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10 Books for National Bullying Prevention Month

“We have got to dispel this myth that bullying is just a normal rite of passage.”—Barack Obama

This year is the 10th anniversary of National Bullying Prevention Month. In October of 2006, the PACER National Bullying Prevention Center began a campaign “to educate and raise awareness of bullying prevention.” Educating students and the general public consists of defining and describing the various types of bullying, detailing its effects, and addressing measures of prevention and response. A belief that the PACER Center would like to disprove is that bullying toughens kids up. In fact—for some—the mental and emotional scars from bullying never heal.

Many times educators and parents use fictional characters in literature to spark difficult conversations, which gives students the ability to voice their concerns and fears. It is also helpful for the students who bully. The titles listed are all fiction and include picture, chapter, middle, and young adult books. Some of the selections address bullying head on, while in others, the subject in interwoven in the storyline.  


Each Kindness – Jacqueline Woodson 

Plantzilla Goes to Camp – Jerdine Nolen 

The Carver Chronicles: Dog Days – Karen English 

Willimena Rules!: How to Face Up to the Class Bully – Valerie Wilson Wesley 

Khalil’s Way – David Miller 

My New Team – Ryan & Krystle Howard 

Halfway to Perfect: A Dyamonde Daniel Book – Nikki Grimes 

Names Will Never Hurt Me – Jamie Adoff 

Darius & Twig – Walter Dean Myers 

Lucy the Giant- Sherrie L. Smith 

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