im Handumdrehen Herz genommen -
Hand und Herz - und Hand aufs Herz,
im Hand-rumdrehen hat’s begonnen;
im Herzschlagtakt die Straße lang,
im Schaukeltakt zum Himmel rauf;
auf und ab und auf und ab,
ein Auf und Ab der Launen - oder:
hin und her und hin und her,
ein Hin und Her der Gefühle;
und im Rhythmus der Lungen
verklingt das Lied der Nacht.
—  Hand aufs Herz.

This is a story,
This is a story about a young girl,
This is a story about a young girl who lost someone precious…

The girl gained someone precious, someone she had loved with all her heart.
Then one day this precious person had to go away the girl was heartbroken but, she was hopeful.
Then one day in rage of sorts she realized IT, what slammed her to the floor and broke her heart into pieces.
The person she loved so dearly didn’t feel the same anymore. She was angry, and couldn’t understand why.. she thought that all would be well
She became lonely and one day
The girl fell into a deep sleep then the dreams began, oh! how she wished they would stop.
These dreams showed her what she had done to her precious person.
They showed how she had hurt them, broke promises and trust, how wrong she had been, how awful she really was…
When she awoke she cried and cried.
She couldn’t believe that she would ruin something she held so close to her heart. How she could do,something so terrible..
The precious person still however wanted to be her friend, for this she was thankful. After everything she had put them through she was grateful.

Months have passed the girl has given up hope of fully regaining what she has lost. She has come to terms with her mistakes. However deep deep down in her heart.. she wishes to see her precious person again.