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Tao was at SM building (140516) and sings “kiss goodbye” by Wang Lee-Hom while crying

每一次和妳分開 深深地被妳打敗
Every time we part ways, I am deeply defeated by you
每一次放棄妳的溫柔 痛苦難以釋懷
Every time I give up your tenderness, it is hard to release my pain
每一次和妳分開 每一次Kiss You Goodbye
Every time we part ways, Every time I kiss you goodbye
at that moment I finally fully understand the taste of love

emotionly asked:

Wait i didnt read it all the way (/.\) srry dont answer this is you already did the other one but, Bastille and What is something you have done that you wish you could relive

hi dw I’ll answer on this one!!

hmm imma go with flaws (v mainstream i no im sorry;)

oooh nice q um i think maybe the walk i went on with my friend last sunday bc it was such a good day and yeah!!

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7 & 12 c:

7:How long have you known your best friend for? // uhm…three years I guess; my definition of “best friend” is very blurry right now

12:Who did you last say ‘I love you’ to? // Maria<3<3


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what about Brave makes you love it? (cute blog btw)

Thanks c:

The fact that Merida doesn’t let people plan her life, but instead she fights for what she wants and remains truth to herself

br: 9.3/10 +f (like the theme ;b (it’s the same as mine))

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✿ = I love your blog. ♔ = I wish we talked.

thank you :D and message me then!!

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Life is so hard, but once you learn to rely and love yourself, it becomes that much easier. Never count on someone to make you smile, rely on your own happiness. leave the past in the past… That is where it belongs. Your mind is your strongest quality, be kind too it, train it… the mind believes what it is told. And above all the rest, never emotionly attach yourself to someone, you are born alone and you die alone… the rest is just an allusion so put yourself first. Love yourself first.
—  blue-tifull.tumblr.com

Nights like this really scare me.. Because it makes me realize that if I hadn’t met Trevor, I have no idea where I would have been emotionly and if I’d have been here at all… With everything that’s gone wrong in my life these past few years, I’m happy that I had him by my side to keep me here.


When was the last time you swam in a pool?
last summer, sadly.

Do you like to party?

Do you like to drink alcohol?
I love it.

If so, why do you drink?
Because I don’t feel anything emotionly. Ever. And it drives me insane, so why not feel empty while having a good time?

What’s your favorite thing about drinking?
Liquid courage & nothing hurts me physically.

If your ex suddenly kissed you right now, what would you do?
I would walk away & not look back.

Are you a virgin?

If you ran into your current boyfriend/crush in 10 years would you marry them?

Is your best friend dating anyone?

What do you feel bad about?
Since I don’t sleep at all, I get in a horrible mood and treat people badly. I don’t even think before I say things.

Whats wrong?
I don’t sleep anymore, I don’t feel anymore. I’m numb..

Describe the shirt you’re wearing.
My brothers obey hoodie.

Do people who wear Hollister and Abrerbrombie every day bother you?
I don’t care what people wear.

Could you go out in public without wearing make-up?

What is one feature that you don’t like?

Would people describe you as happy?
For the most part.

Are you single?

Does it bother you that pretty much every survey you take asks if you’re single?

Have you ever babysat before?
My two cute cousins. :)

Is there a teacher who you absolutely hate?

Ever shopped at Sephora?

If your current boyfriend/crush suddenly moved away what would you do?
Let them go.

Do you have any university plans?

If your best friend revealed she was a homosexual, what would you do?
Nothing. I have wouldn’t care.

What are your views on sex?
If you wanna have sex, have sex.

Do sexual questions bother you?
No. :)

Would you rather have sex with your boyfriend or break up?
Considering I don’t have a boyfriend.. Neither.

Have you ever dreamed about your wedding?
I can’t say I have.

Does it bother you when people TYpe 1yk dis’? Nd stuff?

Do you delete pictures of you and your exes off of Facebook?
If I had a whole album of us, yes.

Would you ever date a friends Ex?
I live in a small town with slutty people. So most likely it will happen.

What’s the last book you read?
I am still reading, if I fall. :)

Ready for 10 simple questions?

What is your last name?

What grade are you in?
I am a freshman in college.

What school do you go to?

Summer, Fall, Winter or Spring?

Favorite subject?

Okay. Simple questions are over. Happy?

How many friends do you have on Facebook?
Over a thousand.

Ever been requested by some old guy from another country?

Have you ever googled yourself?

Have a Formspring?

You’re offered free tickets to a Justin Bieber concert. What do you do?
Give them to Makenzie & Caity.
Would you rather spend the day at an amusement park or a water park?
Amusement Park.

Been to Disney world?

If someone posts their status “9 Inches :(” do you know what they mean?

Ever had a boyfriend?

Ever had a huge crush on someone who still doesn’t know?
All the time.

Last thing that made you feel uncomfortable?
My friends told me that they can see why guys think I’m “sexually attracted” to them?

I’m just naturally friendly and nice, so I guess that means I like them.

Have you done something in the last week that you regret?

Know anyone who’s currently doing drugs?

Ever watched The Hills?

What about Jersey Shore?
Love it.

Ever called someone a slut?
Yes ha.

What do you think of short shorts?
I like them.

Does it bother you if people swear around you?
I swear like a salior.

Have you ever gotten an A in a subject?

Ever plagiarised?
I didn’t exactly mean too.

Would you consider yourself popular and outcast or somewhere in the middle?
Somewhere out there.

Are most of your friends older or younger than you?

Ever been stabbed In the back by a close friend?

Do you think it’s immature when people laugh at the number 69?
I laugh at 69.

Ever watched Porn?
Lol, yeah.

How many laws do you think you’ve broken in the past month?
A lot.

Do you wake up with an alarm clock?
Not anymore.

Do you prefer Wednesdays or Thursdays?
I like any day.

If your school had a Glee Club would you join?
if I could sing.

Are you broken?

Do you have a favorite between your Mom and your Dad?

How many non-celebrity crushes have you had?
A few.

Have any embarrassing pictures on Facebook?

Do you think spending 20$ on Lip Gloss is a waste of money?
Kind of.

Ever used Opinionated?

Do you have a favorite store?
I just go where ever.

Would you ever wear Flare Jeans?

Do you own jeans that aren’t skinny?
A few.

Have you ever worn the same outfit twice in one week?
I always do.

What’s the longest period of time you’ve been away from school?
A week.