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I’ve Never Seen Such Devotion In A Droid Before: Kid, You Don’t Know The Half Of It

But can we talk about Artoo, though?

Because R2-D2 is so iconic as Luke’s Droid, and even in Clone Wars and RotS as Anakin’s Droid that I think it’s easy to forget that Artoo is Padmé’s.

I mean the little guy was cheeky and confident and saving his mistress’ life before she even met him. And that’s not to say he doesn’t bond with Anakin right away in Phantom Menace, but the thing is he stays with Padmé for the next…ten years? Eight years at absolute minimum.

And the thing is Artoo was assigned to the royal cruiser, almost certainly property of the Crown–by rights, Jamillia should own him by this point. And yet there he is with Senator Amidala. Did he just decide to stay with her and no one questioned it? Did she buy him? Was he a gift? No matter how it happened, by the time they run into Anakin again Artoo and Padmé are almost literally inseparable.

Artoo stays with her when she’s posing as a fighter pilot. Artoo–an astromech droid, not a specialized security unit–is the one who guards her while she sleeps. 

Artoo accompanies her when she’s undercover, for no apparent reason. Why do you need an R2 unit at Varykino? What possible benefit could he be? If anything he draws unwanted attention. He’s there because Padmé wants him there. (And, I suspect, because he refused to stay behind.)

Artoo saves her life. Artoo is at her wedding. Artoo takes care of her husband for her (and yes, despite shipping Padmé with Sabé with the passion of a thousand suns, I think it’s adorable that she and Anakin assign their respective most trusted droids to take care of each other.) Artoo is there for the birth of her children. Artoo watches her die. And Artoo spends Leia’s entire life as the only person in the universe who knows everything. And he has to carry that knowledge by himself, because Threepio doesn’t remember. And yet over the decade-and-then-some between series, he manages to keep them together. Because they’re married Artoo is Padmé’s, and Threepio is Anakin’s, and they’re supposed to do this together.

Fast forward to ANH and we find Artoo exactly where he’s always been, protecting his mistress. He takes care of the Skywalker kids exactly as fiercely as he ever took care of their mother. (”I found her! She’s here, she’s here, she’s here!” ”Do you think he likes me?”) He crossed half the galaxy to find Leia, who wasn’t even his owner; because she was Padmé‘s daughter and he had a duty to fulfill. And just as an added bonus he found Luke, too. And he never once leaves them.

And the fact is it all started because Padmé’s best friend wanted to play a trick on her.

So I listened to all of Bastille’s performances on Radio 2 and I need to vent a little because……..they were breathtaking. Especially listening to the cover of Human, but also the stripped back, slower versions of Blame and Good Grief. I can’t believe their harmonies. I can’t believe the soul and power in Dan’s voice. I can’t believe that guitar and bass just perfectly done in a way that compliments the vocals, but also drives the song without being too crazy. I can’t believe the drums making me bop along without quite knowing why. Bastille, you’ll probably never see this, but please never stop doing what you do.

“When they stopped trying to imitate us, the robots found their own spectrum of emotions. The first was “anthrofear,” a weariness of humans.“

EDIT: Some have asked whether I meant to write “wariness” rather than “weariness.” I’d like to clarify that the “fear” in “anthrofear” refers to avoidance, and not trepidation. Machines do not actually fear us. Don’t make that mistake. Others have suggested “anthrophobia,” but this is the name of a real condition, and I did not want to disrespect those who endure it. I want to thank all of these commenters, though. I adore feedback, and love that my readers have such mighty vocabularies.
You’re Not A Robot - Malec One Shot

Plot: Alec needs to learn to not bottle everything up, Magnus can help. 

Characters: Magnus x Alec

Warnings: Alec keeping everything to himself, a lot of stress, angst, protective Magnus 

A/N: it was brought to my attention that nearly every one of the main characters in Shadowhunters has cried at least once - while Alec seems to be bottling everything up. 

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Every time Elliot lifts and lowers his hood in Mr Robot.

I need to send fruit and flowers to whoever made this (/u/HarryMarkes on ye olde reddit/r/mrrobot), that or all my worldly goods.


会話して踊る!? 携帯電話型ロボット シャープ「ロボホン」発表


Even after all this time, he can still make you smile. 

Rodimus fucked up with Overlord, then he continued to fuck up by letting Drift take the blame. He couldn’t do it, Roddy just couldn’t face the anger and hatred Drift might have felt toward him, so he assumed the worse and never went looking, even after he finally took responsibility.  

Drift had every right to tell Rodimus to take a hike in that scene, but he didn’t. Drift knows what it’s like to be so buried in your fears that all objectivity goes out the window. No, Drift was just happy that his friend wanted him back, he was thrilled that Rodimus was trying to be completely honest with him, without his usual posturing BS. 

Platonically, romantically, in whatever way - Drift loves that red and yellow ostentatious lightning-bolted screw up of a co-captain with all his reformed decepticony heart. A couple of years of self imposed exile did nothing to change that. 

The two long lost friends had a perfect moment of understand/forgiveness and it was beautiful.

Emotional Support from the INTP

Well, sort of. I mean, I’m an INTP, right? I’m an emotionless robot that doesn’t like people, right?

But that’s so not true. 

INTPs are actually good for people, not because we’re great emotional support, but because we’re NOT. And although sometimes people need emotional support, sometimes they need someone who can see the big picture and help them a little more silently.

You see, INTPs have inferior Fe, but they still have pretty warm hearts once those hearts are reached–past layers and layers of idealistic logic and geekery. Once an INTP forms a connection with a person, they treat that person like they treat everything else–they idealize the person. This can be problematic, of course, since it will cause the INTP to turn a blind eye to problems their friend might have.

But idealization isn’t all bad. In fact, the INTP is going to see the best side of their friend at all times, even when that friend is feeling low. The INTP is actually going to know, logically, how the friend can be at his best. And if the friend is willing to listen to what might sound like harsh criticism but comes from a genuine desire to help that friend reach his best potential, then a beautiful friendship can result from this.

Of course, this works both ways. Usually more emotional people need that steadying, deadpan logic from the INTP, and the INTP needs that emotion from the Feeler. It helps him to become more emotionally mature, because, let’s face it, we INTPs are SO not emotionally mature.

So, maybe we’re not quite what a friend is looking for when he’s going through a time of great stress, but our logic combined with our idealism can actually be encouraging, as long as we can get past our inherent terror of crying people.

A Simple Warmth

I’ve been sitting on this for a while.  I had some grammatical issues, rewrote it once or twice, and then just shoved it aside for a couple of months, mostly due to anxiety.

Now I’m just saying “to hell with it” and posting it because I think I might actually like it now.

Female Mage Trevelyan x Cullen Rutherford (pre-relationship)

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The headache had begun early that morning, even before the sun rose, but the meeting had set it thrashing against his skull.  The sun streaming in through the stained glass windows only strained the tense feeling and made him wince whenever he looked up too quickly.  He missed the darkened chantry room they held war meetings in while they were in Haven.  Skyhold was too open and too bright for his liking.

He had done his best to restrain his hands from rubbing at his aching head during the meeting, setting them instead on the pommel of his sword with a fierce grip.  Now that the room was emptying of witnesses he allowed himself the comfort of pressing the heels of his hands against his eyes, anything to stop them from watering and burning.  His little tower home was not far.  It was dark and somewhat quiet.   He needed to make it there before the pain took further root in his brain, but the thought of striding through all those chatty nobles and across the sun baked embattlements only served to make him more nauseous.  With a frustrated groan he turned and leaned back against the heavy war table.

“I agree.  It was a long meeting with few decisions made.”

He started at the sudden voice, dropping his hands away from his face.  He had been certain that everyone had fled after Josephine had called the meeting to a close.  But standing a few feet away from him was the Inquisitor, her arms crossed loose across her body.  She was watching him, unsure, but smiled when he looked up at her without reproach.

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I feel that Capricorns wander the earth with a black crown.
It is this black crown that makes us wise, intuitive and diligent. When in control of this invisible force it will mould us to what we desire, push us through every boundary put in our way and allow us to grow where others have stopped.
However, if too much power is given to this crown we become cold, isolated, depressed. It takes over us and we are no longer humans capable of emotions but rather robots working to our ruin.

The black crown was given to Capricorns because only we can handle it, balance it and wield it.

Be thankful for it, it will help you on your way but always be weary of it.