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SO! Val and I did the thing and this is the result! Happy Iwaoi day everyone! (OMG I need to read it NAO!)

  ___________________ I’m Here ____________________

There are puddles on the ground when they step out together, and water collects in the divets between paving stones, wetting the soles of their shoes. The smell in the air is one of damp and spring and cold—not the best atmosphere for a first date, Hajime thinks, but not the worst one either. A nervous Oikawa walks next to him.

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my friends never die

ot7/jeongguk-centric, jimin/taehyung, jeongguk/jimin, hoseok/seokjin, jeongguk/hoseok, other assorted pairings, 10,200 words
warnings; apocalyptic au. major character death, brutal murder, suicide, gore, body horror, awful end of world smut, really fucked up
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Jeongguk was a prophet- not the haggard, robed kind of religious texts and fantasy worlds, but the kind that belonged to the modern age; the weary kind, with messy, neglected hair and dark undereye circles from staying awake for days on end, symbols and imagery swirling around his mind like a brewing storm cloud, and he knew he was about to erupt.

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I hope no one makes you feel bad for having “internet friends.” Friends you’ve never met but to whom you speak to on a regular basis can be some of the most wonderful and lovely people around. This is a shoutout to all the wonderful people I have had the privilege to know via Tumblr. And for making all these crazy cross-country moves a little less lonely. You are all gems.

truth2teatold asked:

Speaking of queerness in Chinese mythology: The Butterfly Lovers. Nothing like 'you're my male best friend, but wow, suddenly I realised you're female! LET'S GET MARRIED' to say queerness. Nice concerto too.

hoW HAVE I NEVER THOUGHT OF THAT. bless u, bless ur heart, bless ur soul,

but yes guys here’s the wiki article if you don’t know the story

and here’s a youtube link to the concerto (which really is quite beautiful and I want to immerse myself in forever because it’s so musically significant too, I’m so gay for Chinese classical music & the crossovers of musical traditions like. oh my gosh. it’s just a REALLY good piece pls listen to it)

[gently dies from Chinese queer emotions, accompanied by a beautiful violin concerto]

so I feel like the fact I’ve been (or at least felt, idk) so busy lately means I only get on here to vent. which is uncool.

so! good things over the last few days during which I have not been around:

  • the bridal shower for the sis was this weekend, and i actually had a good time despite my intense apathy during the planning. (something about getting all the bridesmaids together just lends to them talking about their child spawn and gossiping about people they know and discussing which church they’re going to now, and that’s so far outside my experiences/interests that my eyes glaze over tbh). 
  • also! got to spend almost all day over at the other sister’s house on Saturday. I’m attempting to draw them into the allure of the Tenth Doctor and ATLA and it seems to be working, muahaha.

I. You do not need a boy to buy expensive, lacy underwear. Wear it for yourself. You look great. Never let anyone convince you otherwise.

II. If you spend all your time waiting for things to happen, you’re letting other people control your fate. Time won’t wait for you. Get a move on.

III. Living off the scraps of love from other people will leave you hungry. Grow to love yourself and you won’t die of starvation.

IV. Learn when to care and when to laugh it off. If somebody hurts you, tell them. If they hurt you again, leave.

V. Life is too short to spend it sad. You don’t need approval to turn up the music and dance like you’re America’s next model. You look funny. Learn to stop caring.

VI. If it’s edible and you’re hungry, eat it. If it’s edible and you want to eat it, eat it. If it’s edible and you’re full , convince the girl in the corner who looks like she’s starving to have it. Tell her she’s goddamn beautiful and repeat it until she smiles.

VII. If he doesn’t call you after your first argument, he won’t call you after your last. If his arms are slack when you make up, he hasn’t let it go. If he can’t look you in the eye when he says he loves you, he’s lying. And if he watches you walk away with tears in your eyes, he’s not the one.

VIII. Your mother went through nine months of hell for you and prepared herself to go through another eighteen years of it. She does not deserve your impatience because some boy did not notice you at school.

IX. Your emotions may not make sense and sometimes you will be irrational, but they will always be valid. You are allowed to cry if you are hurt. You are allowed to find bad jokes funny. And you are allowed to scream if you want to, but it is better to laugh.

X. You are not perfect but that does not give other people the right to use it against you. Stop apologizing for everything. It will not make you more likable. Take responsibility for yourself and demand respect, not compliments.

XI. No one can tell you the meaning of life. Happy people are the ones who have found their own meaning.

—  #70 “To the girl who sits on the kitchen floor with red eyes”

I can’t process this. Because it’s basically over. They’re going to make another album, but I doubt we’ll get another tour. By this time next year they will have broken up. They’re going to start their own careers alone. And One Direction is just going to become one of those boy bands that became ultra famous for a few years before it all went wrong. And we’re all going to slowly have to move on.

In a few years time we’ll hear one of their old songs on the radio and remember what it felt like the first time it was released (or most likely leaked). In a few decades time we’re going to hear teens listening to One Direction and talking about how they were born in the wrong generation. And every now and then there will be something about them on the news. We’ll hear about them getting married, having families. Maybe they’ll even keep working in the music industry, writing, performing, producing or managing.

And, I hope, we will remember each other. Remember that we were here for each other, through endless amounts of drama and rumours and eventually through the end of One Direction.


"Oh, no no, that’s not a question I need answered."

okay, so, I know the party scene clip was super edited and chopped up and obviously had bits left out and there’s no reason to believe that what we did see was even put back together in the right order - but I still can’t get over the fact that they cut from Natasha’s line straight to this Thor reaction shot. I still can’t stop seeing that look as “eh, you might be surprised,” like, “yeah, you probably can’t move it, but you might surprise yourself.” because if there’s anyone who knows what it’s like to not be worthy, it’s Thor - more important than that though, if there’s anyone who’s intimately acquainted with what it’s like to become worthy, it’s Thor (hell, he’s got an entire movie devoted to it). and it’s obvious to him that none of the others will be able to lift Mjolnir - not “I. Am. Iron. Man.”-Tony, not good-soldier-Rhodey, not always-angry-Bruce, not Maria and her secrets, not Clint and his leftover guilt, not even Steve, still reeling from the loss of his world and stuck in this new future one, wrapped up in worries about Bucky.

but Natasha, Natasha, who has been through hell and kept going, Natasha, who has thought nothing could ever make amends for what she’s done and kept trying, Natasha, who has taken on gods and monsters alike, who has used her own body as a shield for others when there was nothing else left and kept fighting - if there’s anybody else in that room who is worthy, it just might be Natasha, and Thor knows it.