(ALMOST) ALL OF THE EMOTIONAL FACES FROM GIFT OF THE CARD!!(not sure if this is how you call them tbh)
Yea there’s quite a lot of dramatic scene in this episode, there are actually more, but you can only upload 10 pictures in each photo set…. which sucks…
Of course this took me a lot of times to make, since there are so many of them, so be grateful people.
Not sure if this is Starco related.


> >  ハイキュー!! + facial expressions / emotions                                                                                         ↪ Hinata Shoyo, Karasuno #10 ♡

“I never had a double-digit score on any of my quizzes..Will I still be okay?” (; ̄y ̄)

She build an empire
of flowers—
that bloom
inside her heart,
and picks out
and leaves
every piece of it
wherever place
she goes
whoever person
she meets.
—  ma.c.a // Garden of Love

Summer’s End © Tracy Piper-Wright aka Tracy Ellen :

Lost in Her Eyes

it’s like being lost
like there’s no way out
trapped in a wonderland
a place where im different
she’s filled with imagination
creativity at its best

“we’re all mad here”
but why do I feel sane?
the stress of the world
the fear in my soul

is this what nirvana feels like?
the void of brown
with drops of gold
these are the eyes
of which I’m lost in


time travel and memory based stories fuck me up consistently. like…. Your Name, Orange, Life is Strange, When Marnie Was There, Erased, Angel Beats… shit even The Notebook to some degree

There’s no other way that’s quite as sure to destroy me from the inside. The whole idea of memory/experience as malleable or one-sided really gets to me. Life is just a combination of lived moments and memories; when people lose them, it feels like a death to me. no trope can ever fuck me up as much as the one where a character goes back in time to selflessly fix everything and make people happy. I call it selfless because living through a moment that you’ve already lived through is the ultimate distancing. The biggest connections that we have with anyone in life are the moments that we live through together. To live outside of that moment, to have that future perspective… it takes away that closest of connections. You’re truly alone in the world at that moment, impossibly far from the people that you care about.

And then the stories that deal with memory… It’s kind of a similar feeling of death. To go back in time (through magic or memory) and share experiences and feelings with others, only to discover that it’s all gone forever… how is that not the saddest thing ever? anyway does anyone feel similarly? do time travel and memory-based stories fuck everyone else up just as deeply?

Me: “Well, you’re the only person I completely trust, and I know you love me…”

Therapist: *grins* “Yes, I do!”

Me: “………” *smiles, puts hands over mouth, tears up*