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What exactly do you mean when you say the emotional spectrum concept "falls apart under the slightest questioning." I mean, more so, you think, than the countless other absolutely incredible concepts comics throw at the reader and even base their foundations on?

Where’s sadness and happiness, among plenty of others? How does “compassion” qualify as an emotion, when it’s simply the capacity to empathize with other emotions? Since when is the ability to concentrate an emotion? Not that I care, like I said it’s charming and a good base to build on in a comic-bookey way that I’m more than willing to forgive, but it really doesn’t hold up even by its own standards.

10 Crystals For Empaths

Crystals have been used for thousands of years to protect and enhance personal energy. They have the ability to focus energy and generate minute electrical currents that interact with the currents in the human body and environment. Crystals are an amazing way to cleanse, amplify, and protect one’s energy.

As a highly sensitive empath, I absorb energy from everything. Not only am I affected by the emotions and attitudes of other people, but I’m extremely sensitive to things like geopathic stress and electromagnetic stress. This often leads to exhaustion, irritability, and overwhelm. 

Geopathic stress: Stress created by electromagnetic radiation, ley lines, and underground water. It’s also present in “sick building syndrome”. Injurious to health, it can affect the immune system as well as the body’s innate psychic protection and may attract ghosts or hold impressions of previous events.

Electromagnetic stress: Disharmony caused by the subtle emanations of electrical, microwave, computer, phone and radio frequencies, as well as power lines.

The following list features 10 of my favorite crystals that have been the most beneficial in managing sensitivities and raising my vibration:


Known as one of the most protective stones, labradorite creates an interface around the aura that filters out energies that are not beneficial and enhances spiritual connection. It allows one to be aware of other’s feelings and emotions without being overwhelmed by them. Labradorite enhances physic abilities, aligns physical and subtle bodies, and strengthens the aura.

Tip: If you’re prone to nightmares and restless sleep, try holding a labradorite palm stone at bedtime. I sleep with one every night and it has helped me immensely. Just remember to cleanse it in-between uses!  

Stones with similar vibrational qualities: rainbow moonstone, black moonstone, spectrolite


Also known as celestite, this high vibrational stone links one to higher realms and stimulates spiritual insights. It facilitates inner peace, helps to disperse anxieties and calm the emotions while promoting clarity of mind. This beautiful crystal heals the aura, assists in conflict resolution, and helps maintain a harmonious atmosphere in times of stress. 

Tip: Try meditating with one of these stones and record any insights you might have in a journal afterwards. I’ve been amazed at some of the profound breakthroughs I’ve had while spending time with this amazing crystal.

Stones with similar vibrational qualities: blue lace agate, angelite, phantom quartz, apophyllite 

Lithium Quartz 

This variety of quartz is a natural antidepressant. Its powerful healing energies gently lift the conditions underlying the depression to the surface, neutralizing ancient anger and grief. It can reach back into past lives to dissolve the roots of emotional dis-ease that is pervading the present life. Lithium quartz is an excellent cleanser for the body’s energy centers and is extremely useful as a healer for plants and animals.

Tip: If feeling lethargic or low on energy, carry a small lithium quartz point with you in your pocket. Lithium quartz can function like an emotional battery for those that are sensitive to the vibration of this stone.

Stones with similar vibrational qualities: quartz with hematite, elestial quartz, vanadinite, zeolite 

Black Tourmaline

Black tourmaline, also known as schorl; protects agains cell phones, electromagnetic smog, radiation, ill wishing, and negative energies of all kinds. Black tourmaline is the most effective block to psychic attack and is extremely efficient at absorbing negative energy. It helps one adopt a positive attitude regardless of the circumstances.

Tip: Black tourmaline is super effective as a gem elixir that can be added to cleansing sprays and used to purify the aura. 

Stones with similar vibrational qualities: shungite, black kyanite, jet, tourmalinated quartz

Rose Quartz

Known as the stone of unconditional love and forgiveness, gentle rose quartz opens the heart and transforms negative emotions into positive ones. It’s an excellent stone to use during crisis or trauma, as it quickly brings peace. It transmutes negative emotional conditioning and supports positive affirmations. It purifies and opens the heart at all levels and brings deep inner healing and self-love.

Tip: Wear a rose quartz pendant over your heart to promote self-love, tranquility, and emotional healing. 

Stones with similar vibrational qualities: rhodochrosite, pink danburite, rhodonite, pink petalite, pink kunzite 


A strongly protective stone, especially against electromagnetic and geopathic pollution, as well as psychic attack. Fluorite stabilizes energy and shuts off mental manipulation. This stone cleanses and stabilizes the aura. Fluorite grounds and integrates spiritual energies and assists in dissolving illusions and negative mental patterning. Emotionally, fluorite has a grounding effect. 

Tip: Place a piece of fluorite on a computer or between yourself and the source of electromagnetic fog. 

Stones with similar vibrational qualities: amazonite, green aventurine, bloodstone 

Smoky Quartz

Smoky quartz is one of the most efficient grounding and anchoring stones. It helps alleviate fears, soothes an active mind, and promotes emotional calmness. This protective stone gently neutralizes negative vibrations, absorbs electromagnetic smog, and blocks geopathic stress. Smoky quartz is a powerful antidote to stress and assists in tolerating difficult times while bringing in positive energy. 

Tip: To dispel stress, place a stone in each hand and sit quietly for a few moments. Cleanse the stones thoroughly between uses.

Stones with similar vibrational qualities: hematite, smoky elestial quartz, apache tear obsidian 


Amethyst is an extremely powerful and protective stone with a high vibration. It guards against psychic attack, transmuting energy into love. A natural tranquilizer, amethyst blocks against geopathic stress and negative environmental energies. Its serenity enhances higher states of consciousness. Amethyst has strong healing and cleansing powers, and enhances spiritual awareness. 

Tip: Place a cleansed amethyst point towards you to draw in positive energy, and point one away from you to dispel negative energy. 

Stones with similar vibrational qualities: ametrine, lepidolite, rutilated quartz, lilac kunzite, purple fluorite  


Selenite is a high vibrational stone that is said to occupy the space between light and matter. It’s an excellent crystal for repairing and re-energizing the aura. Selenite is a calming stone that instils deep peace and is excellent for spiritual work and meditation. Selenite does not allow outside influences to penetrate. A large piece within the house promotes a peaceful atmosphere. 

Tip: Place other crystals, talismans, and pendants on a piece of selenite overnight for cleansing. 

Stones with similar vibrational qualities: dessert rose selenite, peach moonstone, himalayan rock salt


An excellent stone for grounding one in present reality, carnelian is one of the oldest known healing stones. It energizes and restores vitality to the immune system. Carnelian promotes positive life choices and immense motivation, and assists one in trusting perceptions. This is a useful stone for overcoming negative emotional or mental conditioning. It calms anger and assists in banishing emotional negativity, while sharpening concentration. Mentally, carnelian improves analytic abilities and clarifies perception. 

Tip: Carnelian placed near the front door of a home invokes protection and invites abundance.

Stones with similar vibrational qualities: citrine, tigers eye, golden calcite,  orang-brown selenite, amber  

I hope you find these crystals as beneficial as I do. Enjoy!

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-Emotions are highly concentrated
-Vengeful if upset;worst enemy you can make
-high energy placement
-horny 24/7
-Self-disciplined and self sufficient
-nothing can stop them once goals are set
-highly obsessive
-apt to be jealous and possessive
-powerful emotions make for a powerful will
-don’t fear much of anything unless it involves losing what belongs to them

Eyes speak so much louder than words and gestures. A glance can make someone feel completely ecstatic or entirely depressed. It could lift them into air, and it could drop them mercilessly just as fast. Words and actions are meaningless when compared with the language of the eyes. A flick, a flutter, or a glance convey love or pure hatred so much better. Ironically, they can make or break a relationship. Emotions are just concentrated in a person’s eyes. A window to their heart, perhaps. Just like how a clear glass shows what it’s holding inside. Almost see through for the ones who really try. However, it could be foggier than a London’s winter day for the ones who don’t really try to look. You can only find out how real a person’s feelings are by letting go of any prior expectations. Let it go, and stare on. Like, have you ever had feelings for someone that it was just clear as light to everyone around? You could have been oblivious to it. Hell, the person you harbored feelings for could have been oblivious to it too, but everyone else knew. Your feelings were just written in your eyes. You might have not spoken a word about it to anyone, but your eyes spoke way before your lips did. You can’t be ignorant with feelings. So open your eyes and look around. Figure out who really loves you, who is faking their love, and who is hiding their love behind a fog. You can ever know which angel is hiding behind Satan’s horns without really looking. At the end of the day, it’s the subtle things that really matter.
—  modestybae 

He is literally inhaling her in this moment. He is hopped up on the sweetest drug he’s ever experienced and it’s name is Iris. Check out the longing in his face when he let’s her lip go and tilts his head to the side. He is almost breathless and he is so gone. “Where’s the chemistry” the haters say,
“We just don’t see it”! Well honey, THIS is the reason that Candice was hired for this role. THIS is the kind of raw, pure, concentrated emotion that TPTB witnessed in her audition and that made Grant say “That is Iris West”. How do you argue with the star himself??? Even a blind man can see this chemistry between the actors and those that don’t, they simply don’t want to see it.

Tyrian's Fate

So, in lieu of what happened in “Punished”, I think I should probably let you guys know what I think will happen to Tyrian. Y’know, since his childish, poetic, and psychopathic nature has made him the best character to grace Volume 4 with his presence.

No, I do not think that Tyrian is going to die.  Will Salem be angry? Yes.  Will Salem punish him?  Yes.  Will the others make fun of him for it?  Hell yes.  After all, he will return empty-handed, disgraced, and crippled, and he’s given away information about Salem herself.  But will she kill him?  No.  Why?  Because he’s the best soldier she’s got.

Let me explain.  Sure, Cinder is the Fall Maiden, and Neo (if she’s still alive) has some mad agility skills, but Tyrian is on a whole new level when it comes to fighting.  From what we’ve seen, Tyrian almost never stops moving.  He’s light on his feet, his balance is incredible, and from what I’ve seen he’s as agile as Qrow.  Now this is all well and good, but there’s one thing that sets Tyrian apart from other really good fighters, and it’s not the venom in his tail.  He’s insanely good at fighting (pun intended)…but he’s blind.

Okay, probably not completely.  But I read that scorpions’ eyes work a lot differently than ours do, and that some of them even use vibrations in the ground to “see.”  So his other senses are vastly enhanced because of that. You can see several things that point to this: 

  • Look at his eyes.  Usually RT uses eyes like these to portray very strong emotions (ex: Weiss concentrating when summoning the Knight, Ruby when attacking Roman, Qrow when telling Ruby and the others to stay back, etc).  But they’re never made as small as Tyrian’s.  There are two reasons for this: either he’s on a constant maniacal high (which is very possible) or there is something physically off about them.  
  • During the legendary Qrow vs Tyrian fight, there is a moment when Tyrian uses his tail to wrench Qrow’s weapon out of his hand and lodge it in a wall, leaving Qrow defenseless.  Or so Tyrian thought, because before he can do anything else, he gets several fists to the face (fists adorned with metal rings, might I add) and he doesn’t even try to defend himself in any way.  He couldn’t hear them coming.
  • After Qrow punches and kicks Tyrian back a few feet, Tyrian allows Qrow to just waltz over and get his weapon from the wall.  Notice Tyrian’s position at that time: his hand was on the ground and he made a noise of frustration. He was trying to feel the vibrations in the ground but couldn’t because Qrow was out of his range.
  • But when Qrow lays his hand on his weapon, there’s a small metal sound and Tyrian looks up, grinning triumphantly, as if to say “Found you!” 
    • If Tyrian is especially good at detecting things through metal sounds, then that could explain why he was so good at deflecting Qrow’s weapon and Ruby’s bullets. Also his “oh sh*t” face when Qrow’s weapon half transformed to get itself out of the wall. 
  • Tyrian falls right through a roof when he lands on a wooden rafter that was obviously broken. 

So basically, Tyrian is like RWBY’s version of Toph.  Let’s stop and think about that for a while, hm?

But what impressed me even more was that Qrow was able to figure it out, because I didn’t realize it until after I rewatched this fight several times.  I think he made the connection when Tyrian easily dispatched Ren and Nora when they ran in to help.  That’s why he told them not to come closer (it also could have been because he didn’t want them to get caught up in his bad-luck space).

I mean, seriously.  They couldn’t even touch him.  And he didn’t even try.

So yeah, back to the point.  Tyrian’s not dying anytime soon.  I fully support the theory that Salem will give him a Death Stalker stinger to replace his old one.  Josh Grelle, the voice actor behind Tyrian, claims that there’s one final scene that Tyrian’s in (in Volume 4) that will bring with it a whole new level to Tyrian’s insanity.

And he will hopefully be back in Volume 5 for some more crazy fun times.

❣ Hair Magick ❣

Red - Courage, Power, Self-Esteem, Leadership.

Pink - Self-Love, Friendship, Calming, Romance, Passion, Physical Energy, Compassion.

Orange - Happiness, Kindness, Strength, Opportunities, Mental Alertness.

Blond/e - Healing, Creativity, Prosperity, Humility, Intellect, Beauty.

Green - Trust, Healing, Wellness, Transformation, Money, Employment, Fertility, Luck, The Arts.

Blue - Wisdom, Joy, Truth, Loyalty, Fidelity, Self-Improvement.

Purple - Clairvoyance, Spiritual Protection, Justice, Forgiveness, Memory, Ambition, Progress.

White - Safety, Protection, Enlightenment, Freedom, Health.

Black - Divination, Rebirth, Patience, Binding, Stability.

Brunet/te - Security, Generosity, Grounding, Decision Making, Concentration.

Gray - Lunar Magick, Meditation, Success, Balance.

Hair is often considered very important in witchcraft. Hair is said to hold memories and power and can be used in spells and rituals for a variety of outcomes. The way we style our hair can have different affects on our energy.

Straightened - Calmness, Gentleness, Peace.

Curled - Problem Solving, Knowledge, Strength.

Wavy - Inner Conflict Resolution, Privacy, Reflection.

Combination - Duality, Decision Making, Emotional Transition.

Bun - Intent, Concentration, Task Management.

Ponytail - Energy, Youthfulness.

Half Up - Ambition, Forward Motion, Healing, Acceptance.

Braided - Protection, Gracefulness, Patience.

French Braided - Self Admiration, Clarity, Inner Tranquility.

Long - Nostalgia, Contentment, Creativity, Whimsy.

Shoulder - Organization, Leadership, Focus, Ambition.

Short - Control, Self-Awareness,

Shaved - Rejuvenation, Resiliency.

Partially Shaved - Transformation, Transition, Accomplishment.

Can everyone stop fucking hating on Keyleth for being angry about her situation?!

Marisha said during Talks Machina that Keyleth is literally living out her worst fear. She wakes up every morning knowing that Vax is on borrowed time, and while Vex knows this too, and Vex will be utterly, irreparably heartbroken when Vax goes back to the Raven Queen, at least she still has Percy to fall back on, Keyleth will be all alone. ALL ALONE. Assuming they don’t TPK, Keyleth will go back to her small village, the village that reminds her of her dead mother, and she will live a long life, while she slowly watches all her friends, and family die around her. She’s a level 18 Druid now which means she ages 1 year in every 10. Half elves live to be in their 100s, gnomes can live to be 300-500, Percy is a human, he’ll live to be 100 if he’s lucky, Grog is the same. Keyleth will literally have no one, she will outlive generations of her people. She will outlive the children and grandchildren of her party, assuming they have any. And remember while it’s been almost a month in our time since Vax was disintegrated, it’s been like three days in the universe. Keyleth is still struggling with the guilt of casting Foresight on Vax and thinking that he saw himself die, with getting him back when she was fighting her own beliefs to try and bring him back from nothing by herself, she’s met Gods that she has no faith in, and almost sacrificed her own strongly held beliefs that the Gods don’t give a shit in order to help her party. Vax and Keyleth had moved back to Zephra, she was leading, this entire thing was supposed to be a weekend trip for them, and now Vax won’t be coming back with her, now he will be somewhere that she can never reach him, now they don’t have time to just be together, to love each other, to get engaged or married, to elope, because they have a raging, obsessed psychopath with Godly powers to kill, they have to literally save the world, and they have to save the Gods too, prevent Vecna from passing through the Devine Gate. I would be angry too. Anyone would. And don’t assume she’s not happy that her friends are married, that they are in love, I’m sure she is. She’s just angry that she’ll never get to have that. That’s a completely justified feeling. She’s experiencing a very intense range of emotions in a short, concentrated time span and it can be hard to keep that under control. Keyleth is usually pretty calm until those she loves are threatened and then all bets are off, all Hell breaks loose. She set Sprigg’s house of fire because she was so pissed that VM presence there caused Vecna to find him after 35 years of hiding away. She literally couldn’t think through the rage she was feeling. That it wasn’t fair that people couldn’t just live, that this kind, gentle man was driven insane from his fear and his loneliness. SHE SEES HERSELF IN SPRIGG AND SHE IS FUCKING TERRIFIED THAT SHE’S CATCHING A GLIMPSE OF HER FUTURE. I think some people might have gotten distracted by Sprigg telling Scanlan that this is his future, because he’s a gnome, and he recognized himself in Scanlan. But pay attention to Marisha/Keyleth’s face the whole time Sprigg is talking. Because she knows that Sprigg is her future. That if she gets through this fight with Vecna she will live long enough to forget the names of the people she loves with all her heart, of the people she would die for, of the people that would die for her, of the love of her life, of her would have been sister, of her best friend, of the only people that will ever truly know everything she has gone through, everything she has experienced, every battle, every fight, every long night sitting vigil over a party member’s dead body. Don’t you remember Keyleth’s speech to Raishan? The anger in her voice, the power in her, she stood against Raishan, and she spit in her direction (metaphorically) because Raishan was the reason half of her civilization burned and died. Keyleth has that spark of anger in her, and I think it sits right under her heart at all times, Keyleth is tied to that anger, she keeps it under control, but the times she loses that control, the times she yells, and screams, and shows she’s angry, those are the times she does the most damage, those are the times she shows herself as a true leader, someone who can protect and serve, someone who should not be messed with. Sometimes the anger, that fire in her veins, it can burn out of control. She’s sad, she’s guilty, she’s tired, and stressed, and it’s hard to overcome that when she’s constantly being reminded of everything she’ll never get to have. I don’t understand why so many people jump to hate on Keyleth, jump to hate on Marisha. Keyleth is a deeply complex character who cares with her whole being about the world around her, who stops to talk to trees, who curls up in corners by fireplaces as a giant cat because she can, who turns herself into stone just so her friends will have something to beat up on, who continuously burns her highest level spells to get everybody where they need to go, who has literally saved the entire party from dying because of her power (re: breaking into the prison in Dis). Who still doesn’t know who she is, who still doesn’t believe in herself despite everything that she has accomplished, despite completing her Aramente, despite having the highest number of kills, despite leading her people, despite “passing through fire” as Kerrick said. She’s not being petty just because she’s angry that she’ll never get to be happy the way that everyone deserves to be happy, that she’ll never get to be loved the ways that she should be loved, that she’ll never get to have the life she’s dreamed of. How can anyone think she’s being petty? She’s heartbroken. She’s constantly on the verge of a breakdown, but she pushes through it because VM needs her, because the world needs her, and it is only when she is left alone with the person she trusts most in the entire world that she lets her emotions go, that she allows herself to cry for the love and life that she will lose no matter if they beat Vecna or not. 

Nudge Theory

Characters: CastielXReader, Dean Winchester, Sam Winchester

Word Count: 5323 (Act V)

A/N: The [extended] conclusion to a five-act miniseries. The reader and Castiel must work together to solve the curious case of the missing Winchesters. Fluff, smut, and a plot for kicks (I’ve been informed it got kinda angsty – so, uh, yay, something for everyone?!). All mysteries and roads converge in Clifton Springs, NY – whither will they lead from there? Here’s a hint about the roads – there is a 100% probability they all lead to a mountain of fluff.

Previous chapters:  Act I,  Act II, Act III , Act IV - Part I, Act IV - Part II

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Nudge [verb] –

·       “Coax or gently encourage someone to do something.”


The familiar rumbling whisper thundered through your pounding head with the boom of a freight train. You groaned in response.

“They’ve left for the moment,” the whispered onslaught continued, “there was a heated argument. Mrs. Kinlay did not want to miss bingo night at the senior center despite Mr. Kinlay’s wounds. Evidently, a Mrs. Reynolds recently returned from an extended cruise which was in reality a cover story for obtaining plastic surgery and the so-called botch job isn’t to be missed.”

You groaned again.

“Are you hurt?”

More discombobulated yet distinctly incensed syllables somersaulted from your tongue. You meant to say: “Bingo? Seriously? Well at least something about those impostors stinks of being geriatric.”

Cas took the irate tone of your incoherent groans as confirmation you were unharmed save for the diminishing effects of the cataleptic drug in your system, “They intend to perform some sort of ritual. We appear to be central components. Fortunately, it seems important to them that we remain largely unharmed.”

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Excerpt from The Life of Whumpers (2017)

[Transcript follows]

And here we see the wild Whumper Iniuriam viligem [@medwhump, 2016] in their natural habitat. Whumpers are one of the most fascinating organisms on the planet. These fantastic creatures were once thought to be rare, but a thriving new population has recently been discovered in the Tumblr ecosystem and the population continues to grow at an astonishing rate.

A nomadic species, the wild Whumper can be observed flitting from TV show to TV show in search of the best whump scenes. You can track the Whumpers through -ah, there it is- their cry, which makes a high-pitched noise that sounds like ‘squee!’.

Many Whumpers are naturally shy creatures, and, if confronted, will deny any enjoyment of whump beyond the scientific and character development aspects. Some, however, are gregarious, proudly flaunting their spectacular headcanons and ‘squeeing’ loudly. It is thought that this fabulous display intimidates many non-Whumpers, although there is no scientific evidence that the non-Whumpers have anything to fear.

If we’re very quiet…yes, here we are. It’s a rare privilege to get this close to a Whumper in the wild. Much of a Whumper’s life is spent like this one here - huddled closely around a computer or television screen. The Whumper looks calm and detached, but in fact a whump-watching session is full of emotions. It requires intense concentration. Even shy Whumpers will often engage in what is called ‘internal screaming’, which we can fortunately detect with our special FAN-frequency microphone.

It’s important not to disturb a Whumper during a whump-watching session like this. Despite their reputation, Whumpers are almost entirely harmless, but may attack in the whump-watching season if disturbed and can be highly aggressive in defence of their favourite whump character. Care should also be taken in situations where there is no care after the whump scene or when a Whumper is struggling to locate a whump scene, as many Whumpers will experience frustration and disappointment in these situations. Under NO circumstances should you tease a Whumper with whump trailers and then not present them with actual whump. This is the leading cause of Whumper attacks in the world.

Back at its burrow, the Whumper has amassed a vast collection of fanfiction and whumpy gifs and fanart. Whumpers are highly social amongst their own kind, and frequently share whump fics between their group with no apparent expectation of reciprocation. It is not unknown for a single Whumper to contract an obsession with a particular show or character, and in close proximity the obsession can spread rapidly throughout the population, infecting every Whumper it touches.

What makes a Whumper so drawn to fictional characters being hurt? Science has as yet been unable to determine a specific answer. It seems likely that there is variation in reasons at the subspecies and even individual levels. Perhaps we shall never know. So it’s probably best to just appreciate the majesty of nature, and leave them to do what they do best.

[End of excerpt]

baseball au

requested by anon. shout out to @jinwoosmile and @astrofireworks for rocky’s nickname. enjoy!

JinJin is a starting pitcher who is known for junk pitches that frustrate even the most composed batters. But it’s not just those off-speed pitches that make him good; it’s that he knows when to use them. Most people overlook his ability to control the game and just blame his ridiculous knuckleball. In interviews, he tends to downplay his own abilities and instead hype up his teammates—with one key exception: he’s quick to tell people he’s the best looking guy on the team whenever someone brings up the amount of commercials and television show cameos that Eunwoo gets. 

When MJ first started playing baseball as a kid, his coaches would send him into the outfield just because he had a tendency to sing—loudly—when he didn’t have a ball to chase. They didn’t realize that his energy levels would actually benefit him, keeping him sharp even on the hottest of summer days (and he only sings in the shower now). When he gets on base, he’s particularly dangerous—and holds the team’s all-time stolen base record. Rocky is slowly catching up to him, and while MJ outwardly harasses his younger teammate about it, he secretly loves that he’s able to be someone who pushes Rocky to work harder.

Eunwoo has known JinJin since their tee-ball days. At first, they were on opposing teams, and Eunwoo being the one to get flustered by JinJin’s pitches. But it only took one season of catching those pitches in high school for Eunwoo to figure out what exactly JinJin was doing. Between JinJin’s pitching and Eunwoo’s clever calls, they made a name for themselves as one of the most dangerous batteries in the region. They were drafted to two different teams, but after a couple of years in the minors, Eunwoo talked his way into a trade that brought them back together. 

Moonbin plays the “hot corner”—because he’s got the strongest arm in the infield and the energy to keep up with the amount of action third base gets. He sometimes gets a little too amped up and throws are a little high. Fortunately, Sanha is tall enough to catch those wild throws. Unfortunately, Sanha also likes to give Moonbin a hard time about them. The pair are known for goofing off in the dugout, and often get caught on camera spitting sunflower seeds at each other or singing along with the stadium’s background music. 

Rocky plays shortstop and is known for two things: turning nearly every ball sent his way into a double-play and never showing any emotion other than pure concentration while playing. He’s won numerous awards for his defensive skills, and the media frequently comments on his stone-like expression. MJ is constantly trying to get Rocky to break, hoping fans will be able to catch a glimpse of what Rocky is really like. And it was MJ shouting “Run, Rocko, Run” that made a short clip of Rocky sliding into second with a grin on his face go viral. 

Sanha’s height benefits him at first base, and his long arms help him hit home runs. He and Moonbin actually became friends in the minor leagues when they spent a season in fierce competition for the league’s home run record. At the time, Sanha downplayed his competitiveness, saying he only liked hitting home runs because he prefers jogging the bases rather than running them. But Moonbin could tell Sanha wasn’t being honest and continued to egg him on. It worked, and Sanha’s ability to both read pitches and slam them over the wall has only improved. 

And in case anybody is wondering about the rest of the team:
Second base is Heejun. Right field and left field are Youjin and Inseong, respectively. And Seungjun and Jihun are in the bullpen, screwing around while waiting to step in as JinJin’s relief. Please support KNK.

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Long Weeks & Rosy Cheeks

Dean Winchester/Castiel
Words: 1.7k
Warnings: upset!Dean for a long time
A/N: Thank you for the prompt @i-writefanficnottragedies !! I tweaked a few things from the prompt. I hope that’s okay!! Sorry for the lack of writing lately…I’m trying to get back in the swing of things, I promise!

Prompt: (½) could you pls write a fic where like Dean tries to ask Cas out but chickens out and is beating himself up about it and Cas is an idiot and ends up going on a date with a girl and Dean just spends the whole time moping at home and sam’s really worried about him, cause sammy the shipper knows all the shit and Cas comes home and is really depressed and stuff cos his date went wrong and Dean is just passed out on the couch and Cas just falls asleep ontop of him and (continued in following ask) (2/2) and so basically Sam finds them on the couch and is like aw so sweet and he takes pictures and Dean and Cas wake up tangeled together and Dean doesn’t give a crap anymore and they just spend the morning cuddling and then Cas asks permission to kiss Dean which makes Dean BLUSH SO BRIGHTLY HOLY S**T HIS FACE IS RED and he manages to mumble out a little “yes” and then they just kiss a lot and giggle and yeah. also could the name of the fic be based around dean’s blushing pls and thank you! 

If there was one thing that Dean Winchester was terrible at, it was verbalizing his feelings. He could tell his brother he loved him in a quick hug, no problem. He could thank Jody for something with a squeeze of the hand. Hell, he could even be appreciative of Crowley every now and again with a pat on the back. But actually saying what he meant? He was one constipated block of miscommunication. It wasn’t that he didn’t mean what he wanted to say. It was that he was terrified that one day he would work up the nerve to say something that he meant with every fiber of his being and the other person would leave him heartbroken.

Of course, Dean knew this already. He had for nearly the entirety of his thirty-eight years on Earth. It was always lingering in the forgotten corner of his mind, but his attention had been drawn to it for a while now lately. If he was being honest, he had thought about it for the past eight or so years. Loving someone - really loving someone -  could do that to a man.

Dean knew that he loved Cas, but it had taken forever for him to admit that to himself. At first, he had been more terrified of the growing fuzziness in his chest than he had been of anything else. Hell, he was still scared to death. He had pushed it aside to focus on more pressing matters. Now, he had no excuse to back out of his overflowing feelings since their lives had calmed.

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Y ppl are saying that DOB didn't put as much effort as Holland in the 6x10 kiss and after they kissed his expression are more like annoyed than emotional? P.S I don't think like this but after reading that analysis of kiss I couldn't help but wonder on DOB part. BUT FUCK DOB SUCKED HOLLAND'S LOWER LIP SO HARD😍😍😍😍

so fun story: i sent a snapchat of it to my sister when the kiss happened and she was like “it looks like shes doing a good job but i dont know about him” but then i made her watch it again in HD and she ended up doing an in depth analysis of it and she wanted me to record her and post her on tumblr

that actually didnt really have to do with anything i just wanted to share that LMAO

but NOooO i s2g i think its because you cant see stiles’ hands so it looks like hes just standing there. but when you watch it his face is literally just pure emotion hes so concentrated. shes more into it physically i think but he’s just all emotion like he’s so caught up in it he doesn’t even know whats happening. and thats kinda how i would picture them kissing anyway? lydia being all up in it and stiles just in disbelief. and the way he subconsciously chases her mouth when she takes a sec to sob WILL ALWAYS END ME :’)

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How did Paper Jam came to be?

Like… how did I think of the concept or how what he formed in his backstory?

How I thought of it: Basically started off as a fan design of a combo of Ink and Error based off of AskComboClub - eventually thought more about him and developed his story from the concept of [next part].

How he was formed: He was formed due to concentrated emotions and traits of justice and determination around the remnant of Error and Ink’s fights within the antivoid. With Error’s old strings as his structure and nervous system and Ink’s ink to form the body around the soul, after 3 years of sitting there, he was formed.