emotions on the day before menstrual

The Moon - Our Divine Nightshade

The Moon is the ancient Lunar Mother, the protective instinctual life force that mediates our emotions and illuminates our deepest needs and fears. Her presence forever decorates our sky, though she is mysterious in appearance and guards the hidden, the shadow, the secret; and reflects the concealed parts of ourselves. The Moon is the traditional ruler of Cancer, is exalted in Taurus, and navigates guidance when we are children; indicating the intrinsic needs of childhood that require fulfillment to ensure harmonic transition into adulthood. The Moon is a potent feminine supernatural force, a formidable intuitive resolve and the cosmic dance of the creative, the adornment of the psychic and the occult, the celestial drama sequence and the generation of a force so powerful it emanates its own light. She metabolises the 28 day menstrual cycle, symbolizes the swelling of new life in childbirth through her waxing and waning and plants the seeds of fertility, bought to life by the light of the Sun Father. Unlike The Sun, who symbolizes the ego and the potential of everything we can be, The Moon directs our newborn conditioning, our projection of contrast before the greywash of the world and the innocence of childhood is pulled away. The Moon’s placement in our natal chart indicates the innate processes of emotion, the filters of intrinsic childhood and indwelling desires, internal welfare needs, fears, defense mechanisms, the act of nurturing, empathy and the constant tidal changes of mood.

The Moon emanates the protective motherly force, and mirrors the defensive shells we conceal ourselves with to confront the world and suppress inner needs. Her position in our natal chart indicates comfort measures, previous habits, the sanctuary and environment we build, the mother parent who protects us and yet conversely the inner child we instantly reflex into during times of distress. She is the pang under our chest we struggle finding words for, the longing in someone’s eyes they can never quite explain, the arms we ache to retreat back into in times of chaos and the flashes of childhood imprints that spin the cosmic compass. The Moon governs our intrinsic feminine rhythms and associates with ancient tribal patterns and ritual, memory, the divine flow of intuition and is the guardian of our dreams and deepest secrets. The ovaries, mammary glands and pancreas are the body parts regulated by The Moon, as well as the evaporating comfort of a tender touch, the soothing lullaby of a heartbeat next to ours and the reverie of indulging our inward dream. The gravitational pull and her forever shifting semblance forever pull the tides in and out and tie with the memories that flow back and forth and the saturation of emotion that The Sun shields by day but erupts at night. Her enchanting presence and cycle relates to werewolves, worship, dance, celebration, crystal cleansing, sorcery, the inherent archetypal goddess, psychics, psychologists and the energies of compassion, empathy, sympathy, sensitivity and love. For the mad, the sleepless, the lonely and the desperate, The Moon is often the only source of illumination, the hushing seduction of a familiar presence, the whispers through the wind as she twirls through dreams and provides the nightlight that soothes until sunrise.


The Evolution of Menses

The day BEFORE your period starts:

The FIRST day of your period:

When the horribly excruciating menstrual cramps commence:

When any man in your life tells you to “suck it up and deal”:

You spend each and every day justifying/defending your overly-emotional state (primarily: anger and crying over nothing) as completely rational/acceptable and blame others for causing your irrational outbursts/mood swings:

When somebody inevitably asks what the hell is wrong with you… 

(aka: Are you feeling alright?):

Trying to hide your “bitch face” and act like you’re not miserable, but failing at this and people begin to take notice, so you’re all like:

Explaining your questionable diet/exercise choices throughout your period:

Your approach to everything/one else while waiting for your period to be over:

The LAST day of your period (aka: it’s finally almost over):

The day AFTER your period ends: