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Heartbreaking drawings show the real price of ISIS terrorism on children

Efforts to restore peace and rehabilitate communities that have been ravaged by war are often measured in tangible variables: the number of shelters in a refugee camp, the accessibility of clean water, the rebuilding of infrastructure. What the world often forgets is the ineffable emotional scarring left on the victims. But these drawings by Yazidi refugee children in Dohuk, Iraq, who fled the Islamic State group’s persecution are an acute reminder of war’s lasting affects on communities.

Why I ship SasuKarin: Compatable

Sasuke isn’t a kind person. He’s not going to be a perfect boyfriend or a prince charming. He’s going to be aloof, cold, rude, unemotional, he’s going to say things that hurt your feeling, he’s going to accidentally share your secrets in front of large groups of people, and he’s not going to see the need to apologize. He’s not going to hold your hand on long romantic walks in the park, he’s not going to sing you to sleep. Sasuke isn’t the most stable person, and he has a criminal past and a lot of emotional scars. 

But the thing is, Karin is the same way. she’s isn’t going to want public displays of affection, they’ll annoy her more than anything. She can be just as outwardly aloof, rude, and mean as Sasuke. She won’t need or want lots of romantic gestures or emotional coddling. She won’t need the entire world to see you hold her hand, and she has just as much of a criminal history as Sasuke. She knows what it’s like to have emotional scars, and have to wake up and deal with those scars everyday.

They are a lot like each other, and these similarities will leave them on the same page for most of their interactions. They won’t expect things that the other will be emotionally unable to give them. They won’t be expecting perfection. That isn’t to say that they won’t call each other out when they see problems. If Sasuke hurts Karin’s feelings, she’ll tell him off for it. If he thinks she’s doing something wrong, he’ll comment on it. Sasuke isn’t going to get of the hook just because she loves him, and Karin’s not going to get of the hook just because she’s the girl of the relationship.

Some people who pair Sasuke off with someone else (not saying who though). Expect him, no, want him, to crawl back home and grovel at the girl’s feet, beg for forgiveness, act whipped, and completely lose his independence because they think their girl ‘deserves’ that. Karin would be disgusted if Sasuke worshiped the ground she walked on. On of the the things she loves about him is that he ‘isn’t somebody’s errand boy’, she likes him being independent and strong minded. She doesn’t expect for him to treat her like some sort of idol, or ignore all her flaws. If she has flaws, call them out. Just because she’s the girl is no reason to pretend she’s perfect, that’s not romantic, that’s ignorant. And the same goes vice-versa. 

Sasuke and Karin are both imperfect, aloof, weird and complicated people. They aren’t romantic or sappy, and they don’t expect their partner to be. They won’t have the most fluffy relationship, and they don’t want to. Overall, their traits, wants, and behaviors line them up to be very compatible people for a relationship

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