for thought!

Acceptance (Anna x M!Corrin)

Mod Mitama’s OTP

First came the good news…

“You’re having a baby!”

Anna’s jaw dropped so fast practically fell off at the announcement. So many emotions swelled inside her at once that she wanted to burst. Joy, anxiety, excitement, fear… her mind ran at a million miles an hour she couldn’t even process what she had heard.


It was such a foreign concept to her. She had never even thought about having a child. The closest she had come was selling bottles to mothers. As her eyes glazed over and her mind began to wander, Corrin, who sat beside her, gently took hold of her hand.

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So, I saw this headcannon the other day and I just had to expand on it!


Everytime someone tries to send Arthur something via text it says it can’t go through because his memory is full. Arthur always claims he has no idea why it’s full (but he knows) and Francis offers to help him delete some stuff to make more room but Arthur freaks out on him because he doesn’t want Francis to see. So, the next time Arthur falls asleep on the couch Francis takes his phone and when he sees all his pictures he sent Arthur he is overcome with a swelling of emotion. For the rest of the day he is super smug about it but he doesn’t tell Arthur why he’s acting so smug but, mostly, Arthur just kind of ignores it because Francis is always smug

So, later on, Francis distracts Arthur by kissing him when he is leaving the house the next morning so that he ends up forgeting his phone. When Arthur comes home later there is a little SD card on top of Arthurs phone on the side table by their bed with a note next to it that says ‘Je'taime, Arthur’ and Arthur puts the SD card in his laptop and discovers Francis backed up all his pictures for him and added a couple new ones and one of them has a caption that says 'I’ll meet you in the kitchen.’