12 Confessions Depict What It Exactly Feels Like To Be An Introvert

Although some people view introverts as social outcasts, they don’t “get” that our alone time is our most productive part. It is not free time, we are not being slobs, it is our happy and comfortable time. This is our biggest confession and something most people don’t understand, no matter how many times we attempt to convey this.

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The New Untitled #176

Pavement, Pueblo
Basile Pesso-Toulouse © 12 May 2 015
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Some people are scared of thunderstorms,
But not me,
I am in love with thunderstorms,
I find them quite beautiful,
So when you see me sitting by the window,
Hands cupped around my face,
Staring outside,
Just know I’m where I love to be,
And if you decide to join me,
And look for what I’m seeing,
Maybe you won’t see it,
But I’ll still love you for trying,
Because not everyone can see the beauty in simple things,
And that’s okay
—  Endlessly-Daring

Extremely clever and excellently thought, with superb details of reflections. To be seen in big.
Obdachlos, Homeless
© Tobias Pilchmaier aka Mildly Offensive :
With his choice of quote :
“I’ve seen worse - though that usually involves a funeral…” - (Boardwalk Empire, S3xE5)

anonymous asked:

Hii do any of u get like suuuuuper extra upset from watching/reading sad movies/books? Or do u know if that's a thing for ppl with adhd? Cause last time i almost threw up from crying so violently after watching a movie lol. And also does anyone get like really bad anxiety syntoms from drinking coffee?? Like feeling sick and shaky (like I'm vibrating on the inside), stomach churning etc.

I don’t think that’s an ADHD thing (the getting upset thing). Some people like the concept of Highly Sensitive People to explain stuff like this.

The coffee thing is totally dependent on the person. Coffee has caffeine and that can increase anxiety and so on. In particular, if you are taking stimulant medication you should not drink coffee because caffeine is a stimulant and you might end up with too much in your system.