Twirling Blade. Twinkling Snowflakes. The Patina of Bloodline Oak


Sitting at the table,
the worlds problems being solved,
he rolls the silvery blade
between his fingers.

An accomplished knife thrower.
One false move, or true move
starts, or ends it all.
Twinkling pink snowflakes dance.

The table.
The bloodline legacy.
Ten years of
grandfather’s pennies.

Time spent wondering,
past the mirror to his soul.
The worlds problems are
solved in silence and paranoia.

through the oak patina,
what that sheen looks like
from the inside out

The smell was
of dirt and mold,
not of nothing
and blood.

It started out so fresh.
The first so clean and free.
He loathed conceding
he was, wondering.

Which would be cleaner ?
Which would be more free ?
Shimmering pink snowflakes,
or hypnotic sparkling edge ?

Twirling silvery blade between fingers.
The accomplished gambler
in his own Monte Carlo.
Waiting, for the one true move.

The ball drop into a numbered pit
on the spinning patinaed oak wheel.
The one false move that ends it all.
Twinkling pink snowflakes dancing.


v2 redux 



This Is A Test

This is a test of your emergency long lasting net worth.
For the next thirty days or so, your loyalty will be questioned.
Your honesty and integrity will be examined,
and all the kindness, generosity, compassion and romance
you have offered will be reviewed for
sincerity and trustworthiness.

An inspection will be done,and recommendations made related to
your security provision potential,and ability to provide.
Morals and values will be screened as well as an evaluation of
fatherhood worthiness and parental qualification as
dictated by an invisible standard, and the Deadbeat Dad scale.

This is a test-only a test. In the event of a real emergency,
possession of a penis gives you the right to remain silent.
You would be given instructions on how to proceed, as you are
abandoned and left for dead.