Empathy VS. Sympathy

In 1909, the psychologist Edward Titchener translated the German Einfühlung (‘feeling into’) into English as ‘empathy’. Empathy can be defined as a person’s ability to recognize and share the emotions of another person, fictional character, or sentient being. It involves, first, seeing someone else’s situation from his perspective, and, second, sharing his emotions, including, if any, his distress.

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We punish ourselves so much in our own imaginations. We convince ourselves everything we do, everything we think, is wrong.
For eighteen years I’ve believed what other people told me about what was right and what was wrong. From now. I’m deciding.
—  Robin Talley, Lies We Tell Ourselves
What Your Clothing Color Choice Says About You

Last month, I was particularly aware of my mental murkiness. It didn’t matter how many green juices, meditation sessions or extra hours of sleep I added to my schedule — I couldn’t shake the dull, foggy mood I was schlepping around. I chalked it up to the dreadfully cold winter New york is experiencing, and drank another green juice.

It wasn’t until I was having one of those “maybe I should rearrange the whole apartment to avoid doing my work” moments that it hit me. Sitting in the middle of my bedroom floor, I was looking around at a sea of grey clothes: 19 grey shirts, four pairs of black pants, four pairs of grey pants … 99% my winter wardrobe was downright depressing

Whether you’re hip to the science of color therapy or not, there’s no denying we have deep associations with certain colors. What does bright yellow remind you of? I bet you say the sun. What about green? Grass. Blue? The expansive summer sky, or the ocean. Now what does grey remind you of? For me, I think of dirty snow, a sad elephant and gloomy weather.

In an attempt to limit materialistic behavior, I’d often throw on any old thing, paying no mind to how it made me feel. But not being mindful of your own vibes when you step out into the world isn’t doing anyone any favors. The better you feel about yourself, the more you have to give to others.

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Someday you’ll see her, and she’ll look absolutely gorgeous, you’ve never noticed how beautiful she really was, and you’re going to want her more than anything. But you’ll never have her because you gave up on her, like everyone else did. And she finally moved on, after hundreds of endless nights drowning in her own tears. So someday, when she’s walking away hand in hand with another man who treats her so much better than you had, remember that maybe you should have appreciated her when you had her, because in what seems like just moments she’ll be gone. And you will never have her back.
—  written by: lostwond3rs.tumblr.com