Why Sherlock lost Euros game about Molly

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I’ve really loved the season finale, so much that I actually dread the idea of another season because it would (probably) smash the sherlolly feels that we had with this.

Anyway, I’ve been quite obsessed about why Euros said that Sherlock lost when he got the I love you from Molly. In Euros’ mind, what was that scene about?

Sure, it was to show that Sherlock was very emotionnal, but what would be the point in Euros game? To look at this, we have to look at the metaphor of the plane. I have a feeling that Euros, wasn’t necessarily interested in “landing” the plane. I’m more of the opinion, that what she really wanted was to have someone in the plane with her. And that someone in her mind was Sherlock. If I’m right about that, then the whole point of the game was to get Sherlock in the plane with her, meaning to have him disconnected from emotions and attachment. To do that, she elaborates a game that aims at having Sherlock to disconnect from any empathy that he has. The first two rooms dealt with morality and caring about consequences. In both cases, Sherlock remains emotionnaly detached, which is consistent with how he had behaved until then whenever a case was involved.

In this perspective, the role of the ILY scene is pretty clear. The next step in Sherlock’s deshumanisation is to further break his abiltiy to relate to people. How to do that? Show him that his relationships weakens him on the only plane that he is interested in: intellect. When Euros tells Sherlock he lost the game, it’s not because he hurt Molly and himself while there were no bombs in the flat. It’s because, he didn’t deduce that there were no bombs in the flat. She reinforces this with sayin “why would I be so clumsy?”. The clumsiness she is talking about is not the difficulty of having Molly’s flat rigged. Afterall, she did send a drone with a bomb in Sherlock’s flat, so there was no difficulty at all for her to do that.

In my opinion, when she talks about clumsiness, she actually tells Sherlock that she did give him a clue about Molly’s flat not being rigged. This clue is based on the coffin and her declaration. As Sherlock said about the coffin, Molly is practical about death. If she was to die in a bomb explosion, chances are, there won’t be enough body parts (sorry for the gory visual) to be buried. In that case, if Molly is practical about death, why would she ever need a coffin if there was nothing to put in it? So, the two clue that Euros gave Sherlock were in contradiction. If it was Molly’s coffin, then there couldn’t be bombs in her flat. If there are no bomb in Molly’s flat, then Sherlock doesn’t need to torture her and himself. The point of Euros in this is to show to Sherlock that because he was so afraid for Molly (because he loves her), he didn’t consider the riddle she gave him. He hurt Molly because he couldn’t distincly think about it. That’s why emotional context gets him every time. This is particularly vicious from Euros, because it enforces the idea that Sherlock cares, he causes further damage. The point of this is to have Sherlock detach himself from his attachment.

After this ordeal, Euros thought that Sherlock would retreat to an intellectual point of view (she said that Moriarty thought Sherlock would choose John, meaning that she thought that he wouldn’t). And in that case, of course the intellectual choice would have been to kill John: without Mycroft, both Sherlock and John would have gone to prison (a social death as it is), Rosie would have effectively lost her two parents with no one to protect her. If John died, yes Rosie would still be an orphan but Sherlock and Mycroft would still be there. But Sherlock didn’t make this choice.

The reason why he didn’t make this choice is because of course, he realised something that Euros didn’t : he really loves his friend and would do anything for them. Where Euros thought that Sherlock hurting Molly would make him retreat in his rationnality, it made him more attuned to his feelings. I think that Euros being the psychopath that she is, she doesn’t have a real grasp on what love is (either romantic or non romantic love). She completely missed how Sherlock would react and what the scene with Molly would do to him.

When Sherlock was told by Euros that he had lost. His reaction was to go to the coffin lead and put it on the coffin. I think that was then that he understood the clue given by Euros (coffin = no bomb). Him putting the lead on the coffin was him realising that his relationship with Molly might be over (as he hurt her deeply) because he missed the clue. Now, Sherlock is not demonstrative when he miss something. He is always calm (look at how he behaved when he realised that Irene Adler played him), goes into his mind. This is the first part of him going to the coffin lead and stroking it. Then, there is a complete change compared to what he usually does: he loses it. I think that what makes him lose it is that he realises that even if he’d gotten the clue about the bombs, he still would have made Molly say the words. Because he wouldn’t have taken the risk of being wrong and have her killed. He’d still  sacrifice their relationship and hurt her and himself than to be wrong about his deduction. And this is why he loses it. Because he understands that the only right choice is for him to sacrifice himself rather than take those kind of risks.

This realisation I think is how he is able to twist Euros’ arm in the last room, he made the choice to stick to what his heart tells him rather than what his mind tell him. This also how he figures out Euros’ metaphor and has the plane land.

Well, this has been long, I’m not sure everyone would agree but well, I needed to say it.

if you have not watch Sense8 yet, you should!

i have never seen so much diversity in a tvshow or movie : there is a trans lesbian woman played by a trans woman, a badass korean woman that is a martial arts expert, a mexican gay man, an indian woman, a kenyan man and three white people (a woman who is a dj, a cop and a german burglar) as main characters

also freema agyeman from doctor who is playing a lesbian and naveen andrews from lost are recurring characters

its a 12 episode science fiction/drama netflix series produced, written and directed by the wachowskis (the matrix, v for vendetta, jupiter ascending)

basically it’s the story of 8 ppl who are mentally and emotionnaly connected in the aftermath of a tragic death and they try to understand what happened to them and why it happened throughout the series. the only thing that wasnt great with this show is that the pilot is not captivating but once you really start watching the show the plot gets more interesting

Toughts on FT 418


She called him “senpai”, so cute ~ :3

What she said here confirms what I always said. She’s super strong emotionnaly. She sank into depression but managed to get out of this shit by herself. HERSELF. I don’t know if people realise how hard it is to get out of depression. Specially alone. Seriously, I’m gonna kill the next person who says Lucy’s weak.

If the guild was disband, wasn’t the mark supposed to dissapear ? Does that mean… Lucy draws it on her hand everyday ?! Lucy, baby, don’t do such heartbreaking things, I’m gonna cry TT

Can I just give her a hug…?

External image



We even haven’t seen his face yet and he’s already that badass…

Anyway, beside that, Lucy’s face and the “That feeling…”, it just feel like Natsu’s power has grown too much and E.N.D is starting to appear. That’s why she would say that. Because it looks like Zereph’s magic.

OMG NATSU NO ! SO SEXY I DON’T THINK I WILL BE ABLE TO ANDLE THIS ! GOD NATSU YOU’RE SO HOT  *~* (Okay, that was one was not funny… But, honestly, without bad jokes, is hot *~*)

Yes, your husbando is back honey. 

I’m 100% sure Natsu wanted to impress Lucy with his new powers. 100%.


I didn’t have imagine their reunion like that but… GOD IT’S SO CUTE I’M TOTALLY OKAY WITH IIT ! JUST LOOK AT NATSU’S SMILE (god, he’s so sexy) AND LUCY’S LIL’ “You okay ?” MY OTP IS PERFECT AND I’LL KICK ANYONE BUTTS WHO DISAGREE

But, the cutest is that Lucy had faith in FT again when she saw him… Like, so cute. For me, it really feels like Natsu represent Fairy Tail for her. After all, he’s the one who make it possible for her to join the guild. He’s the one she teamed up with all this time. 

They’re so fuckin’ cute, gosh. <3

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