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Wait i didnt read it all the way (/.\) srry dont answer this is you already did the other one but, Bastille and What is something you have done that you wish you could relive

hi dw I’ll answer on this one!!

hmm imma go with flaws (v mainstream i no im sorry;)

oooh nice q um i think maybe the walk i went on with my friend last sunday bc it was such a good day and yeah!!

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send me an artist for a blog rate (+ a question for a dbr)

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what about Brave makes you love it? (cute blog btw)

Thanks c:

The fact that Merida doesn’t let people plan her life, but instead she fights for what she wants and remains truth to herself

br: 9.3/10 +f (like the theme ;b (it’s the same as mine))


Please do not come out to anyone if
1. You dont want to
2. You know they are transphobic/homophobic
3. Other reasons
Yes, im talking to all the LGBTQ kids and adults. I had recently came out as Trans (FtM) and my mum did not take it in the right way. I could have been injured, hurt, or even kicked out, but why did i come out? Because i thought i had to. Please, coming out may be dangerous. ALSO do not force or preasure anyone to come out, examples:
“Oh i thought you were /NAME SEXUALITY/GENDER/” No, please dont do that
“Cmon, just come out, how hard can it be” Dont do that either, its hard and may be life changing to some (being kicked out, hurt emotionly, treated differently ect). So again for the reasoning of this:
Dont force anyone to come out
Dont preasure anyone to come out
And the most important
You dont need to come out.
Happy for your time :) have a nice day