Who needs a Valentine when you can have… emotional instability

benefits of being my friend

-“low-maintenance”; 90% of the time, i’ll be too afraid of saying the wrong thing to talk to you at all!
-“similar interest”; because i’ll mirror tf out of you
-“excellent conversationalist”; You’ll know all about my trauma in no time!
-“full of excitement and spur-of-the-moment ideas”; emotional instability! splitting! intrusive thoughts! self-destructive impulses!

All of This, and Much More, can be yours for the low low price of All of your time and energy!
Serious Inquiries Only, please.

one thing i’ve noticed about bpd is when i come across a good thing, it either lifts me up and i float through the ceiling, i can feel my heart beating through my chest and it feels as if it’s going to spill with happiness

or it leaves me completely unaffected, cold and numb