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Even after all this time, he can still make you smile. 

Rodimus fucked up with Overlord, then he continued to fuck up by letting Drift take the blame. He couldn’t do it, Roddy just couldn’t face the anger and hatred Drift might have felt toward him, so he assumed the worse and never went looking, even after he finally took responsibility.  

Drift had every right to tell Rodimus to take a hike in that scene, but he didn’t. Drift knows what it’s like to be so buried in your fears that all objectivity goes out the window. No, Drift was just happy that his friend wanted him back, he was thrilled that Rodimus was trying to be completely honest with him, without his usual posturing BS. 

Platonically, romantically, in whatever way - Drift loves that red and yellow ostentatious lightning-bolted screw up of a co-captain with all his reformed decepticony heart. A couple of years of self imposed exile did nothing to change that. 

The two long lost friends had a perfect moment of understand/forgiveness and it was beautiful.

A Simple Warmth

I’ve been sitting on this for a while.  I had some grammatical issues, rewrote it once or twice, and then just shoved it aside for a couple of months, mostly due to anxiety.

Now I’m just saying “to hell with it” and posting it because I think I might actually like it now.

Female Mage Trevelyan x Cullen Rutherford (pre-relationship)

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The headache had begun early that morning, even before the sun rose, but the meeting had set it thrashing against his skull.  The sun streaming in through the stained glass windows only strained the tense feeling and made him wince whenever he looked up too quickly.  He missed the darkened chantry room they held war meetings in while they were in Haven.  Skyhold was too open and too bright for his liking.

He had done his best to restrain his hands from rubbing at his aching head during the meeting, setting them instead on the pommel of his sword with a fierce grip.  Now that the room was emptying of witnesses he allowed himself the comfort of pressing the heels of his hands against his eyes, anything to stop them from watering and burning.  His little tower home was not far.  It was dark and somewhat quiet.   He needed to make it there before the pain took further root in his brain, but the thought of striding through all those chatty nobles and across the sun baked embattlements only served to make him more nauseous.  With a frustrated groan he turned and leaned back against the heavy war table.

“I agree.  It was a long meeting with few decisions made.”

He started at the sudden voice, dropping his hands away from his face.  He had been certain that everyone had fled after Josephine had called the meeting to a close.  But standing a few feet away from him was the Inquisitor, her arms crossed loose across her body.  She was watching him, unsure, but smiled when he looked up at her without reproach.

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I’m so emotional about this reference 

erc003  asked:

I'm rewatching a playthrough of fallout 4 and I forgot that the first conversation with Codsworth makes me want to cry. Why must I feel so many emotions about robots goshdammit

i know Very Little about fallout oops

i love Codsworth though hes good…………..metal husband…….

Ask Punk: Human After All Edition

Human After All: What flaws can you easily overlook?

The Prime Time of Your Life: Share some items from your bucket list.

Robot Rock: Share some of your favorite lyrics.

Steam Machine: Do you think robots are attractive?

Make Love: What’s the sweetest thing someone could do for you?

The Brainwasher: What message do you want to send out to others?

On/Off: Do you spend a lot of time on your computer/phone/other devices?

Television Rules the Nation: If you could produce a television show, what would it be like?

Technologic: What do you think is the best thing about robots?

Emotion: What is your favorite feeling?

We were all emotional about the Grammys hug but can we talk about the way Thomas passes the Grammy to Guy-Man once they’re on stage because he literally just leans over Pharrell and passes it to Guy so reverently

like there are a bunch of people on that stage and the Grammy gets passed on to them but Thomas makes sure it goes to his best friend first and I think that’s really sweet

  • what she says: I'm fine
  • what she means: What happened in those days that Elliot forgot? Why did he wake up in Tyrell's car and, more importantly, where the fuck is Tyrell? Is it true that Tyrell is dead, like, did Elliot actually kill him? Did he shoot him with the greasy popcorn gun? Why /did/ Elliot grab the gun, was Tyrell threatening him or something, didn't they both want the hack to be executed? Is there any reason Elliot would kill Tyrell just like that, outside of being a witness of what happened inside fsociety? And, if he isn't dead after all, is Tyrell gonna be part of fsociety? Did he really recognize the countless flaws in capitalism or is he just angry with E corp? If Tyrell became part of fsociety, he would become a target of the FBI, and he already killed Sharon, would he really risk getting thrown in prison just to get revenge on E corp? What is causing his recklessness? Maybe it is Elliot, maybe he isn't doing this because he wants revenge, or because of capitalism. Maybe he just wants to be in the same team with Elliot, as he said in episode 9, "I've always told you we'd end up working together, Elliot." But is this weird attraction just because he thinks Elliot is a great hacker and he's impressed by his skills, or is there something more to this? We've seen how much tension there is between the two, you can't lie about that, so are they gonna do something with that in season 2? Are Tyrell and Elliot gonna date or something? But then there's the question, did Elliot shoot Tyrell with the grease gun? Because in all honesty, building up all this tension between those two and then just making them kill each other would be a shitty thing to happen. And even if Elliot tried to kill Tyrell, but he lived, how did Tyrell stop him? And if he died, where did Elliot hide the body? I honestly have a hard time understanding why they would kill Tyrell. All I'm saying is that Tyrell and Elliot are in a way alike, yet different, which in my opinion would make them an amazing team, or even a couple. But not just that, it's also Tyrell's entire character. He's so very interesting and complicated, why would he die so soon? just what the fuck are they up to at mr robot i cant wait for 2 more days please give me season 2

me, tears streaming down my face barely able to breath: i love robots so mu ch

i just saw Chappie and while i definitely enjoyed myself and would recommend it to anyone else who loves robots there are def a few things worth warning about, under the cut (as spoiler free as possible)

- abuse is featured pretty prominently, physical/mental towards a being with the mind/capabilities of a child, also a lot of manipulation of that character

- there’s the implication of dog fighting and one dead dog

- brief use of the r slur

- gore ranging from bullet wounds to someone being ripped in half/other bodily harm

that’s all i can really think of atm, there may be more things?? those were definitely what stood out to me as being the most possibly upsetting

less seriously, “will make you feel extreme emotions about robots” is the biggest warning, oh, my god