emotionless zombie

A friendly reminder that Erin and Abby correctly theorize that spectral activity, in location and amplitude, can be influenced by the byproducts of human emotional biochemistry (which generates a physical charge.)

A friendly reminder that Erin’s childhood haunting was sustained with significant intensity, which implies that Erin’s terror and panic was so abject that she was essentially the sole contributor to the potential energy of the spectral field. 

A friendly reminder that Erin’s ghost stopped haunting her after almost a year, but it was several short months into her nightly haunting that Erin’s parents subjected her to therapy. 

A friendly reminder that Erin’s therapist berated her so severely with the notion that she was a desperate, delusional liar that she became emotionally despondent enough to neutralize her own emotional energy, suppressing her neural activity, and thus the haunting could not be sustained.

A friendly reminder that Erin was an emotionless zombie for the better part of her life.