“Inside Out affects me more than any other movie I’ve seen. I have extreme difficulties handling my emotions; due to this I have a hard time at work and socially. Whenever I feel like I’m losing control again, I just imagine the emotions in my brain, and it helps immensely. Whenever I get very sad or easily angered, I just picture Joy hopping into action, and taking over my control board. It’s an extreme comfort, and I’m so grateful towards the movie that now I have an effective coping mechanism.”

The moon and night sky hold the same warm tint here tonight as they had on our walk back from the play. With you, I  stopped in the middle of the street to stare, motionless. Tonight I never stopped moving beneath it’s glow, watching it become a bright blur in my line of vision. The world can be so beautiful, but I’m learning the difference between enjoying it’s beauty and experiencing it. I’m still not sure I have a preference.
—  Excerpt from a book I’ll never write #63 (book-scented-candles)

“Donald Trump is unique. He’s keen to let you know that. While most presidential candidates disguise their wealth and feign normality, The Donald tweets photos of himself partying with the Clintons. He appears to tell us that he buys and sells politicians, that he’s “really rich” and that millions of Hispanics will vote for him because so many of them have lost their souls working in his casino. Breaking the rules is attractive.” — CNN