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Thank you

Thank you to Seán, who have been there as a friend for many people and not just some untouchable figure on the internet, for still interacting in the community despite of how large it’s growing everyday.

Thank you to the community for welcoming the new people with open arms, for staying the nicest and positive community. Thank you guys for not tearing each other down even though there might be some speed bumps from time to time, we always come out of it stronger than ever.

And last, but not least, thank you, the person reading this, for just being here. Without you, the community would not be the same. If you make art, gifts, edits, anything at all, keep on doing what you do because if you get inspired by something, take that inspiration and make something of it. To the people who don’t really post that much and who are just here supporting everyone; you’re just as important and amazing as everyone else! You help other people by reblogging, liking and replying to their work. You motivate the artists, gig makers, editors, etc. to keep on doing what they do.

Just because to don’t post much or maybe not at all, it doesn’t make you any less significant as the rest of the community


It really hit me this morning that we really our about to share our Darren with the world. I was looking at my pics from the stage door in San Fran and in some ways it seems so unreal that that guy is about to become so much more well known and respected.  And the world is about to discover what we’ve known forever.  

So much I would want to say to someone who stumbled upon my blog. About the talent. About the intelligence. About what a wonderful and personable guy he is.  About how he treats every person he meets with genuine respect and makes the person feel welcome for the few second/minutes they have in his presence.  That Darren truly is a person worthy of respect and admiration. 

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Celine/William, 2

2. “You love me as if I deserve you.”

It’s dark. It’s quiet. The only sounds are the crickets, the sound of their footsteps on gravel, and Celine’s quiet laughter.

“I can’t believe we did this!” she laughs. William grins. He can’t believe it either.

“Where to next?” he asks, because he’d follow her anywhere. She could look him in the eye and tell him to take her to the big city and he’d go in an instant. She could tell him she dreamed of living on a secluded mountaintop and he’d build her a cabin with a fireplace. She could tell him she wants a white picket fence and two beautiful children and a dog and he’d be in the suburbs before she could finish the sentence. For Celine, he would do it all. 

“Anywhere,” she says, aglow with freedom, with being out of that house, with being away from her husband. She fiddles with the finger where, until about an hour ago, her wedding band had weighed her down with it’s gaudily large diamond. “Anywhere with you.”

Something in William goes soft. “You love me as if I deserve you.”

Celine gives him a smile and takes his hand. “No, William. I love you as you deserve to be loved.”

He kisses her and she laughs about his mustache tickling her face and swats him away, and they hold hands and grin while they walk down the road, deserted and silent, away from the past that bound them.

Sad Post Ahead (I’m Sorry)

So I’ve seen posts about @therealjacksepticeye‘s video where he got a lil’ drunk and it’s pretty funny XD

But… It makes me sad that I can’t really laugh at them like I want to.

Things like memes about drinking because of life being a bitch are funny and I get why people post them, of course… Life can be stressful and we all need a way to escape. It’s relatable, right?

But when you’ve seen alcoholism (not me, but someone I care about), it’s harder to joke about. Much harder.

Jack did nothing wrong, though, and neither did any of you. I know it’s just a joke, just a laugh. I know it’s not making fun of my situation in any way. Yet I feel sad. I feel sad because it’s not a source of laughter in my life, but a source of worry and pain.

And I see the funny things that Jack has said as a result of being somewhat drunk, and I think ‘I wish they would be like that. I wish that was the kind of person they turn into’. They don’t.

I won’t say who it is, but I’m scared for them. Scared for where their life is heading (potentially to yet another loss for me and my family), scared for the destroyed relationships, scared for the uncertain future.

I’m just thankful that Jack was just doing it for the fun of the video, and isn’t otherwise really a big drinker. And even if he did like it more, at least he doesn’t need the stuff. It’s not poisoning his life. He’s still doing amazing things and fulfilling his dreams.

Not the person I know. Their life has been poisoned and so has mine. 

I want to laugh, but I can’t.

I’m sorry, I’ve put a huge downer on everything. This community is meant to be positive and I’m not being that here. I’m sorry. I usually feel like I belong here, but do I? I’m not spreading the positivity that Jack does. I’m not a beacon of hope like him. I’m not someone he should be proud of. I just hope that he doesn’t, and you don’t, see me as a bad person for what I’ve said.

I’m not saying you can’t laugh at things like this. To be honest, I hope you do. You deserve to still see the funny side to it, I hope you never see it the way I do. I hope you never have the negative association with it that I have. I hope your heart doesn’t sink like mine does.

Addiction is horrible and so is seeing it. I wouldn’t wish it on anyone.

I hope you will always be able to laugh at Jack’s video, and anything similar he ever does. I hope you’ll always see the funny side of it. Always.

tl:dr something made me sad and thought about someone I know who has an addiction and I hope you never have to deal with this

To My Friends

Warning: this is going to get emotional (at least to me) and long. Like really.

I just got done watching Mark’s Thank You video and writing my post to him and it’s almost 5 am now but fuck it. I’m full of affection and happiness so I’m going to write it all down.

Like I said in Mark’s post (and Jack’s, depending on when this goes up), when I first found their channels, I had just left all my friends behind and moved over a thousand miles away from my home. I’ve always been a depressed little bean (and no, I don’t mean just a little more gloomy than others) but when I moved, it quickly grew out of control. I know I joke about wanting to die way more than I should but there have been times - no, not recently, I’m much better - where there was no humor behind my words. Their communities, their silly videos, their jokes and screams? They have legitimately saved me and I owe them so much. I owe all of you so much.

From June 2016 until March 2017, I had two friends: my friend Tammy, who I would tag if she had a tumblr, and my ex. Then it went to one. Who lives in Scotland. As close as Tammy and I are, it turns out having only one friend, one person you talk to at all aside from your family, is extremely unhealthy. I looked and looked for a way that I could talk to more people but I’m a very shy bean. Then came August and Anti and all that entails. And now I have more than I can count and I am so thankful.

To @mysticvessel and your friend Kripke. Thank you for messaging me about our glitchy boy. You were the first of many friends to come and talked me into messaging others. You listen to me ramble and rant and put up with my extremely stale memes. You quickly became more important to me than you will ever know.

To @personofsinterest and your random gifs of the boys. You were the second of all of them. You messaged me and calmed me down during a pointless panic attack of mine even though you didn’t have to. You’re one of my best friends, even if I feel like I’m misspelling your name everytime and even if we don’t talk as much as we should due tumblr being completely suck and talking taking a lot of energy. Thank you for putting up with me and being so patient.

To @nsfwilfie and her unending thirst for Warfstache and Brandon Rogers. I’m not sure, actually, what the first anon message I sent you was because I didn’t sign off on the earliest ones. I remember seeing you on my dash, interacting with one of the other “big blogs” and, well, the rest is history. You’re still definitely my favorite blog on here. Thank you for answering my first ask, for continuing to message me. Still can’t believe that my identity was blown because of Ethan. Love you, Holtz. Lots and lots.

To everyone I’ve met on discord and those I’m not sure would even like to be tagged. There’s a lot of you. Thank you for letting me be silly. And letting me adopt most of you for some reason. You all mean the world to me.

Alright, my rambling has gone on long enough. Sorry for this long ass post guys. Mark made me emotional.