My little brother and sister were being extremely loud, it was starting to get too much for me. So, I told them to be quiet.
Neither of them listened
Then, I put my hands over my ears for a few moments.
My little brother, who notices everything, and has autism, looked at me then turned to my little sister and told her to shush and be quiet.

Now tell me that autistic people don’t have empathy.

We have so much empathy, we just understand how to process other people’s feelings differently.

If you keep telling autistic people to do things in ways you would tell anybody, they will forever feel confused. What does “be quiet” even mean anyway? How much quiet do you want? I can’t hear if I’m being loud to you. My loud isn’t your loud. My quiet isn’t your quiet.

But I’ll understand if you’re covering your ears, because that’s what I do when stuff gets too loud.

When you look at things from an NT point of view, yeah, we’re gonna come across as unempathetic, rude and weird. But if you understand us, then it’s not so weird after all, and we’re human, just like you.


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Ravenclaw: Sometimes I wish I had

a machine that would let me feel

what Sly feels.

Ravenclaw: Then maybe I’d

understand her better.


Hufflepuff: No you don’t.

Ravenclaw: What do you mean? Why


Hufflepuff: You don’t know her

like I do. You don’t know how much

she feels every day.

Hufflepuff: It’s a lot. You don’t

want to feel it.


Hufflepuff: It would make even

*you* cry.