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You and Shaj are extremely sinful... No shame.

@sha-je do you think we’ll ever be salvaged from our sins

I was gonna retire and pass my torch to shaj but she already had a spare torch and sprinted into the depths of sin and it made me an emotional granny

My Life As An INTJ

My Name: Ash

My Type: INTJ

Enneagram: 5w6

Introverted Intuition (Ni):

For me, everything is about symbolism and connections. I’ll group things together in ways that don’t make sense to anybody else, and then put those to use in real life; if I need to calm myself down I won’t go to anybody, I’ll just put on a Harry Potter audiobook, because those remind of times when I was younger and felt really safe. It’s also helpful for remembering stuff, like my timetable – this is something that’s slightly harder to explain, but it involves me grouping together similar subjects and then using those connections to remember on which day each of them is.

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The story behind baby Cass’ raggedy, worn to pieces scarf.

I have this thing where I really want to see characters interact who have never actually met in comics. I think Scott Free and Big Barda would be SO GREAT for the gen of baby heroes who came out of dysfunctional families or escaped terrible situations, because they made it out of Apokalips you know? Scott and Barda’s biggest escape was breaking free of the mental and emotional influence of Granny Goodness, and I like to think that they kind of quietly find ways to support people like Cass.