Why are so many of us on this website mentally/emotionally unstable?

Like there are so many posts on here talking about anxiety attacks, bouts of depression, or mental breakdowns, in general and it’s really sad because these posts always have a shit ton of notes with people in the comments relating and agreeing and it’s just sad. So to all of my mentally and emotionally unstable people out there just trying to keep it together I wanna say that I see you fighting and I’m proud of all of you. Keep on fighting

one thing i’ve noticed about bpd is when i come across a good thing, it either lifts me up and i float through the ceiling, i can feel my heart beating through my chest and it feels as if it’s going to spill with happiness

or it leaves me completely unaffected, cold and numb 

TW: Mentions of Eating Behaviors, Sex-ish Mentions

Having Borderline Personality Disorder is like existing as a constant contradiction.

I’m either feeling way too much, or absolutely nothing at all.

I’m either in love with you, or I abhor you.

I’m either doing fairly, or I’m miserable.

I’m either social or I’m asocial. 

I’m hypersexual, but then I’m sex repulsed.

I love myself, but then I’m unappealing and disgusting.

I care too much, or I’m totally apathetic.

I’m either too grounded in reality, or dissociated into space.

I’m laughing or I’m crying. Or perhaps both within a small time frame.

I’m raging and irate, or I’m apologizing for the latter. 

I always make mistakes, but then I run around trying to pick up the pieces.

Eating too much, or nothing at all.

I’m Suicidal, or I’m not.

If only everyday people could see just how difficult it is. I feel like a literal personification of the Black and White, Dichotomous Thinking that we try to hard to understand and use our skills to avoid conflicts. 

My heart goes out to fellow BPD-ers.

You aren’t alone babes.