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happy magnus thoughts bc he’s a Big Beautiful Boy and i love him

  • starts sing-alongs on every single roadtrip. reactions from fellow travellers vary but what’s important is that magnus has a good time
  • he keeps all the soulwood fingers merle loses for talking shit about pan and carves them into cute lil figurines to give away as presents (usually with a really lame hand pun that people are either confused or horrified by) (the director puts hers in a drawer and tries not to think about it too much)
  • hangs out with the void fish a lot bc it’s just. very calming for him. and also the fish socialisation is really good for steven. carving figurines out of merle’s fingers with the void fish+steven and optional johan soundtrack is the no.1 magnus burnsides method of relaxing
  • on the flip side of that he stress exercises and pretty much everyone at b.o.b has sat on his back while he does push-ups at some point or another. taako usually levitates just above him bc he doesn’t want to sit on magnus’ back bc that’s sweaty and gross but it’s the thought that counts
  • chronic brain freeze/burnt tongue bc he just. never learns 
  • will always stop to pet dogs when he sees them. if they’re in the middle of a crisis he will settle for scratching it behind the ears and telling them he loves them before moving on but otherwise it is Cuddle Time

Do you ever think about how good Check, Please! is and cry?

There’re lots of dark, gritty stories out there. Stories where hate and sarcasm and pain are the norm. And I’m just too tired of them. Because they don’t make me happy, they leave me feeling heavy instead.

But Check, Please!? Check, Please! is nothing like that. It’s premised on friendship, on growth, on healing, on hope. It’s one of those stories that make you feel all warm and fuzzy inside and put a smile on your face even after a particularly bad day. ([Jack voice] If there’s anything on my face, you put it there.)

And don’t get me started on Bitty and Jack. I love reading about their love, because it’s not every day that you find such a healthy relationship. They talk and they laugh and god, they really would do anything for each other, wouldn’t they? For their bestfriend and boyfriend, the other member of their lovely little team. They’re just too precious.

Ngozi is an amazing storyteller and artist, and she puts so much love and effort into every single panel she draws ♡♡


Jemaly’s dailies - 89 + 90/365 I double update because I was too tired last night ! So, Tuesday was a bad day. I had a bad night, I was super emotional and I kept running around pretty mindlessly. But after dinner I went for a run and a workout session in the park and I came back feeling so good and the shower was great and I had a full night’s sleep which always helps. Today was way better! I was still tired but it was manageable, I had yesterday’s leftovers for breakfast (really getting used to non-sweet breakfast). Japanese class was amazing, out teacher is an actual gem, afterwards we went for ice cream and sat in the rooftop garden, and then we were a couple minutes late for our next class because we got distracted by how good the view was. Then me and a couple friends went for drinks, and when we got back it was literally pouring rain so I was soaked and grumpy, but after a bit of stolen food from friends, hot tea, a ghibli movie and endless hugs, all was well in the world again. We talked about cultural differences in greeting each other (“it’s two kisses!! Not one!!! You’re just out of balance what is this Belgian bullshit!!”) and jammed out to Don’t let me Down. These are some cool kids I’m hanging out with.

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Ok I have to ask. Any hints on what the new thing you're worked by in that u mentioned at the end of volition is?


the project i mentioned was called “zero hour” and it might (?) be a collab with @bimmykimmy – if not a collab, well. she still definitely gets credit for helping me brainstorm the fuck out of it. it was inspired by a conversation we had about the clone troopers and order 66. the main plot involves the use of inhibitor chips in the first order, and a good plan gone very wrong ✌

blows kisses!! nsfw impatient horny kylo excerpt under the cut:

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Can we get please... Riverperson X Muffet?

I’m sorry hun, but this blog is not a general Underswap blog but is a blog about an certain story within a Underswap AU. All ships and relationships that have been featured in comics and doodles on this blog are set ships for the story. You can ask for more pictures/doodles of an established ship or character but we wont make anything for ships that aren’t canon (or potentially canon) for the Royalblue story. 

River is with Gaster for a very important reason. Their relationship is extremely crucial to story and one of the most important ships this blog has. Without them, most of Royalblue wouldn’t exist. They are more than just important to the skelebros story, but they are also extremely important to Toriels own story and the shaping of the underground. River more so than Gaster, but their relationship still has a very important role. So Riverperson x Muffet is not a thing for the Royalblue story. 

Plus, with the timeline we have for this blog, Muffet was a teenager when River fell into the void. They would have had no time to develop anything. Especially since Muffet didn’t live in the city like River did and ever since River got the position of Royal Science many centuries ago, they have been a workaholic. Gaster worked in the labs with them, giving them time to develop something and Gaster to work on Rivers workaholic tendencies. They also had a while to develop a relationship between them and go through a lot of ups and downs. With how River is… Time is needed. 

Also Muffet is a candidate for Paps affections in Royalblue anyhow. Along with two others. Her relationship with him is very important too, whether they end up together or not. You’ll actually get to see that soon.

And once you get to better know our River, you’ll probably see how River and Muffet wouldn’t work out personality wise. Not everyone has the stamina to handle the ball of energy and wild emotions that is River. And Muffet is a little too chill for someone like River.

~ Sol

One thing that really gets me about today’s society is how emotional/psychological child abuse is normalized and even celebrated.

I’ve noticed a phenomenon of parents getting together and talking about how they’re such a Mean Mom or Mean Dad and how they’re raising their children to be respectful. They talk about destroying their children’s possessions, isolating them, humiliating them, and/or publicly shaming them.

And when these people hear about, say, a parent smashing a kid’s phone for not cleaning their room or burning their possessions or filming a punishment or embarrassing moment and putting it up on social media, they commend the parents for “teaching the kids a lesson”.

Why the fuck do we, as a society, think this is okay?

It doesn’t teach kids valuable life lessons, it teaches them to be scared of repercussions. It’s bullying and child abuse and for some reason, people think that’s commendable.

Whenever I hear people saying “haha I bet that 14 year old learned a lesson”, it instantly makes me suspicious of them. I will instantly think of you as either a potential child abuser or a child abuse enabler.

As a survivor of psychological abuse, people dismissing this behavior as “harmless life lessons” makes me wonder if it really was abuse. If I deserved it. If I really deserved to have my pet’s life threatened because I was a liar.

It’s not cute. It’s not “good parenting”. It’s intimidating, shaming, and traumatizing your child into compliance.

best parts of dil’s wedding vid
  • when dan got intrigued because he thought phil was going to call summer a ho
  • when phil said “snuggly” and leaned into dan
  • [quietly] “nice one, phil” “thanks”
  • “dan and phil have not done anything to smash gender roles”
  • “they can be the drunken messes that hook up at the end of the night”
  • dan summing up everyone’s lives with “everything’s a wreck but at least the sims is going okay”
  • dan’s sigh after the ceremony
  • “this is basically just us living out our dreams”
  • “his life has just been such a disaster so far that he had to have the most perfect wedding ever”
  • their excitement over getting a new microwave
  • their reflection on the past year and dan’s eagerness to get on with their future
  • “we’ll see you in married life”

Okay, so imagine a soulmate au where whenever your soulmate touches your skin, the part they touched turns a different color. And not faded colors, but like bright rainbow colors.

And so it’s basically impossible to hide when you find your soulmate. And it’s just super awkward when you go to shake someone’s hand in greeting and both your hands turn green.

You kiss your soulmate for the first time and can’t help laughing because there’s just a splatter of different colors around their mouth

Your soulmate has a big important meeting to get to so you kiss all over their neck, just little pecks that leave lip prints

And you’ll just sit there for hours, drawing little doodles on your soulmate’s arm

And the colors fade after a few hours but you almost always see little splotches on people because humans touch a lot more than they think and each patch of color tells a little story

signs of emotional abusers:

  • never says sorry,  ever, or only says sorry when they want something or they are forced to by others around them
  • yells at you for small things, like accidently dropping food on the counter, forgetting to put something away, or things that aren’t your fault like running out of cereal, or being attacked by an animal or person; blames you for things they do or just generally anything that goes wrong
  • ignores you/neglects your emotional needs, like spending hours on the computer and never wants to spend time with you/values things or work more than you
  • never compromises, always need you to do things their way or else its “the wrong way” and/or belittles you for it. always needs you to be interested in their life/things but isn’t interested in your life/things
  • belittles you for your opinions or feelings and makes you feel like they’re not valid or that theyre dumb.
  • if they’re religious and they’re your parents, they are always ready to pounce on you when they think you are not doing the right thing or threatens to kick you out of the house if you are not/or dont do the things they say or want/think are godly
  • always has to control how you look/act/dress
  • is mean to you then acts nice immediately after and expects everything to be ok again expects you to forgive them right away or else you’re in the wrong
  • buys you things then acts like its your fault that you dont like them/want them and/or forces you into eat them/wear them/use them by yelling at you or belittling you 
  • acts like your emotions are wrong
  • keeps you from your friends and family in roundabout (or obvious ways) and possibly acts like this is your fault
  • tells you that they have never done what you say they did, even though they did, never admits faults (gaslighting)
  • treats you like a child even if you are an adult

i got  his autograph   im  happy

Tyler told a story tonight at MSG he says he's never told before

In summary: He says he doesn’t remember it but his parents tell the story often. one night when he was like 8 years old he couldn’t sleep cuz he was very worried and his mom went into his room to see what was wrong.
And he was worried because he had the realization “one day I’m going to be famous”. His mom consoled him and then told Tyler’s dad “good news Chris. Tyler is going to be in the NBA”

But now with how it all turned out, she said “this’ll do”