So for Inside Out there are a couple shots of the emotions in the Mom’s brain as well as the Dad’s

Mom’s brain is controlled by all female gendered emotions:

and the Dad’s are all male:

But Riley’s emotions are of mixed gender with 2 male to 3 female:

So why are Mom and Dad’s all one gender while Riley’s are mixed? Well I would like to take this to mean that both mom and Dad have an established gender identity whereas Riley, still being 11 years old, is still exploring her gender identity and how she fits into that spectrum. Riley is shown to be more of a tomboy, playing hockey for example, so the male emotions could stem from that as well. 

i just think its interesting they decided to mix it like that to keep Riley not confined to some gender stereotypes and roles. 

I’m Always Gonna...

…miss you

Even if you’re sitting right beside me or halfway around the world. I’m going to miss being who we were.

…say your full name

Just for the sake of you hating it when I do that. Then you would get that pissed off-slash-playful look on your face, because you know that I’m messing with you but I really just love saying your whole name.

….hold your hand

Because they’re soft, and they keep me grounded. Because whenever you hold my hand, ever nerve in my fingers wake up and electrify me.

…laugh at your jokes

Even if they are super lame and no one else is laughing. Because I know that you like making people smile and it makes you smile too.

…love you

Because at one point in my life, I thought you were the one that I’m going to spend the rest of my life with. And you made me so happy that everything else just disappears even for a moment only.


Not because I don’t love you anymore. It’s because I love you too much. And I’m scared that my love might overwhelm you and I don’t want you to realize that I don’t deserve you. It’s actually me that doesn’t deserve someone like you, because I know you’d never leave me, and yet I ran on the other direction.

Oh trust me, getting inspired by a guy or being frustrated and getting your heart broken has nothing to do with [being] physical. Sometimes if someone plays with your emotions it is so much harder to get over, whether you’ve kissed that guy, whether you’ve held hands with that guy, whatever you’ve done. If someone knows how to push your buttons and completely plays you, whether you were physically in that relationship or not, it’s very easy to get inspired by that. I definitely have not run out of any kind of material.
—  Taylor Swift talking about what’s going to be her inspiration for the Fearless album (x)