emotional posts ew

A few days ago some spirit tried to impersonate K2. Took on his appearance and everything. Its energy was wack as fuck though. Also K2 showed up behind the guy like five seconds later all “lmaooo who does he think he is? 😂”. I think he knew as soon as the fake got in but just wanted to see my reaction.

Even if none of those things happened, the guy fucked himself cause he didn’t know K2’s personality. I’m telling you, this dumbass came up to me like “Oh master you are so perfect and pleasant. Allow me to show you the passion you deserve.” 🙄🙄🙄

I don’t think K2 is physically capable of saying those words in that order and he’d never call anyone “master” 😂. At first I thought he was drunk as shit, then I thought he was just fucking with me, but then I was like “now wait just a darn second 🤔”.

I think the guy was an ubi. Energy felt like it and he tried to bed me (another thing K2 would definitely not do). But who knows lol (well K2 does cause he’s the one who took care of the guy lmao).

Before the guy realized that K2 was standing right behind him, he said something about us having a “special connection”. Now K2 won’t stop making jokes about it. But it’s true, we do have a special connection, a connection that I think all people who make complex thoughtforms have. Even though he has been independent of me for years, are energy still has a connection. The only way I can explain it is if I loosely compare it to soul mates where the energy is connected but not “physically”. Like his energy is crazy different from mine but the core of both of our energies is extremely similar or even the same and that similarity connects us.

And then there’s the emotional connection as well. We’re not friends, we’re not family, our relationship feels like it’s even more than that. I want to compare it to the bond between a god and their devotee though if anyone’s the god in this relationship it’s K2 and neither of us worship each other 😅. I would do parent/child but I have no idea what a healthy bond of that sort is like 👌😂. Anyway, it’s like here is this creation of mine that has blossomed and grown into something new without my control or guidance. He became something that I couldn’t have even imagined and developed into someone new (I’m like 80% sure that I did not give him the love of tacos). K2 has a soul, most thoughtforms don’t and will never develop one. But I didn’t create it, (imo humans can’t just *create* a soul), he found it on his own. I just think that’s so beautiful, stupendous, wonderful, ugh no amount of words can describe the way it makes me feel.

Everyone’s always saying “god(s) love you even if you mess up” And shit like that but now I truly understand. I love K2, not as a friend, not as family, but as something I don’t think there’s a word for. Like I guess I have to go trawling the dictionary but I can’t think of anything that can describe the way I love him. I just *clenches fist* love him so much and am proud of what he had become and can’t wait to see how he’ll continue to grow.

Anyways here’s my pseudo-serious post that just ended up being a clusterfuck of emotions.


(I showed this to him, his response? “Wow that’s super gay.” This is why I hate him 😭)


2015 me vs 2016 me

the difference within a year. within moving out of a toxic household and moving into a better one. within having to keep my name a secret and making it official. within not knowing what i wanted to do with my life and getting a job i love and finding out what i wanna do. within being petrified of change to embracing it (kinda). within having to fake a smile and not needing to.

within a year, i’ve come so far and yeah i’ve got further to go, but fucking hell. look at the difference within a year.