Ways One Middle Aged Guy Can Have His Own Personal Good Man Project

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In my obsessive quest to be better, and to momentarily satiate a serious addiction to information, I am constantly swimming through the interwebs in search of nuggets that lead me closer to that noble yet elusive goal of being a “Good” man, a better writer and honestly, an escape from that clock that seems to tick louder and louder in my head.

I often find myself incredibly sensitive to the world around me, and things impact me deeply, so when all the hullabaloo here at GMP with feminist vs. MRA turf wars, subsequent face changes, and some other personal issues in my life converged, I must admit to a bit of downtime in my spirits. I found myself battling with the same old truth that seems to lie at the core of everything I do. If things are a certain way, then what am I going to DO about it? Am I piling on to a problem by simply pointing it out and screaming my opinions, or am I taking action to create a positive change? A wise old mentor taught me very well the idea of “Ok Varnell, so you are addicted. Big deal. What are you going to DO about it?”

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